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1977 Porshe 930 Turbo - Front quarter view

15 Most Influential Cars From the Last Century

Like digital influencers, cars play a significant role in everyday life. Most, if not all, cars owe their DNA to a select breed of genre-defining cars. Compiling a list of fifteen of the best, most influential vehicles is more complex than you think. Naturally, fast cars feature heavily in any gearhead’s vision of the best…
2004 Lotus Esprit

13 Sports Cars for the Middle Class To Buy for Hobby and Investment

Many of us would love to own a sports car, but the price can sometimes be a significant problem in our quest. However, for the middle classes, there are a few more options, some of which provide a sound basis for restoration and an investment for the future. We think at least 13 of those…
Nissan 370Z Clubsport 23

24 Rare Japanese Cars Only Real Gearheads Know About

Most people stereotype Japanese cars as affordable and reliable. Terms like ‘exclusive,’ ‘rare,’ and ‘expensive’ are usually reserved for European car brands. However, those who are into Japanese cars and the JDM scene know better. Automakers from the land of the rising sun have built sports cars since the 1960s, and during the 1980s and…
Jaguar XJ220

24 Luxury Cars That Totally Disappoint

Ever anticipated something big, shiny, and utterly luxurious, only to be met with disappointment? Well, in the world of high-end wheels, not every luxury car lives up to the hype. Some of these rides rolled onto the scene with swagger but left high-end buyers with a sense of ‘what went wrong?’  From design quirks to…
2017 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06

13 Most Dangerous Sports Cars of All Time

Sports cars are fast, fun, and exciting to drive. They provide thrills that few cars can replicate, and only supercars and hypercars can rival them. Despite the thrills they provide, some sports cars aren’t so fun. Some are downright dangerous and are ones best avoided. This list contains 13 truly terrifying sports cars that are…
TVR Tuscan Speed Six

15 Tragically Misunderstood Sports Cars

Sports cars provide some of the most excitement of any vehicle. The segment has brought us names such as the Lotus Elise, the Aston Martin DB9, and many more. However, some are misunderstood because of poor marketing, a lukewarm consumer reception, or several other reasons. This list will contain some of the best in misunderstood…



What Is Tesla Auto Park and How It Works

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