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Waymo NHTSA Safety Probe Follows 22 Self-Driving Incidents

Waymo, the poster child of self-driving cars, seems to have hit a few bumps in the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigates 22 incidents involving Waymo’s autonomous Jaguar I-Pace EVs. It turns out that these robotic rides have a habit of bumping into things – both stationary and moving. Apparently, some of the vehicles even show their rebellious side by flouting traffic laws.

Waymo Expands Its Services

It’s not the news Waymo wants, that’s for sure. The company is currently expanding its services in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Just as the company is getting more autonomous EVs ready to hit the road, the NHTSA will be peering over Waymo’s shoulder. It’s not an easy situation, but that’s a small price to pay for progress.

NHTSA is literally dissecting Waymo’s autonomous system, examining how well it spots traffic signs, avoids obstacles, and generally behaves on the road. The company assures that, if any issues are found, it will work hand-in-hand with the NHTSA to iron them out.

22 Waymo Incidents Reported

Waymo Jaguar I-Pace
Image Credit: Waymo.

The incidents under scrutiny involve anything from fender-benders with parked cars, to more dramatic encounters with gates, and apparently chains. According to reports, some Waymo vehicles have taken liberties with traffic laws, leading to a few close calls.

Waymo’s steadfast progress hasn’t been without the occasional hiccup. Still, the company assures that it is committed to becoming the “world’s most trusted driver.” That’s a lofty goal; looking at the progress, it is still far from being achieved. If the company gets a pass from NHTSA, it’s back to business as usual. If not, some of the robo-taxis might be headed back to the garage.

The Future Of Autonomous Driving

While incredibly promising, self-driving technology still has plenty of issues to work out. From Tesla’s headline-grabbing smashes to Waymo’s rebellious taxis driving the wrong way, the autonomous vehicles haven’t quite yet mastered the art of navigating rush hour traffic. But they are not far off, and Rome hasn’t been built in a day.

The future of transportation is still under construction, and we should expect a few detours on the way. With a bit of patience and a lot of innovation, we’ll eventually get there. Undoubtedly, being driven around by robo-rides that never miss a turn or run a red light will, one day, become an everyday thing.

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