Can you Visit the Tesla Factory? [Uncovering the Tesla Factory]

With the rebirth of electrical vehicles, Tesla is now one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers in the entire world. While Fremont Factory was their first manufacturing side, they have factories all over the world. 

And now, they are continuing their Gigafactories too- from Giga Nevada to Giga Shanghai, Giga New York to Giga Texas, Giga Berlin to more! 

But can you visit the Tesla factory? Well, yes you can. What about the Gigafactories and the headquarters? Check it out! 

Can you Visit the Tesla Factory? 

Tesla Factories Visit  

So, you often hear from people that it is possible to enjoy tours of the Tesla factory but at times, you hear the opposite. 

But what’s the truth? Is Tesla factory open to public for regular tours? Well, the answer can be a little more complicated than plain yes or no- bear with us!

Let’s begin with- yes, Tesla factory tours are possible. But the process of getting access won’t be easy. Tesla offers regular tours if you go to the Fremont factory. 

But this one is for the Tesla owners so that they can see where their vehicles are coming from! There is also an “industrial tourism” bill connected to this. 

It will help enable out-of-state buyers in picking up their cars at the Tesla factory. Here, we will tell you if you can visit Tesla factories or not! 

Tesla Owners and Potential Owners 

Tesla offers or hosts such tours for Tesla owners. And for them, it isn’t much of a big deal to visit the factory going through a proper process. If you get into a Tesla factory, you will see the lively culture. 

Besides, you can see how they construct their cars. Along with this, you can enjoy the processes a car by Tesla goes through. If you are a Tesla owner or a potential owner, you can also convince them to help you get a tour there. 

However, there are specific processes that you need to go through to visit a Tesla factory even if you are a potential owner. 

Tesla Employee

If you want to go for the easiest way then you have to make a friend that works in the factory. That sounds a little mischievous, right? 

Well, it is what it is. If you have a friend working in the factory of Tesla, it will be easier for you to visit it. For an employee of the company or the factory, it’s easier to schedule an appointment for you with the tour team. 

For you, managing the appointment can be a little difficult; however, it’s not impossible

Work in Tesla

Another amazing way to visit such a place is to try and work there. Yes, they offer different types of jobs in their company. If you are enthusiastic about it, you can plan on applying for a job at Tesla. 

You might think that they only need engineers but that’s not the case. Yes, they need engineers but they too are interested in hiring dedicated and skill-driven people no matter which discipline you are from. 

In this way, you will be able to see more than you can see as a tourist in the factory! However, keep in mind that for joining Tesla, you need to work very hard. 

Tesla Headquarters Visit 

We have talked about the details of a Tesla factory but what about the headquarters? To begin with, the headquarters and the factory are not the same. 

Tesla Headquarters Visit 

While you will get opportunities to visit Tesla factories if you search for the Tesla headquarters, it’s a lot more complicated. 

So, can you visit the Tesla Factory or Headquarters as a tourist? The short answer to this is NO. It’s not possible for tourists to visit Tesla headquarters because they are highly confidential. 

Their previous and future car designs along with the other devices like the robots are kept in the headquarters. As a result, this place is kept away from regular tourists. The information kept here is confidential and not available to the public. 

But the case is different for the people that work under the company. If you are working in a prominent position at Tesla or any other top-notch company, it can be made possible. 

If you happen to be an executive of another top-notch company and Tesla invited you for a meeting, you can get into their headquarters. 

Also, if you are there to conduct an important interview, you can go in with their permission. But well, the headquarters are not as interesting as the factory. 

It only includes a bunch of desks along with the computers where they keep their vital information.  

Tesla Factory Inside

Tesla Factory Tour Activities
Tesla Factories Visit 
Is Tesla factory open to public
Tesla Gigafactory Texan open

Gigafactories and Tesla 

The Gigafactory 1 is in Nevada for regular tours. There have been several planned tours so that Tesla can inaugurate their primary phase. At this time, only a selected few people got access to Gigafactory 1 as they were members of the investment community. 

Before that, it is also inaccessible to the owners of Tesla and their friends. In this case, the owners that have referred somebody else for buying  Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X got access to the Tesla Gigafactory tour. 

The best part is they got access for themselves and also got it for other 3 friends or family members. But now, it’s possible to go for the Gigafactory tours. In short, it worked like a referral program. 

In the first level of this program, thousands of people won. As a result, a lot got the chance to get into the factory. 

Now, it is open Tuesday through Friday. These days, they have changed a good deal and added a lot of sections to make the tours more exciting. 

However, some factories are not yet available for tours. But is Tesla Gigafactory Texan open now? And can you tour Tesla factory Texas if you are not invited already? 

Well, it’s unfortunate but Texas Tesla Factory will only be accessible to you for invite-only events. They have opened their Gigafactory in Texas in 2022 and it will take time to make it open for the tours. 

On the other hand, you can also ask about the Berlin Gigafactory. “Can I visit Tesla Gigafactory Berlin?”- if that’s your question, then once again, we have sad news. They are not yet open. 

However, the good news is, they will soon be offering public factory tours. You need to wait until the main building is not a construction site anymore. Right when the visitor area will be completed, they will open public tours too!

Tesla Factory Tour Activities 

If you are able to manage an appointment with the Tesla tour team, you are lucky. But how long will you be able to enjoy the tour? 

Well, the tour will last for 1 hour in most cases. However, in some cases, they have a 75-90 minutes tour period too. The tours can be different depending on their present tour processes and the location of the Gigafactory. 

In some Gigafactories, they won’t let you walk on your foot if you are visiting a factory by the company. Instead, they will offer you a ride on a tram. This tram will drive you around the factory with the tour guide. 

And thus, you will be able to see around and the tour guide will help you learn the details of the factory. On the other hand, in some Gigafactories, you will be able to enjoy a walking tour. 

Tesla Factory Tour Requirements: Dos and Don’ts

We highly suggest you follow the rules Tesla mentions when it comes to tours. Different tour locations can require different requirements. Here, we will only talk about the basic Tesla factory tour dos and don’ts. 

  • Your Photo IS and visitor NDA will be needed for visiting or applying for Tesla factory tours. In this case, you must be 18 years or older. 
  • For most tours, Tesla suggests wearing flat and close–toe shoes. Besides, long pants and sleeved shirts or tees are required too. Sandals, heels, or ballet flats are strictly prohibited in Tesla factories. 
  • You won’t be able to photograph or record anything inside the factory. If you are seen doing so, you can be punished under the law, and also the tour will be canceled. 

Wrap Up

Are you happy to know that you can visit Tesla factories? Get all your friends and family and grab the opportunity! Follow their requirements and you can enjoy a Tesla Gigafactory ride!  

Tesla has the right to cancel your tour in the middle or not allow you to get it at all if you don’t follow them! To know more about it, you can follow

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