Are Tesla Charging Stations Universal

Are Tesla Charging Stations Universal? [Not Really!]

So all you know is how Tesla charging stations work! But do these stations charge all EVs? Or is there something else going on?

In other words, are Tesla charging stations universal?

The supercharger isn’t universal to all cars except in some European countries if one has an adapter and pays the bills through the Tesla app. Then again, the Destination Charging is free but needs the adapter to charge EVs. Other than these, 3rd-party charging is universal to all.

That’s too short and hence puzzling, but don’t worry as I’ll cover the whole thing in detail with some interesting topics here. Keep on reading!

Are Tesla Charging Stations Universal

Not All Tesla Charging Stations Are Universal!

Tesla charging stations aren’t fully universal as some electric cars might not be able to use the wall connector. Let me explain can Tesla charging stations be used by other vehicles based on the type:


All electrical cars out there use the J1772 connector to recharge them. Tesla Supercharger (SC) doesn’t contain that type of cord and requires payment through the Tesla app.

That’s why non-Tesla cars usually won’t be able to charge from the SC station. Another reason is the payment requirement mostly in the USA. If this seems unclear to you, learn more about do you have to pay to charge a Tesla here.

So, Is Tesla charging universal to all cars in other places? In some European countries, Tesla allows all EVs to use the Supercharger with an open network and payment system.

This might require one to download the Tesla app then register the payment method using either a credit card or other sources and get the charging benefit.

Destination Charging

If any EV vehicle carries the J1772 type connector at the trunk, then it is possible to charge the car at Destination Charging.

To enjoy that, you might need to reach a hotel or resort with the wall charger and use the adapter to plug into your EV to get the charging benefit. In case you are looking for one, find the best Tesla charging adapter here.

3rd-party Charging

Recharging an EV vehicle (other than Tesla) from a third-party charging station is easy as this contains the matchable connector for most EV vehicles. One can use this type of charging station as these are universal for most EVs to use since it contains a J1772 adapter.

Can You Charge A Tesla At Any Charging Station?

Yep, you can easily charge the Tesla in any EV charging station. This is only possible if you focus on the adapter and simply add an extension cord to charge. That’s how can a Tesla charge at any charging station!

For the Level 2 charging, the right adapter required is J1772. Meaning, you’ll require this sort of adapter and simply connect it to your regular cord.

How Do Tesla Charging Stations Work

Are All Tesla Charging Stations The Same?

No, all Tesla charging stations aren’t the same. You’ll find 3 kinds of charging stations for Tesla which include the Supercharger, Destination Charging, and 3rd-party source. To know the differences, check below:


You’ll find the fastest charge within 15 minutes is possible with the Supercharger. Then again, the Tesla Destination Charging takes 5 hours (at least) to charge the car. Apart from these 2 charging types, 3rd-party charging requires more than 8 hours to do that.

Charging Cost

From the Supercharger station, you will need to pay $0.25 per kWh to charge there. Luckily, the Destination Charging is fully free only if you are able to stay in a location like a hotel, resort, and so on. In contrast, the third-party stations take no more than $20 for the full charge.


The Supercharger station is great to use but Tesla suggests not using it frequently. Then, you’ll find that Destination Charging is the safest and most user-friendly option than any type. On the other hand, you’ll need a separate adapter to charge Tesla in the 3rd-party station.

Wrap Up

As a matter of fact, some Tesla charging stations are universal except Supercharger (unless you can pay through the app and use a suitable connector).

In the case of Tesla, you can charge it to most EV stations using the connector and adapter to fit.

I hope you find this piece of information helpful. Also don’t forget to research further on using Tesla chargers, you may want to know how to connect Tesla wall charger to Wi-Fi and similar procedures.

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