How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Tesla Car?

When we own a car, we are most likely to take great care of it, don’t we? Especially, when it’s a Tesla car. We are always more careful with our favorite belongings.

Now, how do we take care of our Tesla car? We can use a wrap to protect them from the outside world. But how much does it cost to wrap a Tesla? And how do you apply them?

Tesla wraps are a set of separate film coating that is being applied on your Tesla to create a water-resistant coating to protect your car from the outside world. It is meant to protect your Tesla’s paint and prevent any sort of scratches.

So, let’s see the insights, price comparison, and alternative wraps for your beloved Tesla car.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Tesla Car

What is a Tesla Wrap? How does it work?

Did you know? For the Tesla wraps, all car models can use the same type of wrap. The wrap is just to protect your car from environmental damages such as scratches, paint fading, dust clustering, and others.

You just need to put them upon your Tesla and voila! It’s all done, you don’t need to bother yourself any further than this. Just kidding, you have to apply it all over your car. We recommend you hire a professional to do that work.

The expenses to protect your Tesla with a Tesla Wrap

Even though it’s just a piece of cloth-like materials, its expense can be a bit overwhelming for most owners. Well, it’s not that the owners cannot afford that.

Full-Body Wraps Cost

The average price of a Tesla wrap is around 4,000 US dollars. Remember, we said that Tesla wraps are compatible with all kinds of Tesla car models. So, there are no worries concerning buying a specific wrap for a particular Tesla car.

The wraps are usually manufactured to cover up your entire car body. The lowest price can be dropped to 2,000 US dollars, whereas the highest can go up to 6,000 US dollars. When you calculate the average, it’s 4,000 US dollars.

Partial Wraps Cost

There is another option for you. Assume you don’t want to wrap up your entire Tesla body. You may want to cover some specific areas you’re afraid to get damaged. If Tesla didn’t provide you with any sort of solution, you would be in big trouble there.

Fortunately, Tesla does have a solution. It’s the partial wraps. Well, there isn’t any mention of the actual price of these partial wraps as they come in different prices. But you can purchase them for only a few hundred bucks. Our estimated price would be 600 US dollars to 900 US dollars. 

You can purchase a vinyl or PPF car wrap, which is only 250 US dollars. Then, the Tesla suppliers won’t provide anyone to apply the wrap to the car, you have to do it yourself.

Tesla Wraps that you can make by yourself: DIY wraps

As you’ve seen, Tesla wraps will cost you nearly 4,000 US dollars on average. Spending so much money on a wrap seems like a waste when you can replace them with your own creativity.

Vinyl Wraps

Although you can’t make vinyl wraps for cars all on your own. You’ve to purchase them online or in a store. Still, those are perfect alternates for Tesla wraps if you want to save yourself a couple of thousand bucks.

The vinyl wraps are going to be thicker than your normal car wraps. Vinyl can be used for providing extra protection to your Tesla paint.

PPF Car Wraps

PPF, also known as Paint Protection Films, is made with Urethane that will give protection to your car from dents and scratches. The PPF is completely clear, though it often gives you a small tint.

Typically they only cost about 100 US dollars to 350 US dollars, depending on how much wrapping you want.

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Questions often asked about Tesla Wrap (FAQs)

1. Is wrapping a Tesla worth it?

It’s rather a common question. People are naturally concerned if their car needs protection if they are just going to park it safely in their garages. Well, even though they are going to be parked in your garage, there might still be risks of paint damage, scratches from a stray cat, and of course, dust. 

Dust can be a real pain in the neck, you know. They make your car look older. And you have to clean your car more often if dust gathers around throughout the car. So, not only Tesla but also every car should need a car wrap not to get damaged.

2. How long does a wrap last on a Tesla?

There is a brighter side to purchasing a Tesla wrap worth 4,000 US dollars. If you maintain your wrap’s health properly, it could last more than six years. This means, you need not spend another 4,000 US dollars for the next six years.

3. How much would it cost to wrap a Tesla Model 3?

Although we clarified it earlier, still as it’s a most asked question, let’s answer it again. You can use any Tesla wrap with any of your Tesla car models. The cost would be the same for a Tesla Model 3, which is 2,000 US dollars to 6,000 US dollars.

4. Does wrapping a Tesla void the warranty?

Of course, it doesn’t. Wraps are typically long-term and non-permanent protection. They don’t damage your car and don’t make any changes to them. Thus, they don’t void the warranty for your Tesla. 

Before We Go

We know that you just wanted to know about the cost to wrap up a Tesla to protect it. But the more, the better. We’d appreciate it if you had stuck with us till the very end and enjoyed every detail concerning Tesla wraps cost.

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