Add Driver to Tesla

Adding a Driver to Your Tesla Account [Step-by-Step Guide]

In this age of motor vehicles, Tesla brought back the hype of electric cars once again. And now, they have taken their game a step ahead with their Add Driver to Tesla feature. 

With this feature, you can add one or more Tesla drivers to your vehicle, and have multiple drivers within their very own comfort zone. The basic features like seat adjustments, mirrors, and wheels, will get adjusted automatically depending on different Tesla profiles added. 

Today, we will show you how to add an additional driver to your Tesla and let them enjoy the benefits without feeling they are not in their car! 

Add Driver to Tesla

Add a Driver to Tesla via Mobile 

Are you worried about “how do I add a spouse phone to my Tesla using the PC?” Well, check out the steps to do it. 

Step 1: Get the App 

Firstly, to add a new driver to your vehicle, you will need an app. You already probably have the app if you are driving Tesla. 

With this app, you will get access to your car. Besides, you will enjoy access to the energy products of your car from any remote place. 

To download this app, you have to get into the App Store or Play Store and get the iOS or Android Tesla App. 

Step 2: Sign in to the App 

After downloading it, you have to sign in to the Tesla Account. You need the email address and password for signing in. 

However, keep in mind that you can only use the available features in the app if your vehicle is delivered. Otherwise, you can’t access the information. 

Also, you must get the mobile app access enabled. If it’s not enabled, you cannot access the vehicle with the app. 

Step 3: Select your Car 

So, now that the app is downloaded and signed in, you need to select the car that you want to pick up or select the car to which you want to add a new driver to. In short, you have to select your car. 

Step 4: Add the New Driver 

Once you have selected the car, all you need is to search for the option Security & Drivers. When you find it, tap on it. 

And then, you will see another option called “Add Driver.” This is what you are searching for! Tap on Add Driver now. 

The new driver will get a notification to accept after this. However, at times, the new driver will get an error notification. For fixing this, check out Tesla Add Driver not Working

Step 5: Add the Information

After you tap on it, you will see prompts on your screen. Here, you have to input some information about the Tesla driver you are adding to your vehicle. 

You need to follow all the prompts, it will help you send an invitation to your friend or spouse or any new driver you want to add. 

Step 6: Tesla Add Driver Key 

Nowadays, there can be a lot of Tesla drivers before you. In this case, the Tesla Add Driver phone key can help you out. 

With this key, it’s easy to link the new driver profile to select the right driver when needed. While adding a new driver, make sure that both you and your friend or the new driver have the latest version of the Tesla app. 

Tesla recommends both the primary car owner and the additional car owner have the same or the newest version of the Tesla app. 

Step 7: Manage Driver 

The process is relatively easy. If you are regular in using the Tesla app, another way to add an additional vehicle owner is by using the Manage Drivers button. 

All you need is to select the driver you want to add and then check the bottom part of the app on your screen. 

There, you will see the Manage Driver button added. Tap on it and add the driver you want! 

Add a Driver to Tesla via PC 

If you are a Tesla driver and you want to add a driver to your electric vehicle via PC, you can do it. All you need to do is follow the next steps, it’s easy! 

Step 1: Get into the App

Firstly, you have to get into the Tesla account by using your computer or laptop. Here, just like before, you need to log into your account first. Once you have logged into the Tesla Account, move to the next step. 

Step 2: Go to Manage 

Check the screen and search for the Manage option on the app. When you find it, click on Manage. 

And there, you will see the Tesla vehicle models available that you can add. All you need is to click on the vehicle that you want to add as your additional driver. 

Step 3: Check the List 

Now, it’s time to check the Car Access button. You have to search for the Car Access option on the screen now and then click on it. 

This access option will help you see the list of the people or the drivers that have access to your vehicle. 

Step 4: Add the Information 

Now, all you need is to go for the Add Driver option available before you. Once you click on it, you will see a list of the required information before you. Checking the list, you need to add the additional or the new driver’s information there.

Step 5: Add the Driver 

After you have filled it out and submitted it, you will get a notification called “Driver Added” on the screen. 

Now, the new driver you have added will need to sign in to the Tesla account for getting access. 

Or he might need to create a new Tesla account to get access to your vehicle. Add driver to Tesla Model 3 or any other model- in most cases, this process works for all! 

Step 6: Adjust the Profile 

After you have added the new driver, you need to adjust a few settings there. The settings include the driver’s seat, exterior side mirrors, at times, steering wheel position, and a lot more. 

Once you adjust these for the first time, you will get a notification on your screen (for both mobile apps or computers) to make a driver profile so that you can save the adjustments. Check the Tesla Add Driver Profile and make sure you save the new additions. 

How many drivers can I add to my Tesla?

With this new technology by Tesla, you can add new drivers to your car, you already know it. But the fun part is, you have the right to add more than one driver to your vehicle. 

Yes, Tesla lets you add up to drive drivers. For this, you won’t need to provide them with access to your Tesla account. Tell your Tesla driver friends and family and enjoy this feature! 

How many drivers can I add to my Tesla

Does each driver need a Tesla Account? 

Yes, when you want to add a new driver to Tesla, it’s recommended that the new driver has a separate Tesla account. 

Each phone has one matched key to it and so, each driver will need a different Tesla account. But if you have no issues sharing your account with somebody you trust, you can do that too.

Wrap Up 

Adding a driver to the Tesla is fun because you along with your spouse and the entire family can use it. One car but five drivers, isn’t it fun? 

Follow the right method to add more drivers. The best part is these drivers are not permanent. You can simply remove any of the drivers whenever you like!

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