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Toyota MR2 Mk3

24 Used Cars That Will Soon Become Classics

It is tricky to predict what cars will become classics in the future. It isn’t immediately apparent that a vehicle is heading for such a status. However, cars currently on the used market fall into that category—some of them you might expect, while others less so. We will cover 24 of the best-used cars available…
Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey Shares 13 Car Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

Maintaining your car is not only essential for its longevity and performance but also crucial for your financial well-being. From preventing costly breakdowns to ensuring your safety on the road, regular car maintenance plays a significant role in saving you money in the long run. Renowned financial expert Dave Ramsey understands the importance of proactive…
Portrait of an Asian mechanic checking the safety of a car. Maintenance of damaged parts in the garage. Maintenance repairs. Repair service concept.

15 Worst Car Battery Brand to Avoid

A reliable car battery is essential for ensuring your vehicle starts smoothly and operates efficiently. However, not all car battery brands are created equal, with some facing criticism for their performance, longevity, and overall quality. Whether it’s premature failure, inconsistent performance, or durability issues, choosing the wrong battery brand can lead to frustration and unexpected…
Trabant 601

25 Worst Cars Ever Made

In the annals of automotive history, there exists a category of cars that stands out not for their innovation, performance, or reliability, but rather for their notable failures and shortcomings. These are the cars that have earned a place in the “Hall of Shame,” a list reserved for vehicles that have left an indelible mark…
1984 Ford Bronco II

24 80s Cars To Avoid Buying

The 1980s was a fascinating era for the automobile. There were some truly spectacular and incredible cars, such as the Ferrari F40 and the Lamborghini Countach. But there were some duds. Cars that fell short of expectations left us questioning why the manufacturers built them. This list will cover some of the worst 80s cars…
1973 Datsun Bluebird SSS Coupe

24 Sickest Vintage JDM Cars We’d Love To Own

While the 1980s and 90s are considered the golden era of Japanese cars, they also built some excellent models long before that. In the 1960s, automakers from the land of the rising sun were churning out small, lightweight sports cars. By the 1970s, they built many fun and frugal coupes and family sedans that looked…



What Is Tesla Auto Park and How It Works

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