Which Tesla Models Are Having Paint Issues?

Tesla has been one of the go-to options for people looking for electric cars. With advanced features powered by AI and advanced sensors, Tesla has become more than just an electric car. 

Despite its efforts to be a groundbreaking vehicle, the brand seems to be failing at a basic aspect, paint. 

So, which Tesla models are exhibiting paint issues? The paint issue related complaints are from Tesla 3 and Tesla model Y owners as they’re experiencing problems like chipping, marks, and enclosed debris. 

Below, we’ll discuss the tesla paint issues of these models and tell you the possible solutions as well.

Which Tesla Models Are Having Paint Issues?

What are the Tesla Paint Issues?

Different Tesla models are exhibiting different kinds of issues, so it wouldn’t be wise to generalize them. In this section, we’ll dive deep into each model to learn about the issues you can expect from them. 

Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues

Tesla Model 3 is one of the most reported vehicles for exhibiting paint issues. Tesla Model 3 paint peeling has left a lot of owners frustrated. A lot of them have reported that the paint of their Model 3 has peeled, chipped, and flaked over time. 

In fact, there’s an entire cult on online forums and social media who avoid machine washers and car washes. 

They only wash their Tesla Model 3s with bare hands to make sure the paint doesn’t chip away. The issue pertains mostly to the fender and around the wheels of the vehicle. 

As you can see, the paint situation with Tesla Model 3s is very difficult. Sadly, the manufacturer didn’t acknowledge the complaints initially. Rather, they labeled it as regular wear and tear, and this did disappoint a lot of Tesla Model 3 owners. 

Tesla Model Y Paint Issues

Although the paint issues aren’t as prevalent on the Tesla Model Y as Model 3, it’s still an issue major enough to be aware of. Unlike the Tesla Model 3, there are a variety of problems that Model Y owners are experiencing. 

For starters, one of the most common problems with Tesla Model Y paint is swirl marks, marks, imperfections, and even enclosed debris. These problems are created due to improper manufacturing practices and lack of quality control. 

Also, these vehicles tend to gather scratches easily, and their paint feels off randomly. 

The Solution to Tesla Paint Issues

Despite the prevalence of paint issues, Tesla cars are still being sold in a very high volume. This begets the question, is there any way to solve the paint issues with Tesla? 

Fortunately, yes. Here are some of the most common solutions to Tesla’s paint issues. 

Proper Cleaning 

If a car has quality paint, you can clean it in various ways without harming the coat. However, with cars such as the Tesla Model 3, you have to be cautious. 

Unlike most cars, the Tesla Model 3 or Y may not endure machine cleaning well. So, we’d recommend avoiding machine washers and automatic car washes. 

Instead, go for hand cleaning and be gentle while cleaning. This will help the paint last longer, and it’ll prevent it from peeling off. 

Also, make sure to clean the vehicle often. If you find any acidic substance, such as bird poop, on the vehicle, clean it immediately. Tesla paint is very thin, and acidic substances can harm it drastically. 

Apply Ceramic Coating

Most vehicles come with a protective layer, and so does your Tesla, irrespective of what model it is. However, these don’t last a lifetime. Depending on how the vehicle is used, these can last from two to five years. 

These coatings add a layer of protective shell to the paint, thus protecting them from scratches, acidic substances, dust, stains, and even water. With these applied, you’ll find water trickling down so they won’t leave any stains. 

We highly recommend reapplying these as they are highly effective in protecting your car’s paint. These protect your vehicle from not only mud and stains but also UV rays, salt, grime, and tree sap. 

Install a Splash Guard

As discussed earlier, most Tesla Model 3 owners reported that the area around their car’s wheels got discolored first. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that this is caused by the accumulation of dirt, mud, and water that splashes from the wheels. 

You can protect your vehicle to some extent from splashes using splash guards. Also, you can find all-weather protection kits for a reasonable price now. These offer a 360-protection to your vehicle’s chassis. 

Get Yourself a Car Cover

You’ll end up damaging your vehicle’s exterior if you leave it in harsh conditions for a long time. Driving your vehicle in sunlight or extreme temperatures can harm it over time, which is why companies put a mileage limit on the warranty. 

So, always make sure to park your car in shades. You can also get a car cover to protect your vehicle from rain, snow, or UV rays. 

Is Tesla Attempting to Fix Paint Issues?

On the bright side, Tesla has acknowledged their fault. The flaw wasn’t in the paint but in the manufacturing process. Their US manufacturing plants just weren’t large enough to facilitate long drying processes. 

So, they had to speed the drying process up, and this led to flawed coats. 

Fortunately, Tesla is trying to upgrade both Giga Texas and Fremont factories with advanced equipment. This will allow them to paint their cars fast without leaving any issues. 


Does Tesla have paint issues? Yes, but it’s not necessarily a bad brand. It produces amazing cars, and you’ll find the Tesla paint issues in Model 3 and Y only. 

If you own a Tesla Model 3 or Y vehicle, don’t panic. Just apply a coat of ceramic protection as soon as possible. This will keep your vehicle’s paint intact for a long time. 

Also, try to perform routine cleaning on your vehicle. This will keep the exterior fresh and prevent any substance from damaging it. 

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