How Much Does a Tesla Weigh?

Tesla Car Weight – Is it Light? [Complete Guide]

EVs like Tesla have been one of the top favorites of the drivers as they can save the cost of gasoline and charge their cars anytime to drive!

The pressure on fossil fuel is almost eradicated by this brand, no doubt. As there are no combustion engines, the company believes in batteries and motors. But what do you think about the weight?

Does the removal of the old-school engines make a change in the weight of this car? We have researched thoroughly and brought you every detail of Tesla car weight; don’t wait, go for it!

How Much Does a Tesla Weigh?

How Much Do Tesla Models Weigh:

A lot of people are concerned with the weight of a Tesla because it does not get an annual physical. So, checking up on the weight of this Electric Vehicle is not common. But that doesn’t mean you cannot learn about the weight of the Tesla models.

But how can you know about it? Tesla comes up with the solution! Yes, if you check it out, you will see that Tesla has already provided the weight of their vehicles.

Tesla tests the weight of most of the vehicles by this brand and lets the customers know about the weight. However, always keep in mind that the weights depend on several factors and can vary at times.

The Variance in Weight

As we have described above, you might ask why the Tesla models vary in weight! Well, most of the models have a specific weight that Tesla approved for that particular model. However, the variance of weight comes in for some particular reasons.

First of all, the trim or the powertrain is a factor here. The weight can differ depending on this. If you compare the EV with the regular vehicles, you will see that the electric motors are lighter.

Compared to the heavy ICE engine blocks, these tend to be light. But these days, the weight is increasing because of the added motos and battery cells.

And so, according to your research, we have found out that the weight of the Tesla or any other Electric Vehicles depends on the motor a lot. If there’s more performance, you have to understand that there are more electric motors. And if you add them up, the more the motors the higher the weight!

In this case, the different weights of the Tesla include the size of the car too. The cargo space can make visible differences too. It’s common sense to understand that if the cargo space and the size of the car are larger, the weight will be higher. If you check Tesla Model 3, it has a comparatively larger size and cargo space than Tesla Model X. So, you can easily understand that the latter one is heavier than the previous one.

Tesla Car Models’ Weight

These are vague answers to your Tesla car weight idea. And so, we have decided to talk about every popular model of Tesla car. This will help you learn the exact weight of the Tesla car you own! So, how much do Tesla cars weigh depending on the models? Read out the details on it below-

Tesla Model 3

If you are in search of a Tesla car that is reasonable in price, you can get your hands on the Tesla Model 3. The price and the weight of this model go the same way here. Yes, this model of Tesla car is very lightweight.

You can think a lot about the powertrain but let us assure you that no matter which powertrain you pick up, the car is lightweight and will stay that way.

The trim selection can be a little confusing if you are keeping the weight in mind. Let’s take a look at the trim comparison.

You will get this model available in three different trims. First of all, the single-motor Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is on the line. Compared to all the Tesla cars available, this one is the second-lightest of all! It only weighs around 3582 lbs.

On the other hand, the other two trims for this model are available in dual-motor. Both of them weigh the same as they have the same number of motors. These two models will weigh 4065 lbs.

Tesla Model S

Now that you have talked about Model 3, let’s discuss Model S. This is a very old Tesla model, almost the second oldest on the list. Earlier in 2021, we have seen a refresh of this model by the brand.

And the company is planning to bring out the Tri-Motor Plaid Powertrain this time! So, in that case, you must keep in mind that Model S will surely carry some weight!

As this one is planned to come in 2022 with a dual-motor Long Range trim, in that case, the weight will be around 4561 lbs.

However, if you increase the motors and make it a tri-motor Plaid Model S according to the Tesla plans, the weight will be even higher. But how much does a Tesla Model S Plaid weigh? According to anticipation, it will be around 4766 lbs.

Tesla Model Y

The discussion regarding models 3 and S is done already. Here, we will talk about the Model Y. This is the latest arrival by Tesla. But how much does a Tesla Model Y weigh? If you compare the weight of this model, it will be almost in the middle.

This mid-weight model is available in Long Range trim. Also, you can get this one in the Performance Dual-Motor Trim. Though the trims are different, the weights are equal. Both of these will weigh 4416 lbs.

Tesla Model X

After Y comes X! Well, here, Tesla Model Y arrived later but well, the Model X has its benefits! When you are into a large Tesla that gives you the utmost space and comfort, the Model X should be the first choice.

After all, why wouldn’t it be named Model X! But with that X-sized body, the weight is X-sized too. Yes, this one is the heaviest car Tesla has launched so far! How much does a Tesla Model X weigh- do you want to know? Well, it depends on the trims!

This model is available in two different trims. Firstly, you get this one in Long-range trim. Along with this, you will get it with the new Plaid Model X too! The first one, the Long Range trim Tesla Model X, weighs about 5285 lbs.

As we have already said, it’s the heaviest! When it comes to the new Plaid Model X, the weight is even higher. Its weight is 5390 lbs. The reason behind this is the trim. But with this, you should know that this one has three motors.

We can’t expect it to be lighter, right? Both of these models will arrive in 2022, wait for it! Along with this, a little tip here, Tesla Cybertruck is also knocking at the door. The arrival of the Tesla Cybertruck can change the order of the largest and heaviest Tesla car models!

Tesla Roadster

Well, the people that have ever done a little research on Tesla already know that this one is a flagship EV by Tesla. The Tesla Roadster is a limited-run Electric Vehicle. And with this flagship card, this being said, it is the lightest model that Tesla has brought so far!

This model has become a collector’s item, we get that. But well, the weight is the same till now. No matter how many generations will come, we are hoping that the weight of the Tesla Roadsters will remain the same.

Don’t you want to know about the weight of the lightest car by Tesla? Well, it only weighs 2723 lbs. isn’t that neat?

FAQs on Tesla Car Weights

1. Is Tesla Heavier than other Cars?

The weight of the Tesla cars can confuse people. But well, let’s tell you, Tesla cars can be heavier than combustion engine-driven cars. These are Electric Vehicles as a result; they have motors added to them.

There are no engines in a Tesla vehicle or any other EV. As these are powered by electric motors, you can recharge the batteries and drive them. The engine makes the regular cars or vehicles heavyweight. But as there are no engines in Tesla, the cars should be lightweight.

But well, these days, the Tesla batteries have a lot of Lithium-ion battery cells. Also, they come with more than one motor which makes them heavier than other cars.

2. Why Tesla Cars are heavy?

We have already told you that the Tesla cars are heavier than the engine-driven cars. But now, these EVs are getting heavier than before. The reason behind this is the new battery technology. As such cars run by batteries or motors and not engines, the batteries require Lithium-ion battery cells.

And the more battery cells are needed, the more the weight gets higher. Nowadays, Tesla comes with more than one motor in their cars being resulted in heavier vehicles than before.

3. How heavy is a Tesla vs. Car?

Tesla cars are lightweight as they have no engines. But if you check the modern EVs, they tend to be heavier than the petrol cars as they measure between 20 kWh and 30 kWh when it comes to the efficiency and the size.

The same goes for diesel cars. Yes, they do weigh less than the Toyota Counterparts which is about 473 pounds. These weigh almost from 2700 lbs. to 5400 lbs. whereas the regular combustion engine cars weigh 1500 lbs. to 6500 lbs. or more. 

Wrap Up

You have already seen that no matter the no-combustion-engine idea, Tesla cars weigh a lot. So, before you settle your eyes on a car of this brand, make sure you have thoroughly checked out the list we have mentioned above.

This list will help you know how much your desired Tesla model weighs and if you are ready to go for it or not!

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