Tesla Bumper Protection Goals to Set!

Tesla Bumper Protection Goals to Set!

The tiny scratch on the bumper of the Tesla makes me get curious about the protection of this part. And finally, I got the answer by asking experts.

To understand if your Tesla bumper protection is good in shape or not, here are some things to confirm. You Must:

  1. Try low-suspension ground driving.
  2. Use fingernails on the bumper to test the scratch strength.
  3. Test the weather resistance.

In this guide, I’ll share all the information related to this topic and show you some helpful details. Keep On Reading.

Tesla Bumper Protection Goals to Set!

Test Your Tesla Bumper Protection Level!

Doing the given testing thing will help you to know whether your Tesla bumper has the right protection, or it requires something to give shelter. Follow the steps and do it yourself before it’s too late:

Drive on Low Suspension Ground

  • Take your Tesla on a low-level suspension land.
  • Check if the bumper on the front or rear side has contact with the land or not.
  • If the bumper has no scratch or scuff marks, then it’s well-protected. Otherwise, it needs protection.

Check the Scratch Level of Bumper

  • Use your fingernails to scratch a small mark on the bumper to see if it shows visibly or not.
  • If the bumper shows visible marks, then it might be an indication for you to give protection to the bumper before your kids or pets do the same.

Try Out the Weather Resistance Test

  • Drive your Tesla in a new zone during the rainy or snowy seasons at night time.
  • See if the snow or rain causes any sort of peeling issue to the bumper side or not. A small hint of peel will be enough for you to analyze the long-term output.

How Do I Protect My Bumper from Scratches?

There are many ways how you can secure the bumper of a Tesla from scratch damage. Let me show you some of the methods in detail:

Tesla Bumper Protection

Try To Use Bumper Scrape Guards

  • Use 90% isopropyl lean rubbing alcohol and apply it on the clean microfiber cloth. Now, use the cloth on the dirty bumper of your Tesla.
  • Use the adhesive promoter and smoothly rub the bumper surface where the scratch mostly appears.
  • Test the skid or scrape guards on the bumper to know the right length of these that will go on the Tesla properly. If possible, mark them using a scale and a marker.
  • Based on the bumper length, cut the extra space on a scrape guard using a sharp pair of scissors. Keep on doing it until all the scrape guards are well-leveled.
  • Remove the paper behind the scrape guards and place them in the right spot of the bumper so that the adhesive side sticks properly.

Apply Bumper Silicone Film (PPF)

  • Open the silicon film.
  • Before inserting the silicon film, spray a lot of spray solutions directly on the film surface.
  • With the plastic scrapper, apply the silicon film so that the surface doesn’t contain bubbles. If needed, spray the solutions inside the film and then scrape the surface.
  • Now, take a pocket knife and cut the grill part that doesn’t need covering or shielding. You can cut in proper shape if needed using the same tool.
  • Use the heating device over the PPF film so that it sticks properly on the bumper (front and rear).

You Can Cover the Bumper with Ceramic Coating

  • Wash and clean your bumper using water with a soap solution.
  • Spot the scratches to understand the damage level and how much to add to the ceramic coating over the bumper.
  • Polish the bumper (front and rear) using a polisher so that the surface goes smooth and scratch-free.
  • Clean the surface using a microfiber cloth to ensure nothing is left on the bumper.
  • Use the ceramic coating all over the bumper spot including the front and rear sides carefully.

Are Bumper Protector Worth It?

The bumper protector does worth it for Tesla cars. Not only will it prevent Tesla bumper materials from external damage but also keep the skin strong against water, dust, and other stuff.

One of the strong points of having the bumper protector is the benefit of no skin-peel issues. Due to direct contact with sun rays, water, or snow on the car’s external surface, the skin of the Tesla in the bumper size can peel.

This can be fixed if using the bumper protector! Another thing is the cheap price instead of spending thousands of bucks on the repair.

It will save money and give ultimate value without leaving the surface to reach harm like scuff, scratches, and so on.

The Tesla Scratch Repair Cost

Instead of searching for Model 3 bumper upgrade cost or other series, it’s wise to look for affordable options like the scratch repair cost.

It’s true that the scratch repair from Tesla Service care might cost around $750 – $2,000 based on the damage level. 

And, from the auto shops, you can repair the Tesla bumper scratches that will charge around $500 to $1,000 if the surface seems terrible in condition.

But there are DIY techniques that only cost the repair object like a bumper guard, PPF, or similar kits for easy repair while being affordable.

FYI, the Tesla front bumper replacement cost counting the rear bumper will be expensive. So, it’s best to go for repair through Tesla, an auto shop, or DIY hacks.

Overall Thought

Now, as you know how to test Tesla bumper protection and a few things you can do to contribute for its wellbeing, don’t wait to implement it in your car.

The given techniques will help to stop your bumper from getting scratched or other harm. And I’ve given other information in case it helps in your driving journey. You can always check the user manual for getting more specific model based suggestions, however those are boring to be honest. On that note, I will be leaving for today! Take Care.

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