What Should We Do/Don’t When Tesla Dashcam Not Working!

The dashcam is truly essential for cars, but it’s more important for Tesla as Tesla cars have a feature called Sentry Mode.

Using the Sentry Mode, Tesla cars protect your cars. And the dashcam helps to monitor the surroundings of the car. But what will happen if the Tesla Dash not working properly.

Dashcams usually activate when we start our Tesla. Dashcam records the footage of a Tesla’s surroundings and stores them on the USB flash drive.

Now, you know that a dashcam is truly important for Tesla cars so that dashcam not working might get us into a lot of trouble like car theft, damage, breaking in, etc.

What Should We Do and Not Do When The Tesla Dashcam Not Working

What is a Dashcam and How it works

As we mentioned earlier the Dashcam is the external camera to monitor the surroundings of your Tesla when it’s unattended. 

The Tesla Model 3 has about eight cameras. Three of them are in front, two are on each side of the car, and the last one is located at the rear of the car. These cameras are basically used for the dashcam feature. 

People often run into problems like: Tesla Model 3 Dashcam Not Working, and blame the dashcam. It’s not really an issue with the dashcam rather it’s with the problem with the USB drive. You’ll get to know the details down below.

You can watch through the dashcam with your phone via Tesla Mobile App. Just follow these steps: Controls > Safety > Sentry Mode > View Live Camera via Mobile App.

What to do when Tesla Dashcam is not working

There are plenty of problems regarding the Tesla dashcam and Sentry mode. Let’s break down the problems and try fixing them. The ways of fixing a dashcam are given below:

Troubleshooting: Tesla Dashcam unavailable check USB

Tesla owners have run into a similar type of issue. It’s the “ Dashcam Unavailable Check USB Drive”. What is this problem? Why does it appear in the dashboard? How to fix it?

The problem is most likely with the USB drive. Tesla uses a Samsung 128 GB thumb drive for storing the recordings monitored by the dashcam. It’s not that the thumb drive is faulty or not good enough, it’s just that the drive is not optimal with the dashcam system.

Most people try rebooting the Tesla software to fix the problem, and it fixes it too. But only for a few days. The drive you get to use will last for about a year. 

You should know what flash drive for Tesla DashCam is the best for your Tesla. You either need a new thumb drive or just switch to SSD. SSD operates faster and has more space. You would be glad to know that SSDs are compatible with Tesla, too.

How come the Dashcam not working but Sentry Mode works

It’s actually possible that your Dashcam is not working but your Sentry Mode is still enabled. 

The issue is like your dashcam is not recording any footage at all, whereas the Sentry Mode is recording them and it also gets stored in the USB drive.

Instead of displaying any footage, the dashcam is just greyed out. The DashCam icon is also showing a gray dot. The Sentry Mode is recording the greyed out footage and storing them in the USB drive. This means the Sentry Mode works just fine, the USB is also fine. The issue here is with the DashCam.

Now, how do you fix it?

It’s mostly because you aren’t turning on the dashcam properly. As weird as it sounds, turning on and off the dashcam is often a tricky task to do.

First, you need the press and hold down the icon briefly, and do not hold it for too long. The mistake we are making here is that we either just press and tap the icon or press and hold the icon for too long. That’s why the dashcam doesn’t work properly.

Often Asked Questions About Tesla Dashcam Not Working

1. Does a Dashcam drain battery on Tesla?

It does drain your battery. Not much as the Sentry Mode drains, but it sucks out a significant amount of power off the battery. But there is a solution to it. If you power your dashcam on the cigarette junction, your dashcam won’t drain the battery as much as it used to drain before.

2. How do I format a Tesla Dashcam USB?

Once you insert your USB flash or thumb drive into one of the USB ports in front of the car, navigate to Controls, then to the Security tab, and finally go to the Format USB device tab

Remember, it will erase all of the data inside your USB drive. Try to retrieve them before you format the USB drive.

3. What to do when TeslaCam stopped working?

Well, TeslaCam is basically the DashCam of Tesla. The fixing and troubleshooting procedure is stated above. If none of the methods work for you try opening the glove box, unplug the USB drive and re-plug it, and just wait for the update.

The Last Advice

Before we leave you and you still didn’t get the fix to your problems, let us inform you that you can always turn to the Tesla Support group, right?

They won’t turn down their customers. They can help you with your issues and if you still haven’t voided your warranty, you can easily fix up your Tesla from them for free.

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