Why Is Tesla Smoking While Charging? [Solved]

Don’t panic if you happen to experience white, blue, or black smoke while charging your Tesla. Keep in mind that it’s a rare occurrence, but it can happen.

The good news is that in most cases, it’s not a cause for major concern. There are three main reasons for a Tesla smoking while charging.

Firstly, the radiator in your Tesla blows air to remove heat from the battery, which can create steam (white smoke). Secondly, you might see black smoke if plastic parts burn or melt. And finally, the warm battery can cause smoke during charging.

I understand that seeing smoke can be alarming. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to handle any smoke-related issues with your Tesla. So let’s dive in and learn!

Why Is Tesla Smoking While Charging? [Solved]

3 Reasons Why Tesla Might Be Smoking While Charging!

To know why it’s happening, you need to know the causes behind the smoke while charging. Let me explain it in detail:

Reason #1: Radiator Makes Steam In Cold Weather

In cold weather, the Tesla can show smoke in clouds during charging. It occurs as the car’s heat pump system shifts the air while the battery changes from heating to cooling.

It happens a lot in the Supercharger. Then, when you plug in the SC, the heat pump system quickly heats the battery for fast charging

After that, the system can absorb the heat from the environment and pumps it to the battery using the refrigerant cycle to keep the unit cool. It also causes the external heat exchanger aka radiator to get cold and work better.

As it’s charging the Tesla using this process, the system will change to battery cooling which causes the heat to go through the radiator. Due to these sudden changes and temperature rise in the radiator, it can evaporate the water that it has been condensed earlier.

And then, the fan of the radiator blows this heat and water at the same time which creates vapor beneath the Tesla. That’s why you see the visible steam all over the bottom space. Note that it isn’t a serious issue!

Reason #2: Plastic Parts Burning

While charging your Tesla, you might see smoking, which is rare but can happen. It occurs when the plastics and insulations can burn. 

This can also happen due to high voltage which causes the plastics to get warm and burn over time. Other than this, the fire issue can cause smoking in Tesla while charging.

Reason #3: Battery Getting Warmer

The battery can get warmer if the Tesla is 10% or below and charged fully. It’s nothing to fear as this process is normal but this causes the white smoke to spread.

Another factor is the chill weather which causes snow to get inside the frunk. Due to this, you can see snow getting vapor (evaporating) from the heat on the radiator. And this occurs when the battery is charging and getting warmer.

Reasons Why Tesla Might Be Smoking While Charging

Is It Normal For A Tesla To Smoke While Charging?

Not all smokes are alarming. Depending on its color and scent, I can confirm whether it is normal to smoke or not. Allow me to explain further!

  • If it’s white and cloudy smoke, this means nothing to fear, and you can charge the Tesla. This kind of smoke usually contains no bad scent or odor as it comes from water vapor.
  • If the smoke is black or gray and has a bad odor, it’s a warning sign telling you that something is burning. Never charge the car if this happens.
  • If it has a maple syrup scent and vaporing in the usual white cloud, then it indicates AC system leakage. Fix the AC leakage first then charge the Tesla if you don’t want the blue fluid to flow all over the road or garage.
  • If it seems bluish and smells like acrid, then this means an electrical fire. During this, do not charge the Tesla.

What To Do If Tesla Shows Black Smoking While Charging?

If you see dirty and blackish smoke coming below the Tesla when charging, be quick to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the charging cable as soon as you notice the black smoke. This is a big thing that can cause other issues.
  2. Press the SOS button inside the Tesla to at once get the desired help. Or, call Tesla support to report this incident and get their suggestions.
  3. Go to the Tesla Service Center to get the additional fixes.

Why Does My Tesla Make Noise When Charging?

During the charging of Tesla, a lot of times you’ll see it making weird banging sounds. Based on the charger type, noise can show different things. Let me explain it below:


At the Supercharger, you’ll hear a mix of clucks, pops, and thumps coming from the ground. It’s occurring as the high-voltage (HV) battery nestled snugly at the bottom of Tesla.

The sound comes from the metal parts in the battery which constantly expand or contract to match ambient temperature changes.

So, sit back and keep on charging, knowing that these noises are nothing to fret about. And, if Tesla unable to charge at Supercharger, fix it!

Home Charger

While using the wall charger or mobile connector, you can hear buzzing noises coming out at the rear bottom area. 

It occurs due to the temperature changes of the battery that requires to charge the Tesla in cold weather. If it gets too cold and needs instant warming, this sort of sound comes in.

Sometimes due to the high voltage used to charge the Tesla, the wall charger can make loud sounds. For that, Tesla wall charger troubleshooting doesn’t require as it’s normal to hear the noise!

Wrapping Up

I hope that this guide has been helpful to you in understanding the reasons behind your Tesla smoking while charging.

Remember, it’s completely normal to feel worried or anxious when you see smoke coming from your vehicle, but staying calm and taking the right steps can make all the difference.

If the smoke is white, it’s usually just steam and not a cause for concern. However, if you see black, grey, or blue smoke, it’s important to act at once. Also, pay attention to the smell of the smoke, as this can give you important clues about the severity of the issue.

If you find this guide helpful, don’t forget to check “Why Tesla charging error and no power” that might help you in the future! Thanks for reading!

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