Tesla Model 3 Headlight Replacement Guide

Tesla Model 3 Headlight Replacement Guide!

As a matter of fact, the changing Model 3 headlight (single/dual) will charge. Folks who are running out of money but need to add headlamps in the DIY method.

TBH, the Tesla Model 3 headlight replacement process is easy if you are able to do the 6 steps and have the right gears. These includes:

  1. Remove the plastic panel.
  2. Take out the bumper.
  3. Detach old headlights.
  4. Add new headlights.
  5. Install a ludicrous harness.
  6. Put on all the parts back in their place.

Continue to read this guide to know how to replace headlights on M3 and its overall cost if done via an expert with other related info!

Tesla Model 3 Headlight Replacement Guide

Easiest Tesla Model 3 Headlight Replacement Method

Under this section, I’ll break down the do-it-yourself method of how you can replace headlights on Model 3 at home. The procedure is pretty simple if you are able to get the previous OEM headlights. Get all the tools and then follow the given procedure:

Tools Required

  • A pair of gloves.
  • OEM headlights.
  • Flat-head screwdriver.
  • Philips screwdriver.
  • Plastic pry bar.
  • Socket extensions.
  • 1/4” or 3/8” ratchet. 
  • 10mm socket.
  • Flush cuts.
  • Plastic tray or sealable bags.
  • A clean cloth.
  • Glass cleaner.
  • Masking tape.
  • APE ethernet cable.

Step 1: Take Out the Plastic Panel/Tub

  • Power off the Tesla (Go to Controls > Safety > Power Off).
  • Cover your hand with gloves.
  • Open the hood using the app or key fob.
  • Pull the top cowl off using your bare hand.
  • Detach the frunk latch and take out the plug.
  • Press the 2 plastic tabs that hide the 10 mm bolts underneath (on the top of the storage cover).
  • Grab the 10 mm socket to detach the bolts.
  • You’ll now find another 2 bolts right in the front next to the frunk latch part.
  • Detach the air intake cabin in the top part. Then, you’ll find a 10 mm bolt close to the master cylinder res. and unscrew it using the 10 mm socket.
  • Take out the mat from the frunk storage to find 2 bolts at the bottom. Unscrew them using the 10 mm socket.
  • At the top-corner section, pull up the whole front cover that hides the interior parts. If needed, use a plastic pry bar.

Step 2: Detach the Bumper

  • You’ll find six 10 mm bolts on top of the bumper. Detach them using the 10 mm socket.
  • Store the bolts in a plastic tray or sealable bag. If possible, place a sticker or name the stored 6 bolts in separate tags to identify each bolt without being confused.
  • Go down near the front-right wheel side, take a flat-head Philips screwdriver, and simply pop up the tabs on the 3 clips on the fender liner side. If needed, use the pry bar to do it easily.
  • Pull out the fender liner using your hand.
  • You’ll now locate three 10 mm bolts that hold the bumper to the fender area. Insert a 10 mm socket in the 1/4” or 3/8” ratchet and then remove the 3 bolts.
  • Using the same tool, take out the one 10 mm nut on the rear corner of the bumper.
  • Do the same procedure on the opposite (front-left) side of the Model 3.
  • Using the Philips screwdriver and a separate flat-head screwdriver, detach the clips on the bottom front of the bumper. Just use the flathead screwdriver on the gap of clips and place a Philips screwdriver in middle to detach them.
  • Put on masking tape on the border of the fender to avoid catching scratches upon the bumper removal. Repeat the same thing on the opposite side of Model 3.
  • Take out the bumper away from the fender carefully and store it in a safe spot. Make sure to use slight force to do it easily. If possible, ask a friend to help you remove the bumper in a safe way.
  • Detach the fog light harness plug using a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 3: Remove the Headlights

  • Spot 2 main bolts (10 mm) that hold the right headlight assembly.
  • Take the 10 mm socket to remove these bolts. Be sure to use your leg to hold the headlight while removing the bolts to avoid falling out.
  • Detach the OEM left headlight assembly. Unplug the harness plug using the flat-had screwdriver toward the tab.
  • Do the same procedure on the opposite side to detach the OEM left headlight assembly.
  • Store them in a good spot.

Step 4: Install the New Headlights

  • Insert the front-right headlight assembly on the right side. Be sure to align the dowel into the grommet on the fender to ensure proper fitting.
  • Insert the two 10mm bolts and tighten them out using the socket.
  • Repeat the above steps to install the front-left headlight assembly on the left side.

Step 5: Add Ludicrous Harness

  • Adjust the ludicrous harness inside the frunk front side and use zip ties to adjust the position (if needed).
  • Insert one side of the ludicrous harness on the bottom of the right headlight and another side on the bottom of the left headlight. Just ensure the fitting is locked in the proper place and tighten them a little.
  • After that, you can insert the left and right factory harnesses in the headlight assemblies.

Step 6: Reinstall All the Leftover Parts

Do the opposite of the removal procedure to simply reinstall the bumper, fender, front cover, frunk storage, mat, latch, top cowl, and so on. 

Be sure to install all the bolts into the right position. Use a cloth and glass cleaner to clean the headlights.

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Tesla Model 3 Headlight Replacement Cost Idea

The replacement cost of the Model 3 headlight can be different based on where you are replacing the part. Let me explain it in detail:

  • In the auto shop or regular store, the replacement of a Model 3 headlight on a single side will take up to $900 to $1,500 including the tax and labor costs.
  • In Tesla Service Center, it’ll charge $900 – $1,200 for parts (single headlight), $100 – $150 for labor, and VAT around $50. In total, the replacement cost of Model 3 is $1,050 – $1,400.
  • In the DIY method, it will only take the part cost. Meaning the single headlight will cost $900 – $1,200 only.

Can You Upgrade Model 3 Headlights?

Yeah, you can try the Model 3 headlight swap or upgrade the old car. However, it’s a hard job that can be done by an expert.

You have to measure and then do the mounting stuff of the headlight at the straight level. the toughest task is to deal with the wiring harness inside the bumper that goes into the left and right headlights.

Then, wire the can interface which later needs to be flashed using a flashing remote (take 20 minutes) and update into the latest software version to detect rightly.

After that, you also need to install 2 switches inside the Tesla interior area (any open space) which might need making holes.

As you know it’s possible to upgrade the headlights on Model 3 but know that this kind of action will void the warranty and Tesla won’t cover any free repair service for that.

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Wrapping Up

In real life, the above Tesla Model 3 headlight replacement process will take not more than 30 – 40 minutes.

During the process, you might need to ask a friend or family member to carry the bumper. So, don’t be afraid to get help when needed. 

Be sure to get professional help if you find the above method hard. And I’ll suggest not to upgrade on old Model 3 as it will violate the warranty.

Hope This Guide Helps You!

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