How Much Does Tesla Roadside Assistance Flat Tire Cost?

Meeting a sharp object on the road that causes a puncture to the tire is a common scenario for Tesla users. And when that happens, people look for solutions including the TRA aka Tesla Roadside Assistance.

The Tesla Roadside Assistance flat tire cost is around $250 to $850 (including tax + truck charges) without the warranty or $150 – $500 with assurance.

In this guide, I’ll explain the charges of TRA with other relative stuff that will help you understand the matter clearly. Keep On Reading!

How Much Does Tesla Roadside Assistance Flat Tire Cost

The Tesla Roadside Assistance Flat Tire Cost Explanation

TRA (Tesla Roadside Assistance) is a service 24/7 in 365 days a year after purchasing the membership. The cost of TRA can be diverse based on what plan you choose. Let me first show you the plan and charge for membership:

Premium Membership$200 to $400 per year
Base Membership$60 to $100 per year

After having the TRA membership, you also need to count the warranty stuff that will increase the cost of repairing the flat tire through this plan.

If your car is backed with a warranty then it won’t charge any bucks (meaning the fixing of flat tires is free). However, you have to count the cost of riding flat tires (carrying the car by hiring a truck) which will be $150 – $500 per tire.

If your car isn’t secure with a warranty, then you have to count the repair cost, tax, and charge of the truck to carry the car with a flat tire.

Tesla Roadside Assistance flat tire cost
Repair flat tire without warranty backup$75 to $300 per tire
Truck carrying the car with flat tires$150 to $500 per tire
Tax$25 to $50
Total$250 to $850 per tire

Note: Tesla provides the TRA service on flat tires if it is for up to 50 miles.

Is Tesla Roadside Assistance Cost on Flat Tire Worth It?

The cost of TRA (Tesla Roadside Assistance) is affordable if your car has a warranty backup. Otherwise, it’ll charge a huge price that is around $500 to $600 for each flat tire.

Then again, the response time from the TRA is worse than others as they take up to 2 – 4 hours to pick the car up. Overall, it’s a good option if you have patience and are not in an urgent situation.

What Is the Alternative Way to Fix Tesla Flat Tire?

Instead of getting help from Tesla Roadside Assistance, you can fix the flat tire by trying alternative ways. These includes:

  • Patch kit with rubber bolt and other gears costs around $17 to $50.
  • Fix it via an auto shop that charges around $75 to $100.
  • Using a Tesla flat tire kit costs $500.
  • Get AAA to repair flat tires by subscribing at $75 per year ($6.25 per month).
  • Try DIY techniques that will need old tire tread only.
  • Change the tires with run flats that charge $200 to $500 per tire.

Can I Run Flat Tires for Tesla Model 3 & X?

Yes, you can add run flats on Tesla Model 3 and X by matching the size of the tire. This might help your Tesla M3 and MX to reach to auto shop or Tesla Service Center to change the tires after a puncture.

But this will give a bad experience if you use it for a year or so. Here are a few things that you’ll face while driving the Tesla:

  • Make terribly loud noise.
  • Weights on the tires (in front or rear side).
  • Gives a rough riding experience.
  • Poor performance depends on road conditions.

If you prefer to not ruin the car in the long-term run, then it’s best to avoid using run flats. Instead, you can try a puncture repair kit, jack pads, and inflator with goop to fix the tire hole issue.

Can I Run Flat Tires for Tesla Model Y & S?

Technically, anyone can use the run-flat tires on Tesla Model Y and S but need to follow the correct tire specification.

They will benefit only when your tire puncture and you’ll get enough time to drive over to the service care center or repair shop.

But they’ll harm the performance of the car, ruin the riding ability on harsh roads, and make weird sounds. Plus, the run flats will cause the wheel to get weightier and invite rolling resistance. It’ll result in wear issues on the tread. In short, it will cost more than the benefit you.

Ending Notes

That’s how much Tesla Roadside Assistance flat tire cost! It can be costly based on the flat tire number.

Keep in mind Tesla will only offer coverage on the flat tire of a tow for the first 50 miles near the TSC (Tesla Service Center).

It’s true that the cost of TRA can be costly however you can try the alternative ways that will charge less. Hope this guide helps!

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