Can I Leave Tesla Key Card In The Car

Can I Lock, Keep, Or Leave Tesla Key Card In The Car?

For parking the car in a hotel via valet will require you to leave the key card in the car. I’ve seen some folks worrying about this while others say it’s fine. As it seems confusing, I start to do some dig-ins and get the answer.

So, can I leave my Tesla key card in the car? Yes, as long as you have the phone or key fob to access the car. However, you’ll need to keep it in a hidden state so that robbers don’t steal the car.

Here, I’ll break this topic down and explain other related topics that will help you in the future. Ready!

Can I Leave Tesla Key Card In The Car

Leaving Key Card In The Car If You Have A Phone Or Key Fob!

Yup, you can drop the key card inside the vehicle with no hassle. Just ensure to keep the phone or key fob with you to simply open or close the door. However, it will require you to pick a good spot to store it near the center console.

If you keep it on the backside or far from the center console location, it would be hard to lock or unlock the car. The ideal spot to store the Tesla key card is in the glove box or a small storage pocket in the center console.

But, if you feel not safe, remember to store it in a hidden place (I’ve shared some ideas below). So that if a robber breaks into your car, they won’t find it or else it’ll be a big issue to regain.

To sum it up, keeping the key card in your car is not a problem, but you’ll need to leave it in a safe spot that you and trusted people only know.

Note: Even if you leave the card in the car, be sure to activate the Valet Mode and track Tesla driving history to know who is using your car via phone.

Where To Keep Tesla Key Card?

You can keep the key card anywhere in the car in a secret place. Here are some of the ideas where you can store the card safely:

  1. Use a protective pouch to store it.
  2. Put it inside a small RFID sleeve and secure it in the armrest.
Where To Keep Tesla Key Card
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  • Keep it under the floor mat right close to the driver’s side seat.
  • Get a billfold and store the card inside it.

No matter where you keep the card, ensure to avoid placing it in the cup holder as this would block the signals and cause the key card to not work.

Can I Lock Tesla With Key Card Inside?

It is fine to leave the key card inside and then lock the Tesla. For that, you’ll need to have a phone or key fob. But, if you lose your phone and key fob or run out of battery, don’t lock the car while the card is inside.

In that situation, it is better to take the key card with you, lock the Tesla, and then unlock it with the card. However, in a normal state, you can drop it there in a locked position.

For that, just place the card in the center console or armrest and then click on Locks (top-left corner of the map on the touchscreen). After that, get out of the locked car and unlock it using the Tesla app (Controls > Unlock).

Do You Leave Tesla Key Card With Valet Mode?

In Valet Mode, you can’t put the key card inside since the car will need it to access or driver. Well, when you leave the car in the hotel or similar areas where the vehicle needs parking via valet in the garage, it will require you to give the card to that person.

Even if you do so, be sure to track the state of the car and tell them to send the card to your room after usage.

If a valet person or you leave the card inside the car accidentally and it gets locked, here’s how you can unlock the car using the Tesla app:

  • Open the Tesla app on your phone.
  • Go to Security and locate the option called Valet Mode which is in the On position (blue slide).
Do You Leave Tesla Key Card With Valet Mode
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  • Click on the option and a prompt will show asking for a valid PIN.
  • After that, enter the pin and turn the Valet Mode off (grey slide).
  • Then, go to Controls > Unlock and open the car door.

Do You Keep Your Tesla Key Card In The Car Or At Home?

It depends on the situation! If you have a key fob or phone with you, it doesn’t require you to keep the card in the car.

But, it is suggested by Tesla to always carry the key card in either purse or wallet for safety backup. A dead battery and losing the phone or key fob is a common scenario that can happen anytime.

In that situation, you simply can’t get access to the car if leaving the key card at home. However, if you leave a key card in the car for backup usage, then it won’t be an issue.

Wrapping Up

In the end, it’s common to forget or leave the card in the car when you have a phone or key fob to unlock it. However, if you don’t have these alternative gears (phone and key fob), the car won’t unlock or lock.

If this ever happens, you should call or contact Tesla Roadside Assistance for help. Still, asking if can I leave my Tesla key card in the car? Hope not! 

I’ve tried my best to give a practical answer with other needed details and hope this explanation helps. Catch you in the next guide!

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