Can Tesla Jump Start Another Car

Can Tesla Jump Start Another Car? [Explained]

A jump start is also called a boost. A jump start is a method by which a motor vehicle, usually a truck or car, is started with a battery discharge. We know Tesla cars are different from other common cars because they are battery-powered. 

Now, the question may be, as it is possible to jump start a normal car with another normal car, but can a Tesla car jump start another car? This question is very common in the minds of maximum Tesla users. So in this article, we have given a clear idea about the above dilemma, stay tuned.

Can Tesla Jump Start Another Car

Can Tesla Jump Start Another Car?

OK, if you want a straight answer, we’ll say, NO, you can’t jump start another car via a Tesla car. Unlike an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) or a gas-powered vehicle, it is not possible to jump start with an electric vehicle. 

Unlike the diesel or petrol cars we see on the road, Tesla cars have a 12-volt battery. These batteries do not have the capacity to make other cars jump start. Even the Tesla company itself does not recommend a jump start with their electric car. They say doing so could damage Tesla’s engine.

Now, the question may be, are all Tesla models out of the jump start facility? OK, the owner’s manual that Tesla provides clearly states that other cars cannot be jump-started with the Tesla Model 3, S, and X. 

Since there is no ICE in these cars unlike the other diesel or petrol-powered vehicles, and since these vehicles use low voltage batteries, they are unable to give another vehicle a safe jump start. However, the Tesla company has also confirmed that you can use another ordinary car to jump start your Tesla car.

Why Cannot Tesla Jump Start Another Car?

Although the reason has been mentioned in the previous point, in this point, we will discuss it again in detail because it is very important.

The main reason you can’t jump start another car with your Tesla is the engine structure of the Tesla car. We know that Tesla cars are electric-powered, and electric cars do not have ICE like fuel-powered cars. They have a low voltage battery that is unable to operate at high-power levels like ICE.

A battery needs at least 400 to 600 amps/12.6 volts or more power to attempt the jump start. This amount of energy is present in a fuel-powered car. Tesla, on the other hand, includes a 12-volt battery. That’s why the Tesla battery can’t jump start another car. Even then if you try to jump start another car with your Tesla, you are doing nothing but damaging your car’s engine.

How to Jump Start a Car Using a Tesla Car?

NO, you can’t jump start a car with a Tesla or an electric car. If you want a solution for emergencies, we recommend you keep a li-ion jump starter in your car at all times. Their size is travel friendly and you will also get a jumper cable with them.

To jump start your car with a li-ion jump starter, just hook the starter’s jumper wires properly. Notice that the jumper cable has a red positive wire and a black negative wire. Connect the positive wire of the jumper cable to the positive terminal of the dead car and the negative wire to the negative terminal. Then, attempt to start the dead car. If you successfully start your dead car, then carefully remove the camps of the lithium-ion jump starter.

jump start your car with a li-ion jump starter

If you don’t have a li-ion jump starter, you can look for a non-electric car near you and get help. Or, contact the nearest jump-starting service to seek help.

Can Another Regular Car Jump Start a Tesla Car?

You can’t jump start another car with a Tesla, but you can jump start your Tesla with an ICE-powered car. The Tesla engine does not retain as much power as an ICE engine. On the other hand, the common ICE engine has enough power to attempt the jump start. So you can jump start your Tesla with another car.

So let’s find out how to jump start a Tesla car with another regular car.

  1. First, open the tow cover and remove the cover. Then extend the red positive wire and the black negative wire.
  2. Now, connect your Tesla wires to another car’s battery or power source. Connect the Tesla positive cable to the other car’s positive terminal and the negative cable to the negative terminal. You may need to keep the car hood open at this time.
  3. Take a couple of minutes before starting the car. Now, try to turn on your Tesla.
  4. If you do not succeed in starting, keep the wires connected a few extra times and try furthermore.
  5. When the Tesla is turned on, remove the wires at once carefully.

Do not stop the car until you reach your destination as the battery may fail to turn on the next time. Try to ride a little longer so that the battery can be recharged.


If you own a Tesla, it will be very difficult for you to take care of the car. Since it is an electric car, it requires more care and attention than other ordinary cars. You shouldn’t do anything that doesn’t work with Tesla. 

Benefiting others is definitely great quality and that’s why you might want to jump start another car with your Tesla. But it should not be done. Because remember that there is no fairness in doing good to others by harming oneself.

Follow your Tesla manual and take proper care of the car. Know the limits of your vehicle so that you may not cause serious damage to your Tesla. You will find some people who admit that it can be done, but when you open the Tesla manual you will see that it is written that you should not jump start another car with Tesla.

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