1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88

A Man Stole A Semi Carrying $1.25 Million Worth of Corvettes Because He “Needed” A Ride Home From Jail

An ex-convict in Arizona stole a semi-truck carrying over $1.25 million of brand-new Corvettes last week because he needed a ride home, according to a report from Road & Track. Police apprehended the man, Isaiah Walker of Lawton, Oklahoma, and charged him with 11 counts of theft of means of transportation, felony theft, and robbery. Why call an Uber or hail a cab when you can take a semi-truck?

A True Crime Tale That’s Stranger Than Fiction

Road & Track reports that Mr. Walker was talking to the truck’s driver at the Willcox Loves Truck Stop in Willcox, Arizona, before he stole the semi. As the truck driver was getting back into his semi, Mr. Walker grabbed the driver and slammed him to the ground. He climbed into the semi-truck, shut and locked both doors and drove away from the Willcox Loves Truck Stop parking lot.

The police soon interrupted Mr. Walker’s ride home in the stolen semi-truck. A Cochise County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to get Mr. Walker to pull over, but Mr. Walker refused. (He was in a hurry to get home, after all.) Mr. Walker began swerving to evade capture, forcing multiple cars off the road. However, after a while, Mr. Walker finally pulled over when he turned down a road and stopped.

Mr. Walker told law enforcement that he stole the semi-truck, but his decision had nothing to do with the ten brand-new Corvettes it was hauling. Mr. Walker told the police that he only stole the semi-truck because he was fresh out of prison and needed a ride home. According to Road & Track’s report, the police read Mr. Walker his Miranda Rights before he explained why he stole the semi.

Regarding the investigation into this matter, Dale Hadfield, the Wilcox Chief of Police, said, “I am extremely proud of the officer and Deputy involved in this investigation. The Deputy and officer showed great restraint and patience in bringing a serious crime to a peaceful resolution, all while keeping the property of others from being damaged. The stolen vehicle was safely recovered without damage and was released to the driver so he could continue his delivery.”

Fortunately for Mr. Walker, he no longer needs to find a ride home due to his newly acquired felony charges. The truck driver is back on his route despite the delay and will get the Corvettes to their future owners shortly, according to Road & Track’s report. It’s worth noting that the price range on new Corvettes is from just under $70,000 to over $86,000, depending on its trim and level and other options. Does anyone think Mr. Walker’s claim that the ten brand-new Corvettes on the semi-truck he hi-jacked had nothing to do with his decision to steal it is a dubious statement? 

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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