Tesla Screen Won’t Turn On: Troubleshooting Guide

Driving Tesla gets risky when the screen goes black as it won’t show the speed limit, location, sound, and so on.

Want to know the reasons? Well, it can be due to internal bugs/overload, new software updates, or a loosely inserted plug that fits the touchscreen in place.

So, if the Tesla screen won’t turn on, you need to try some fixes. Start by updating the latest version that is available. Then, power cycling the Tesla might resolve the bug. If not, reset the system.

If you are interested to know the methods in detail, continue to read as I’ll break down them into 4 different sectors and show the steps. Enjoy!

Tesla Screen Won't Turn On: Troubleshooting Guide

Why Tesla Screen Won’t Turn On?

Before you think ‘how do I get my Tesla screen back on,’ figure out the causes to make everything organized so that you directly fix the problematic part. Here are the possible reasons:

Reason #1: Delaying the Software Update

Although it might sound unreal, sometimes when you delay software updates this cause the screen to not turn on for a couple of minutes. Plus, the screen might act weirdly like showing glitches, going on and then off.

Reason #2: Internal System Bugs

If you are thinking why is my screen black on my Tesla, it’s possible that this happening due to an internal system. It can face overload that fails to send the signals to the touchscreen through the plug is having an issue.

In that case, you’ll see the screen not turning on while other parts like the steering wheel, brake, and parking brake working to drive outside (do not try since it’s unsafe).

Reason #3: Touchscreen Plug Is Loosen Up

The last reason why the screen not turning on is the loosen-up plug that attaches the touchscreen to the Tesla. If this kind of thing happens, the screen might not turn on no matter what you do.

How Do You Fix a Tesla Screen That Won’t Turn On?

By doing the given four methods, you’ll mostly fix any kind of screen bug that happening with your Tesla. Let me lift the veil for you and explain:

How Do You Fix a Tesla Screen That Won’t Turn On?

Solution #1: Download the Recent Software Update

You are able to do this procedure when the screen is glitching or going blank for some while and then turning on. You can try following steps and hopefully it fixes the bug:

  • Open the Tesla app on your phone. Ensure your phone is connected to the Tesla.
  • In your phone’s app, you’ll see the Software Update bar in the top sector. Just click on it.
  • A tab will pop up stating ‘Install Now’ with the duration of the update (mostly around 50 – 60 minutes). It will come with 2 choices (No and Yes).
  • Click on the Yes bar and wait for the Tesla software to update to the latest version. Do not touch anything if you are inside the Tesla for the given duration.
  • Now, touch the screen to Controls > Software bar.
  • Scroll a little to spot a new update with a message telling you to turn on your Wi-Fi.
  • After that, turn on the Wi-Fi and connect to the router.
  • Go to the Software option from Controls and click on the available update to download.
  • Wait for 1 – 3 minutes for it to complete downloading and installing.
  • Done! 

Note: During the Tesla update, never drive the car, open the window, or pause the update.

Solution #2: Power Cycle the Tesla

This fix will work when your Tesla screen turns on for a short while. If you get the chance of seeing the screen working, immediately do the following steps:

  • Hold the 2 scroll buttons on your steering wheel for around 10 seconds.
  • Wait for the main or center screen to reboot.
  • After that, shift your Tesla into Park mode.
  • In the screen, click on Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off bar.
  • Again, press the Power Off bar and wait for the screen to go all black.
  • Wait for around 2 minutes without touching anything.
  • After passing 2 minutes, press the brake pedal or open the door to wake the Tesla up.

Solution #3: Reset the Tesla

If your Tesla is reacting including the screen but goes black and turn on, then it’s best to restart the touchscreen by trying the following steps:

  • Shift your car to Park mode.
  • Press and hold the 2 scroll buttons on the steering wheel until the screen goes black. The Tesla logo will appear in a few seconds.
  • After that, let it sit there for 30 – 40 seconds until the screen turns on.
  • If it doesn’t then, turn your tesla off using alternative techniques (key card).
  • Then, go to the front side of the Tesla and open the trunk.
  • Detach the cover to reach the battery compartment.
  • Locate the red cap that is the battery. Remove the cap and detach the negative terminal of the battery for around 30 – 60 seconds.
  • Then, put it back using a pair of pliers.
  • Insert the cap and then cover it nicely.
  • Close the front trunk.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and then turn on the Tesla to check if the screen comes on or not.

Solution #4: Tighten Out the Plug of The Touchscreen

It’s the chosen fix for those whose screen never turns on even if they try anything. You guys try the given method now:

  • Hit the Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off bar.
  • Again, press the Power Off bar.
  • Hold a pry bar and use it to remove the trim part underneath the touchscreen.
  • Detach the plug that holding the trim after wearing electrical gloves.
  • Take a microfiber rag and place it in a safe area where you can place the touchscreen.
  • Use a wrench to detach the bottom 2 bolts from the touchscreen.
  • Pull the touchscreen out using slight force on left to right motion.
  • Place the screen on top of the microfiber rag and spot the 2 nuts from the holder that hiding the plugs.
  • Detach them using a torque wrench and separate the holder from the touchscreen.
  • You’ll find the white plug in the middle. Use a little force to plug it in properly. If you want to confirm rightly, detach the plug, and then insert it back.
  • Put everything back in place.

Overall Thoughts

The issue of the Tesla screen that won’t turn on can feel pretty unbearable to busy drivers who work or has to go outside frequently. Do not wait for miracles to happen instead try the above fixes.

If these techniques don’t help you to resolve the troubles, then it’s something serious or maybe needs replacement of parts. 

Be sure to consult an expert if needed. Hope this guide helped you a little help to find a proper result. Good Luck!

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