Tesla Model 3 Resale Value

The Resale Value of Tesla Model 3: A Comprehensive Guide!

If you plan on buying an entry-level EV from Tesla and your budget is tight, the first deal to go for is the Tesla Model 3. The best part about this one is the resale value. 

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 Resale value is high. No matter if you are buying a used one or selling it, this is a win-win situation. Check out the resale value details here. 

Tesla Model 3 Resale Value 

Do Tesla Model 3 Hold Their Value? 

In the EV lineup of Tesla, this one is the cheapest vehicle. Yes, if you are not planning to invest in larger models like the Tesla S or Tesla Y, you can rely on this. It is affordable and convenient. 

However, the best part about Tesla Model 3 is you can buy this one at an affordable rate and still resale it with a good amount, unlike other Tesla vehicles. 

Yes, Tesla Model 3 holds their value even after years of use. Why? It’s because this model is affordable to other people too even when it comes to buying a used Tesla Model 3. 

Tesla Model 3 Resale Value 

You will be amazed to know that this Ev has the highest used EV value. Not only when it comes to EVs but also when we discuss all the cars, this one has the highest used car value. 

This model is worth 12% more when it comes to the resale value than in 2019. For the models of 2018 to 2021 years, this car has the most retained value for the owners. 

If you compare this with Model Y, Model 3 wins in terms of the resale value worth 9%. Isn’t that good news if you have a Tesla Model 3 that you want to resale? 

Cost of Tesla Model 3 

Well, if you are planning to buy a Tesla, the news can be shocking- the truth is, you have to spend more if you are buying a used Tesla Model 3 2021 compared to a new one.

The new price range of the Tesla Model 3 is $44990 to $58990. And when it comes to buying a used 2021 Tesla 3, you need to pay close to $53575 to $68200 or more!

Reason Behind the High Resale Value 

Now you might ask why the Tesla Model 3 has such high trade value compared to the new one or any other EVs in the market. 

Well, if you go through some user reviews, you will understand that it has a high satisfaction rating by the drivers or the users. 

Compared to any other vehicle like this in the market, this one is loved by the users. Especially, the owners are truly content with the Model 3 Tesla of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 years. 

The car is affordable but that’s not the only reason for it to gain such fame. Instead, the other features outnumbered the price. The road resting of Tesla makes the owners content.

Besides, when it comes to starting the EV, owners report that it is quick and responsive. Also, you cannot avoid the modern appearance of this vehicle- who wouldn’t want it? 

Value vs Resale Value of Tesla Model 3 

If the plan is to buy a new Tesla Model 3, go ahead. If you get the opportunity to buy one that is 2 years old, we recommend you go for a new one. Why? It’s because both have the same value! 

Yes, according to the ongoing trade value of the Tesla Model 3, buying a 2-year-old model and buying a new one is the same- so, buying a used one will save you $0. Did you buy a Tesla Model 3 recently? 

Well, if you are planning to keep it for 3 years, the cost depreciation in total will be $12625. And then you can trade it and it will still be worth it, isn’t it? Keep in mind that new vehicles will depreciate quickly. 

So, when you plan to buy one, you can try the ones that are 2 to 4 years old and not more and not less. 

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Ideal Model Years for Tesla 3 

Ideal Model Years for Tesla 3 

When you plan on picking one used Tesla Model 3 EV, among all the other model years, the 2021 one leads. This is the top pick compared to the other models.

We recommend it because you have to pay less than the Model 2022 and still have the best shot at buying a resale car. 

It will cost you 88% of the price compared to the new one. Besides, you will get a useful life remaining of 92% if you buy the 2021 model. On the other hand, we do not deny that the 2022 model is one of the best in the line too. 

The same goes for the 2019 Tesla Model 3. Also, they provide good value but you have to pay a little extra for 2022 for being a newer model while you have to cut out a little remaining car life if you get a 2019 one. 

So, if you compare them all, we still recommend you get the 2021 Tesla Model 3 balancing the price and the car’s life.

Will a Model 3 last 10 years? 

Some people worry about buying a Tesla Model 3 thinking about the price. But well, not all affordable things are bad- Tesla proves it for you. Yes, the Tesla Model 3 will last 10 years. 

If you compare this one with the Model S and Model X, Model 3 still wins. If you drive this one for 25 years, it can outlive these two models with only 20 battery degradation. Rely on this model, you won’t regret it!  

Wrap Up 

Isn’t it fun to have a car that has such a high resale value in the market? Well, this is why we recommend you invest in Tesla Model 3. And later on, if you want, you can resale it- that too for a good value. 

But as the resale value is high, you already understand that this car is among the bests. So, before you resale, think twice. 

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