Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid & How To Use Them

Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid & How To Use Them!

The Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid is required to clean the windshield during harsh weather. The windshield of Tesla will get covered with either snow in Winter or water in Rainy seasons.

That will prevent you from seeing anything on the road. The wipers are there to wipe off the windshield. But only the wipers cannot do anything alone. That’s why you need to learn about Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid and how to use them, too.

Tesla uses advanced technology in their vehicles. They have speed control, frequency control, and automatic features for their windshield washer fluid. You can also interact with the feature through Tesla Mobile App.

Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid & How To Use Them

What is Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid

The matter is self-explanatory itself by the name. Like any regular car, Tesla also seems to add a technology to wash the windshield. The washer fluid is the liquid that is spreaded over the windshield and later washed by the wipers.

It has speed controls, Auto and Manual modes, also remote access to the wipers via Tesla Mobile App.

You can navigate to Wiper Controls through Controls and set the speed to four different phrases. The phrases are I- Intermittent, slow, the next one is II- Intermittent, fast. Then comes the continuous phrase, III- Continuous, slow, IIII- Continuous, fast.

It also has a manual and an auto mode for the wipers and washer fluid. But it seems like that the Auto mode is only available for Tesla Model 3. When the car detects it’s raining outside, it activates the wipers and washer fluid automatically. If it doesn’t detect any liquid in the windshield, it won’t activate them.

Let’s see how the manual one works. As the Auto windshield washer fluid is only available for Tesla Model 3.

You can also adjust the wiper frequency and speed using voice commands via Tesla Mobile App and Premium Connectivity in your Tesla car app. 

The guide to How to use Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

Before we start to use our windshield with wiper fluid, let’s see how to top up the windshield washer fluid.

How to use Windshield Wiper Fluid

Finding the Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir

First, we need to locate the reservoir in the Tesla. The windshield washer fluid reservoir is the only reservoir where we can add the fluid. You will find it behind the front trunk of your Tesla. When the fluid level is low, you will get a message displayed on the touchscreen.

Cleaning around the Filler Cap

After locating the reservoir, open up the hood. But clean around the area of the filler cap before you open it up. It will prevent dirt from inserting into the reservoir.

Filling the reservoir

Now, open up the filler cap. Slowly and gently fill up the reservoir without spilling any of the fluid anywhere. Fill it until the level of fluid is noticeable just at the neck of the filler tank. If anything spills down, immediately wash the area with clean water.

Typically, the Tesa Windshield Fluid Reservoir has a capacity of about 4.5 liters. It’s the same for all Tesla models, including Model S, Model Y, and Model X.

Replacing the Filler Cap

When all is done, replace the filler cap to get ready to use the tesla windshield fluid. Now, let’s see how to apply the fluid manually into the windshield.

Activating the Windshield Washers

To activate the washers, first, we need to press the button which is on the tip of the turn signal stalk. Pressing it once will just activate the wipers. And pressing and holding the button will activate the spray washer fluid into the windshield.

And if you just press and hold the tip of the turn signal stalk alone, the windshield fluid will come out. Then, the wipers will activate after detecting fluid on the windshield.

When you release the button the wipers will do two final additional wipes and then it might perform another third wiper a few moments later depending on the environment around the Tesla.

Cautions while using the Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid

While we use and top up the windshield washer fluid in a Tesla, we need to take some precautions. It’s best for both us and our beloved Tesla.

If you try to wash the wipers in your Tesla, don’t forget to turn off the wipers. It’s best for both your and Tesla’s safety.

And ensure the hood is completely closed before you use the windshield wipers to avoid any kind of damage to the hood.

In difficult atmospheric situations, make sure that the wipers’ blades aren’t stuck to or frozen to the windshield. The ice has sharp cuttings which might damage the rubber on the wiper blades. Remove the ice before you use the windshield again.

Troubleshooting: Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid Not Coming Out

There were complaints from the Tesla owners that their wipers are working fine, but the windshield washer fluid wasn’t coming out. It became a common issue for Tesla owners, although you can fix it all on your own.

If the fluid wasn’t coming out, it means the filler cap needs to be cleaned up. To clean up the filler cap, open the hood and find the filler cap. You can also replace it with a new one. If it still doesn’t help you, then we recommend you to go to the Tesla Customer Support group.

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Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our boring guide on how to use Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid. Make sure to follow the precautions when using the washer fluid. It’s best for your safety and of course, Tesla’s safety too. 

The guide was for the Tesla Model 3, but you can follow the same procedure for every Tesla model. And if you run into any kind of problem, don’t forget to take advantage of your warranty before it expires and dries up.

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