Tesla Summon Not Working: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Tesla Summon Not Working: Troubleshooting and Solutions

After spending money to get the EAP or FSD (Beta) suite, a lot of folk face issues when trying to turn on or use the Summon.

It happens as you turn on Sentry or Valet Mode on your car. Apart from this, Tesla Summon may not work if the car contains no LTE signal or an update is on the way. To fix this, disable the Sentry and Valet Mode, get LTE Connectivity, and install the software.

Don’t panic if you find the above methods hard to do it yourself! Here, I’ll break down all the causes and then show the solutions so you can follow. Let’s Go!

Tesla Summon Not Working: Troubleshooting and Solutions

4 Reasons for Tesla Summon Not Working Issue!

In case you can’t enable Summon on Tesla via the mobile app or Key Fob, it means something is wrong. Let me share some of the reasons why you can’t Summon your Tesla:

Cause #1: Sentry Mode Is Activated

As a safety option, the Sentry Mode can cause some features including Summon to not operate. The car’s system sense that someone is stealing your car even if it’s you summoning it. In that case, simply turn the Sentry Mode off and enjoy Summon.

How to Fix?

  • Use Touchscreen: Touch Controls > Safety > Sentry Mode on your car’s screen. Then, simply turn it off.
  • Use Mobile App: Open the Tesla App and click on Controls > Sentry Mode and then deactivate it.
Sentry Mode Is Activated

Cause #2: Firmware Mismatched

Most of the time, the issue of Summon occurs if the firmware doesn’t match. In that case, you’ll need to update the recent or pending software on the car and mobile app.

How to Fix?

To download the software in your car, go to Controls > Software > Update Available > Software Update (with the yellow clock icon). And then, click on it and complete downloading the software.

Tesla Firmware Mismatched

Then, open the Tesla App on your phone and hit on Software Update > Install or Yes. Next, update the software fully.

In some cases, you might need to update Tesla App to the latest version to avoid issues like this. For that, go to App Store or Play Store and simply update the app as you do!

Cause #3: Deactivate Valet Mode

If you turn on the Valet Mode, both Summon and Smart Summon won’t work as it disables them. To resolve this error, just disable this mode before using the Summon feature.

How to Fix?

  • Via Touchscreen: Hit on Controls > Driver Profile icon and then shift the gear to Park. Then, click on Valet Mode and then type the 4-digit PIN that you use to turn this mode off.
  • Via Mobile App: If you forget the PIN code, then open the Tesla App on your phone. Then, go to Security > Valet Mode and turn it off.
Deactivate Tesla Valet Mode

Cause #4: The Car Has No LTE Signal

Sometimes no LTE connection in the car may cause your Tesla Summon not connecting issue. You’ll need to add an LTE connection to get back Summon connectivity.

How to Fix?

Just buy the Premium Connectivity to work the LTE connection in your car. usually, it’ll cost no more than $10 per month and $100 per year.

Tesla Premium Connectivity

To get it, open the mobile app and go to Upgrades > Software Upgrades > Subscribe > Add. Then, select one option in Billing Options ($9.99/month or $99.00/year) and hit on Next. After that, click on Checkout and then confirm your payment data.

You can also upgrade the connectivity using the car’s screen. For that, press Controls > Upgrades > Swipe to Purchase and then park the car or download the updates to get it.

Limitations Of Tesla Summon!

  • If the driving road or area is inclined, this feature won’t work. It only works only on flat paths (up to 10% grade).
  • Summon doesn’t move the car if it detects a raised concrete edge (higher than 1″ or 2.5 cm).
  • This feature fails to work if the sensors (if attached) or cameras are blurry, dirty broken, or covered in mud, ice, sand, cloth, and so on.
  • In rare cases, the feature won’t work under harsh weather conditions.
  • If your car only has sensors to detect the outer environment and they are interfacing with ultrasonic waves, then the Summon may stop operating.

Wrapping Up

Fixing Tesla Summon not working bug is pretty straightforward that doesn’t require much to do (except for buying an LTE connection).

Be sure to find the causes before attempting to do the solutions. And also, acknowledge the shortcomings of this feature before using it. Hope this helps!

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