2023 Toyota Prius

Going Green: America’s Favorite Car is Now All-Electric

Toyota’s iconic Camry, the long-reigning best-selling car in America, is embracing a bold transformation: it’s transitioning to a hybrid-only lineup with its 2025 redesign. This strategic move by Toyota underscores the rapid acceptance and normalization of hybrid technology within the automotive market.

In an interview with CNN, Mike Tripp, Toyota’s group vice president for marketing, emphasized the brand’s deep-rooted familiarity with hybrid systems, dating back to the introduction of the pioneering Prius in 2000.

Tripp expressed confidence in Toyota’s commitment to expanding its hybrid offerings, aiming to include a hybrid version for every vehicle in its lineup, except for a select few like the GR86 and Supra sports cars, and the 4Runner SUV, which currently lack or haven’t announced hybrid variants.

The Hybrid Decision

The decision to make the Camry hybrid-only represents a significant leap forward. For 22 years, the Camry has held the mantle of the best-selling car in America among non-truck or SUV models. Its hybrid version has been available since 2007, but the forthcoming 2025 redesign marks a milestone where hybrid technology becomes the sole powertrain option for this widely popular sedan.

Toyota’s success with hybrids, epitomized by the Prius’s enduring popularity, continues to reflect in the market. Recent data from Edmunds.com highlights that customers are paying premiums, up to 2.5% over the sticker price, for Toyota’s hybrid models.

Amidst this transition, Toyota remains cautious about all-electric vehicles, offering only a limited number in the U.S., emphasizing their belief that hybrids more effectively mitigate carbon emissions than fully electric vehicles. Despite this, Toyota has committed to pursuing electric vehicles more aggressively while expanding its hybrid lineup.

The Camry’s Specs

The forthcoming Camry, akin to other Toyota hybrids, won’t be a plug-in hybrid. Instead, it will operate on a four-cylinder engine that charges batteries, powering two electric motors to produce up to 225 horsepower (FWD) and 232 horsepower (AWD). Additionally, the new Camry’s reveal was accompanied by another hybrid-only SUV model, the Crown Signia, an upscale all-wheel-drive crossover SUV bearing similarities to Toyota’s hybrid-exclusive Crown sedan.

This strategic move by Toyota underscores a paradigm shift towards hybridization, showcasing the brand’s confidence in hybrid technology while embracing a future where such models dominate its lineup.

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