Tesla Matrix Headlights 101 Guide [All You Need to Know]

From the announcement from Tesla, folks are interested in this kind of headlights and want to know everything about them.

Well, Tesla Matrix headlights are a new projection of Tesla that can be found in some models. They contain a round lens with a built-in cutoff in a black finish. 

After knowing the appearance description, there are a few things that I’ll share in this guide and show all the related information about Matrix headlight that will help you. Scroll Down to Explore More

Tesla Matrix Headlights 101 Guide

What Is Tesla Matrix Headlights?

The Matrix headlights from Tesla are a special kind of LED light that can manually turn on or off the high beams and concentrate their lights on dark areas only when on the road. 

They play a great role to ensure no driver faces glare or flicker on the windshield. As physical hardware, you can update the software by using the Matrix headlights.

In most cases, these types of headlights contain round circular lenses that can’t be seen in other traditional bulbs.

Matrix headlights help the light to pass at a more precise line which let you see in a better way for up to +30 meters without blinding other drivers.

Since traffic accidents occur up to 22% – 30% due to bad lighting systems, these types of headlights do a great job to prevent mishaps.

Fun Fact About the Matrix Headlights:

  • Matrix headlights lessen the energy usage of Tesla by 16%.
  • The regulation rate increases up to 34% when using Matrix bulbs, unlike most traditional bulbs.
  • These types of headlights increase the illumination or lighting by 12%.

Does Tesla Use Matrix Headlights Or Not?

Well, Tesla offers the Matrix headlights only on Model Y LR (Long Range) as well as all variants of Model 3 temporarily. 

Other than these 2 series, Model X and S don’t come with this kind of headlights. Instead, they use old LED reflector headlights like the regular ones.

How Do I Know If I Have Matrix Lights Tesla?

If you can check Matrix lights with Tesla VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), then it’ll be easier to know if your car has it or not.

Other than this trick, you can know it by looking at the lights that have a circular bulb towards the outer side of the headlight (pretty visible).

Another trick is to look at the front bottom portion inside the light which would be a little black than the usual lights.

Plus, when you increase the light to a high beam setting, the Matrix headlights will show the road at wider and bigger coverage, unlike traditional lights.

How To Adjust The Tesla Matrix Headlight?

In case you’ve matrix headlights on your Tesla, then it’s high time to learn the right way to adjust the lighting. To do so, follow the given method:

  • Park the car on an even and flat surface.
  • Choose a darker work area with low ambient lighting.
  • Place the car in a perpendicular position to the wall that has a matte surface. Be sure the wall is at least 6 feet (1.8 m) in height and 12 feet (3.7 m) in width.
  • Next, you need to use a piece of tape on the wall. Be sure the tape is placed 28” (71 cm) from the ground.
  • Measure 25 feet (7.62 m) away from the wall and add the tape on the ground. This is the spot where your Tesla needs to be parked.
  • Park your Tesla (in a perpendicular position to the wall) so that the front side fascia is flushed with the tape (that is placed on the ground).
  • Again, measure the distance from the center of the front wheel of the Tesla to the wall. If needed, you can reposition the car until the distance from the wall is right.
  • Hold the laser pointer against the tape that is placed on the wall. Then, project the laser beam on the center point of the car. 
  • Align the laser beam with the center of the car and simply ask your friend or family member to mark the spot by placing the tape.
  • Adjoin the tape to the previously inserted tape (that you have placed 28” from the ground). This is the mid-reference point.
  • Place a long piece of tape on the wall 29.5” (75 cm) to the left and right side of the mid-reference point. These 2 tapes are left and right reference points.
  • Activate the Headlight Adjustment Mode (Controls > Service > Adjust Headlamps).
  • Cover the right-side headlight using a clean shop towel. Be sure no light is coming from the right headlight.
  • Now, on the Tesla touchscreen, click on the Left option.
  • Use the left-side scroll button of the steering wheel to adjust the beam level of the left headlight (you can raise or lower the light).
  • Just be sure the top of the rectangular beam is aligned with the horizontal tape mark on the wall. And, the left edge of the L-shaped beam is aligned with the left reference point.
  • Take out the shop towel from the right headlight and place it on the left headlight. Ensure no light coming from the left headlight.
  • In the Tesla touchscreen, click on the Right option.
  • Use the right-side scroll button to adjust the beam level of the right headlight. Just raise or lower the lighting.
  • Be sure the top of the rectangular beam is leveling with the horizontal tape mark. In the same way, the right edge of the L-shaped beam is leveling with the right reference point. Done!

Are Matrix LED Headlights Worth It?

The answer depends on the driver’s preference! If you ask me, these headlights are worth the high cost, especially to ensure both safety and reliability at night time driving. Let me share some of the reasons why the Matrix lights are worth it:

  1. Automatically adjust the level of lighting if detect other cars to prevent blinding issues.
  2. Once other cars pass, the Matrix light switches to high beam settings that help drivers to see humans, animals, or other objects.
  3. With the help of a camera sensor, the Matrix light will detect traffic and adjust the light so that drivers mostly focus on driving rather than changing the beam level.
  4. The lighting system seems decent which can be brighter or darker depending on the road type.
  5. The lighting of Matric headlights matches the road shape that’s a huge plus point. These lights can go wider and larger on the empty road to add visibility at nighttime.

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Overall Thoughts

Knowing all about the Tesla Matrix headlights is essential. Through this, you can get an understanding of these light’s meaning, identification, and adjustment stuff. Also, once its time, you may also need to consider replacing the Tesla Matrix headlights.

They are good enough to have in real life for the best experience if you can adjust the beam level properly by following the above technique. 

Hope this guide helps to give you the information that is needed. Have A Nice Day Ahead!

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