How To Precondition Tesla Battery Within Minutes? Learn Now

Driving our Tesla cars during winter conditions is difficult and uncomfortable at times. 

To make the driving experience easier and more comfortable, preconditioning the Tesla battery is a quick and easy solution. But how to precondition tesla battery?

All you have to do is start up the preconditioning settings from the Tesla mobile application.

The preconditioning of the battery warms up the battery and the vicinity of the car seats, which can provide a warm and cozy experience for the next time we take your Tesla out for a drive. 

Here, I will explain the nitty gritty details about preconditioning your battery for the best driving experience!

How To Precondition Tesla Battery Within Minutes? Learn Now

Why Do I Need To Precondition Tesla Battery?

There are many reasons behind preconditioning the Tesla battery, and it is a very handy tool to ensure that the Tesla is operating at peak performance. Below is a list of reasons to precondition the Tesla battery.

Healthy Battery Life

The preconditioning of the Tesla battery allows for the battery to be heated to a comfortable temperature, for any kind of snow build-up or cold fumes to be eliminated. 

This is particularly important because cold fumes in the battery can damage the battery life of the Tesla, and preconditioning the battery can keep it healthy and properly functioning at all times.

Faster Charging

Preconditioning the Tesla battery can ensure that the battery temperature is at an optimal level to minimize the charging time. 

This is especially more useful prior to arriving at a Supercharger location. Turn the preconditioning settings on 30-45 minutes before arriving at the Supercharger location for optimal charging speed.

Defogging Side Mirrors 

It is a great nuisance when the side mirrors get fogged up due to the humidity of the outside weather. 

While the precondition option is turned on, the side mirrors are automatically heated up to remove any unnecessary water vapor accumulation and easily defog the side mirrors.

Thawing Ice On The Charging Port

At times, the charging port may become frosty, making it difficult to insert or remove the charging cable. 

Preconditioning the Tesla battery can easily thaw out any of the ice on the charging port, making is significantly easier to remove or insert the charging cable. 

Optimum Regenerative Braking

If the battery is too cold, the regenerative braking system can be inefficient and may be limited to a certain extent. When the battery is preconditioned, it heats up and allows for optimum regenerative braking to be functional.

How To Precondition Tesla Battery for Driving

Turning on preconditioning for the Tesla battery can be done from the climate controls setting option with the press of merely a few buttons. 

The preconditioning can also be scheduled to match the time frames in which the Tesla will be driven. Adhere to the following steps to easily precondition the Testa battery.

Go To Climate Controls Setting

We can easily locate the climate controls option on the touchscreen at the lower end of the touch board. 

Usually, this is set at an Auto level, which keeps the Tesla adjusted for optimal temperature depending on the external environment. Tap the climate controls button and locate the icon that says “preconditioning”.

Turn On Preconditioning

In the climate controls setting, tap on the icon that says “preconditioning”. The preconditioning setting can be scheduled for a specific time frame in order to always have the Tesla heated and preconditioned for the next drive.

Set The Schedule

Go to the schedule option. Here, you can set the times in which the Tesla will be driven. 

The preconditioning will automatically start at the correct time, depending on the external environment and the level of the coldness of the battery and the car seats. Scheduling the departure times will significantly improve battery life and also limit the amount of energy.

How To Precondition Tesla Battery From App

The Tesla app is one of the easiest ways to precondition the battery. It is accessible from anywhere on the app and can also be helpful when the Tesla itself is inaccessible on the inside. 

This may happen when the car handle is frozen or the car seats are too cold to enter.

Get Access To Vehicle

To get access to the many features on the Tesla app, the vehicle must be first delivered to the owner, and mobile access to the vehicle needs to be enabled for the application to work.

Go To Climate Controls And Turn On Preconditioning

The climate control option is also present in the mobile application. The preconditioning and scheduling settings can be easily turned on and set, respectively, from the climate control option in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does It Take To Precondition The Tesla Battery?

The amount of time required to precondition the Tesla battery depends on many aspects. 

This includes if the battery was preconditioned before departure or not, the external environment, and the weather conditions. Usually, preconditioning Tesla batteries requires a maximum of 45 minutes.

2. Is It Necessary to Precondition The Tesla Battery During Summer?

During summertime, it may not always be necessary to precondition the Tesla battery. 

However, for the purpose of using a Supercharger and to ensure high battery charging speed, it is highly advisable to precondition the Testa battery.

3. Does It Take a Lot Of Battery Power To Precondition Battery?

One of the main drawbacks of preconditioning the Tesla is that it requires approximately 3-5 kWh of energy. 

With one kWh of energy, a Tesla can be driven for roughly 3 miles. This means that preconditioning the battery when it is not connected to a power source will have an opportunity cost of around 12 to 15 miles of driving range.


It might be a small function of the Tesla, but the preconditioning function is one of the most crucial and useful functions. 

Hence, follow the quick and easy steps to always precondition the Tesla battery to get the best experience while driving and also ensure the best battery life of the Tesla.

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