Tesla Dashcam Not Working – Causes + Fixes!

Stressing inside the car as the Tesla dashcam not working? If that’s what you are in, the good news is this issue can be fixed.

To solve the problem, you can reset the car, cool down the USB drive, or turn on the dashcam system. Apart from this, delete the clips, format the USB drive, or replace it. If the problem is the dashcam icon not showing, then you’ll need to find it on the Quick Controls option.

With a little patience and effort, let’s work together to find possible solutions and then fix the issue so that the dashcam work again. Ready?

What Should We Do and Not Do When The Tesla Dashcam Not Working

Fix The Tesla Dashcam Not Working Issues!

It’s vital to troubleshoot the issues if the dashcam doesn’t work. Based on the specific problem type, here are some of the ways how you can fix the errors:

Error #1: Tesla Dashcam Unavailable

The dashcam unavailable usually occurs either as an internal issue or the setting is turned off. Sometimes it occurs when the USB drive is turned bad. Just reset the car, turn on the dashcam option, check the USB drive, and then change the drive.

How To Fix:

Firstly, you just need to hard press the 2 scroll buttons of the steering wheel for around 10 seconds. Then, let the main/central screen reboot.

If that doesn’t fix the bug, remove the USB drive from the port and leave it like this for 20 seconds. Then, plug it back and wait for some while for the car to detect the USB drive. That way you can fix the Tesla Sentry Mode viewer not working issue too.

Still, not working? Then, go to the touchscreen and hit on Controls > Safety > Dashcam option. After that, click on the Auto, Honk, or Manual options to enable the dashcam system.

Lastly, if nothing helps fix the issue, then you’ll need to remove the USB drive from the port and replace it.

Error #2: Tesla Dashcam Not Recording

The car’s dashcam might not record as the USB drive with 64 – 128 GB of storage capacity is full and require cleaning. Due to this, the Tesla Sentry Mode might not record. In that case, you’ll need to simply clean up some clips to fix the issue.

How To Fix:

To solve the error like dashcam or Tesla Sentry Mode not recording, go to the Quick Controls option and then click on the Safety option. After that, scroll down to find the Dashcam section and find the inner options.

There you’ll find the “Delete Dashcam Clips” option right next to the “Format USB Drive” bar. Then, click on the Delete Dashcam Clips bar and wait for some seconds to simply clean up the drive. Next, check out if the dashcam work or not.

Error #3: Tesla Dashcam Not Working After Update

After the update, the dashcam does not work happens if the USB can’t access it. Like other series, the Tesla Model 3 dashcam USB not working can cause the dashcam to not operate after the latest software update. In that case, you’ll need to change the USB drive.

How To Fix:

If you are wondering “do I need USB for Tesla dashcam“, know that it’s vital to use the USB drive with a standard SD card to record 10 minutes of clips.

To solve the issue, just locate the USB drive port area in the Tesla front area. Then, remove the USB drive and insert a new one.

After that, go to Quick Controls > Safety > scroll down to locate the Dashcam section and then hit on Format USB Drive > Format option. Then, wait for a little while until the screen shows a “Success!’ message.

If that doesn’t format, then do the manual format using the computer like this –

  1. Enable the Sentry Mode (go to Quick Controls > Sentry).
  2. Take out the USB drive from the port.
  3. Insert it into your computer and then open the file.
  4. Then, format the USB drive like exFAT, MS-DOS FAT (for the Mac), ext3, or ext4.
  5. Make a base-level folder and rename it using “Tesla Cam”. You’ll need to use it with Track Mode (if equipped). The USB drive contains a base-level folder named “TeslaTrackMode”. Also, create separate partitions for each folder on the exFAT USB drive.
  6. After you successfully format the drive, place the USB drive into the front USB port of the car. Wait for some seconds so that the car can recognize the USB drive.
  7. Next, locate the icon for the dashcam and click on it to check if it works or not.

Error #4: Tesla Dashcam Doesn’t Operate

After changing the USB drive, if the Tesla dashcam doesn’t work, then it indicates the USB drive isn’t suitable. In that case, you’ll need to insert the compatible USB drive.

How To Fix:

Start by, locating the USB port from the car front section. Then, remove the USB drive from the port. Check if it’s dead or compatible with Tesla or not.

After that, get an OEM-style USB drive from the Tesla shop. For further details, check what is the best USB flash drive for Tesla dashcam.

Then, insert it into the port. Let it be like this for some while so that the car can recognize it. Next, open the dashcam and test if it operates or not.

Error #5: Tesla Dashcam Icon Not Showing

Sometimes you might not find the dashcam icon under the screen near the My App section. It’s a common issue that occurs as the icon is misplaced or removed from the bottom control bar. This issue is fixable if you find the dashcam option by going to the Controls option.

How To Fix:

To troubleshoot the bug, click on the Quick Controls option (the Tesla car icon) and then locate the dashcam option in the middle of the page. If it’s recording, you’ll find it written in “Recording” words. Just click on it and enjoy using it!

Overall Thought

It can be frustrating to see the Tesla dashcam not working issue when you need to record or use this option. Well, you can try the solutions given above based on the issue type and easily troubleshoot it.

If nothing helps to fix the issue, it would be better if you contact the Tesla Service Center or press the SOS button to get assistance.

Hope the 5 solutions fix your trouble and I’ll catch you later in the next guide. Adios!

2 thoughts on “Tesla Dashcam Not Working – Causes + Fixes!”

  1. Took sentry mode USB drive out to play music through port. When I replaced the sentry drive, I get the spinning wheel that’s been there since yesterday. Car turned on and off multiple times. Not help. I have sentry mode disabled. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Hi Otaibi, when you replace the sentry USB drive, did you format the new one before inserting it into the USB port area of your car? If you haven’t, be sure to remove it and format it using a computer before inserting it into the car.

      I’ve mentioned the process of formatting the USB. After you format the USB drive, be sure to make a base-level folder and name it ‘TeslaCam’ and then make another base-level folder called ‘TeslaTrackMode’ (with no space).

      After that, insert the USB drive into the USB port of the car and then wait for a while so that the car can recognize it. Once it is recognized, check the Controls > Sentry Mode icon is available or not. If available, then it is working fine.
      If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then it is probably occurring due to a firmware bug. You may need to wait for an update to come.


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