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Former Vice President & Democratic hopeful Joe Biden made foreign policy statement at Current on Pier 59

Dealers Tell Biden: Consumers Are Hesitant on Electric Cars

The surge toward a greener, electric future encounters resistance from an unexpected front – thousands of car dealers pleading for a slowdown in the mandated production and distribution of electric vehicles. In a poignant letter to President Biden, 3,882 dealerships nationwide voiced concerns about the feasibility and consumer acceptance of the proposed regulations aimed at…
Ford Fiesta

14 Cars That Won’t Last Past 100k Miles

In the pursuit of a reliable and enduring vehicle, the milestone of reaching 100,000 miles stands as a testament to a car’s durability. Yet, not all vehicles weather this journey unscathed. As car buyers navigate the market, eyeing longevity and dependability, the looming fear of investing in a vehicle that falters after surpassing this mileage…
1987 Ferrari F40

21 Successful Cars That Surprised Us All

Some cars have truly amazed us over the years, surpassing all expectations in the auto world. Does this mean they broke sales records? Not necessarily. But what they did do was impress and astonish us with their unexpected success. Each car on our list has its own story of defying the odds and leaving a…
FSO Polonez

Road to Ruin: Top 25 Worst Cars in Automotive History

From mechanical missteps to design disasters, the automotive industry has seen its fair share of regrettable rides over the years. Some cars were plagued by relentless mechanical issues, while others suffered from design blunders that left drivers scratching their heads. As automotive history unfolded, certain vehicles carved their names into the annals of infamy, earning…
1974 Chevrolet Nova SS

Revved-up Regrets: 10 Classic Cars With the Worst Engines

The muscle car era reverberates through automotive history as a time when sheer power, speed, and brawny engines ruled the roads. However, not every roaring engine from this epoch was a paragon of performance. Amidst the roar of V8s and the allure of high horsepower, the ’60s and ’70s harbored its fair share of engine…
Joe Biden, President of United States of America, during press conference after NATO extraordinary SUMMIT 2022.

Biden’s $7.5B Promise: Two Years and Zero EV Chargers Installed Yet

The promise of a robust electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure was hailed as a transformative step for the nation’s progress, with President Biden’s administration allocating $7.5 billion for EV charger deployment under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. However, more than two years later, not a single charger stands as a testament to this substantial investment,…



What Is Tesla Auto Park and How It Works

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