How to Activate Tesla Key Card in 3 Easy Steps!

It’s hard to add the new Tesla key card which has previous key card access. But I got the method that can sort this situation out finally.

So, how to activate Tesla key card? You need to get inside the Tesla, then –

  • Find the Key section in the touchscreen monitor (in the Locks bar under the Controls option).
  • Press the plus sign and scan the key card while using the previous one side by side on the card reader location.
  • Take it out and again put it in the card reader to confirm the activation.

Continue to read this guide to understand the whole direction if this brief answer was not enough.

How to Activate Tesla Key Card in 3 Easy Steps

This Is Exactly How to Activate Tesla Key Card 

To authenticate the new key card which you have bought from the nearby store, it’ll need a few things. Follow the given method to activate properly:

Step 1: You Need To Enter The Tesla Car

You can either use the key fob or your phone key to open the car door and go inside to start the activation procedure of the key card.

Just double-click in the middle point of the key fob to unlock the car or go to the Tesla app> Controls > Unlock to get it done easily using your phone. 

In case you are suffering from an error, learn the troubleshooting Tesla key fob here.

Step 2: Add The New Key

The authentication process will begin once you enter the car. Know that Model X and S have a little diverse pattern to activate the new key from Model 3 and Y.

Activate Tesla Key Card Model X & S

  • Keep the interior environment not too cold or hot since the temperature can distract the key card to authenticate.
  • Go to the touchscreen and click on Controls> Locks to go to the key-adding option.
  • Hit the plus (+) sign to add a new key card.
  • Place your two key cards (previous and new ones) in the card reader location aka wireless phone charger area side by side.
  • Wait for it to scan naturally for a while.
  • Scan the key card on the Tesla to pair it on the car and confirm its activation.
  • After a few seconds, you’ll see a new key included in the list. Adjust the name by touching the associated pencil icon so that you remember it. Done!

Activate Tesla Key Car Model 3 & Y

  • Click on the touchscreen monitor and go to Controls> Locks.
  • Then, tap the plus (+) sign in the Keys section.
  • Put the new key card and the previous one side by side in the card reader at the rear to the cup holders on the top of the center console area.
  • Let it scan for a while.
  • Once it reads the new key and accepts it, takes out the card reader.
  • Confirm the new key pairing by placing the new key card in the card reader area again.
  • You’ll then see the new key name in the Keys section. Rename the name by pressing the associated pencil icon to recognize it easily.

Note: Remember this method is only possible if you own a previous key card.

Step 3: Test It Out

Lastly, you have to try whether the new key card works or not. To do that, get out of the car and lock it. Wait for a minute by roaming around.

Then, go close to the card reader point (about 1/3 the way above the driver’s side door pillar) and use the key card to access it.

Wait for the exterior light to flash, mirrors to fold or unfold, and horn noise. After that, unlock the car to confirm the success.

But The Tesla Key Card Not Working – Try This!

Tesla’s key card may not be able to access due to various reasons like magnetic interference, malfunction, or the car’s software infection. Here’s how to fix the issue:

1. Fix the Magnetic Interference

Due to the heavy magnetic disturbance coming from the cards in your wallet, it can cause the key card to not operate unlike usual. The best way to fix the issue is to remove the key card from the pocket and place it inside the card reader area.

2. Troubleshoot Malfunction Through Reset

  • Go inside your Tesla.
  • Click on the Controls> Locks to find the Keys section.
  • Locate the saved key card name that you are holding from the key list.
  • Hold the bar and tap on the Trash icon.
  • Place the key card in the card reader area to confirm the deletion.
  • Wait for a while and you’ll see no name of your key card in the list.
  • Now, let it sit there like that for 2 minutes.
  • Click on the plus (+) aka add sign.
  • Place your key card in the card reader area and wait for a while.
  • Then, take it out and again set it on the card reader area to confirm the activation. You’ll see your key card name in the key list. This is how to reset Tesla key card.

3. Reboot The Tesla

  • With your hand, click the 2 scroll buttons on the steering wheel.
  • At the same time, use one foot on the brake pedal.
  • Keep on doing it until the touchscreen monitor goes black to confirm the reboot process.
  • After a while, you’ll see the Tesla logo on the screen and it’ll turn on. Done!

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to activate Tesla key card, it’s time to try the 3-step method in real life. 

If you want to activate a new key card without a previous card, it’s wise to get it done via an expert since things can easily go wrong. Hope you like this guide, and it was able to teach something new!

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