Tesla Acceleration Boost

Tesla Acceleration Boost: Your Complete Guide!

Tesla has always been people’s favorite because it has always given priority to utility and comfort. But when it comes to acceleration, Tesla is definitely ahead of its competitors.

With great acceleration and impeccable speed, Tesla is known to be quicker than the majority of ICE cars. 

Although many people are already satisfied with this performance, Tesla still has an interesting feature in store for those who want to get a better experience. This unique feature is called ‘acceleration boost’. 

If you’re interested in finding out about this feature and whether it’s worth it, stay with us till the end.

Tesla Acceleration Boost

What Is The Acceleration Boost On Tesla?

As the name suggests, ‘acceleration boost’ is a feature that enhances the acceleration of the vehicle in a definite time. With this feature, you can not only save time but improve your pace and gain maximum control.

Let’s admit it, drag racing your car is always a fun thing to do. It gives you the rush and helps you experience fast driving on a different level. Besides, this feature is also a useful tool when you’re overtaking cars. 

If you’re thinking of getting the performance upgrade package, an acceleration boost can do wonders for your Tesla. It can totally increase your acceleration and help you get an exceptional driving experience.

Does Tesla Acceleration Boost Increase Top Speed?

Now that you know what the acceleration boost feature is, let’s find out how it works. The acceleration boost feature is known for its impeccable ability to increase the top speed.

The Tesla Model 3 LR provides a speed of 0–60 mph in 4.1 seconds, which is amazing. However, with the acceleration boost feature, the time can be minimized by almost 0.5 seconds. 

So, you can achieve the same speed in 3.7 seconds. You can obtain an increase in the acceleration from 0 mph to 100 mph in approximately 9 seconds. As a result, there is an increase in the top speed of the vehicle.

How Do I Upgrade To Acceleration Boost?  

How Do I Upgrade To Acceleration Boost

In order to upgrade to the acceleration boost feature, the first thing you need to do is go through the Tesla app and purchase the performance upgrade feature. You will have to pay an amount of almost 2000$.

Now, what does the performance upgrade package include? 

Firstly, it includes the acceleration boosting feature, which can reduce the time to almost half a second. It is also responsible for increasing the top speed. 

The top speed can be increased to almost 155 mph with the assistance of the acceleration boosting feature. So, you can increase almost 10 mph through this update. 

Apart from the acceleration boosting feature, this updated package has lots of other benefits. 

The Performance Upgrade Package has low suspensions and pre-installed brakes. Large tires are also installed with the package. Users who give preference to high-speed performance will highly benefit from such settings.

Besides, users can improve the interior of their models with the help of aluminum pedals. Aluminum pedals not only change the outlook of the models but also have some role in smooth performance.

Moreover, the swift power delivery and improved braking also help in providing some terrific performance stats. 

You can thus gain a lot of benefits from this performance upgrade package. If these features look like they’re designed for you, getting the upgrade for your Tesla seems totally worth it.

Is the Acceleration Boost Worth It?

Whether an acceleration boost will be worth it or not totally depends on personal preference and the Tesla model. Some Model Y users find the acceleration boost feature worth the price. 

However, for some users, getting an acceleration boost seems like a luxury. The upgrade package for the acceleration boost feature requires an average sum of 2000-3000$. So, it’s important to decide if it’s worth the price or not.

If you have a Model Y and you only value the utility over the performance stats, then getting the acceleration boost seems unnecessary. 

For simple users who only want to get the basic job done with their Tesla, an acceleration boost does not seem worth the price.

However, if you’re concerned with the performance stats, getting an upgrade for an acceleration boost will be totally worth the price. 

An upgrade to the acceleration boost feature will not only allow you to experience maximum control but also ensure reaching the top speed.

So, before deciding on whether you should get the acceleration boost feature for your Tesla, it’s important to set your priorities. 

Final Words

Wrapping up the discussion, it can be said that an acceleration boost can do wonders for your Tesla. 

From improving the braking to raising the top speed, this feature can help you achieve a lot. So, if you think that these features can work for your model, upgrade your car today!

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