How to Turn It Off and On Valet Mode Tesla

How to Turn It Off and On Valet Mode Tesla In 5 Minutes?

Valet mode is a helpful trait that works every time I need to give my car to a stranger whom I don’t trust at all for parking purposes.

To activate or turn off Valet Mode Tesla, you can do it via touchscreen or mobile app. In the car’s screen, just hit on the Controls > driver’s profile > Valet Mode > 4-digit Passcode (if contained). And, in the mobile app, go to Security > Valet Mode and press on it.

Here, I’ll break down the complete procedure of turning off and on the Valet Mode in the simplest way. Let Me Lift the Veil for You!

Turning Off Valet Mode Tesla!

In order to turn off the Tesla Valet Mode in your car, it can be done using the touchscreen and mobile app. Here’s how you can do it:

Disable Valet Mode with Touchscreen

You’ll need to go to the Controls and then find out the driver’s profile at the top. After that, click on the icon. Next, locate the Valet Mode and then touch the option.

Disable Valet Mode with Touchscreen

Now, if you have enabled the Tesla PIN to Drive setting on the car, the screen will then show a prompt asking for the 4-digit PIN that you used created earlier.

Next, enter the 4-digit passcode on the box and then it’ll automatically turn off. If you forget the passcode that you used earlier, then hit on the link to enter the Tesla login credentials on the PIN to Drive popup. After that, follow the on-screen prompts and clear it out.

However, note that the screen may show glitches or get unresponsive. To resolve this issue, just restart the touchscreen by shifting the gear to Park, hold the 2-scroll button until the screen goes black, and wait for the screen to come back.

If this doesn’t resolve, you can still bypass the PIN to Drive by turning on the Keyless Driving (Controls > Start > enter Tesla account password on the confirmation popup window and then wait for 2 minutes) in the mobile app.

Disable Valet Mode with the Tesla App

To turn it off using the mobile app, you’ll need to open the Tesla App on your phone. After this, go to the Security section and locate the Valet Mode option (the second one).

How Do I Bypass Tesla Valet Mode using app

Next, simply click on the blue slider to turn it off (make it grey). In the mobile app, it doesn’t require the 4-digit PIN to get out of the Valet Mode.

You can also reset the PIN by hitting on the Clear PIN (highlighted in blue text under the Valet Mode) if you forget the passcode.

Be sure the car is in Park gear when you are turning it off. To do that, shift the gear to Park using the drive stalk for M3 and MY cars or press the P button in the center console for MX and MS cars.

Turning On Valet Mode Tesla!

If you now want to activate the Valet Mode, it’s easy as you need to do the opposite steps of turning it off. Here’s the detail:

Activate Valet Mode with the Touchscreen

Firstly, you’ll need to shift the gear to Park and then go to Controls > driver’s profile icon at the top using the car’s screen.

After that, hit on the Valet Mode from the options under the driver’s profile option. If you are entering this mode for the first time, the screen will show a prompt to create the 4-digit PIN. You’ll need to remember this passcode to use it later for canceling the Valet Mode.

After entering the passcode in the box, the car’s screen will show the word Valet when the driver’s profile changes to Valet Mode (at the top icon).

Activate Valet Mode with the Tesla App

Once you have shifted the gear to Park, open the Tesla App on your phone. Then, you’ll need to go to Security > Valet Mode and turn it on.

If you are using the Tesla App to valet the car, you won’t need to enter the 4-digit PIN as you’ve already logged into the app via the Tesla Account credentials.

Valet Mode Restrictions!

When the Model X, S, Y, and 3 cars are in Valet Mode, the car’s system will block a few features instantly. These include:

Tesla Valet Mode Restrictions
  1. Restricts the speed to 70 MPH or 113 Km/h.
  2. Limits max speeding up and power.
  3. Locks front trunk and glovebox.
  4. Hides Home and Work locations in the navigation system.
  5. Disable voice commands, Smart Summon, and other Autopilot convenience features.
  6. Freezes the Allow Mobile Access setting so that no one can change it.
  7. HomeLink and Driver Profiles, Toybox, Theater, and other apps are inaccessible.
  8. Disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  9. The car won’t show the list of keys (in only Model Y and 3).
Note that you will need to give the Key Card to the valet or stranger to access (open or close the door) and drive the car. And, the Tesla won't automatically shift in Valet Mode.

Overall Thoughts

It doesn’t require special skill or time to turn off and on the Valet Mode Tesla even if you are a newbie. As you can see, the procedure is pretty simple to try outside when giving your car to a stranger or valet person.

Hope you find this guide helpful in understanding the process and be sure to practice it at home before giving it to others. Best of Luck!

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