Are There Headrest in Model S and Y – Tesla Queries!

A headrest or head support is a safety piece in a car that gives a grip over the head to stop rear movement. Tesla also offers headsets for Model X and 3.

However, are there headrests in Model S & Y? Yes, both Model S and Y come with headsets on the front and rear sides. The front side head supports are not adjustable while the rear ones can be adjusted.

In this guide, I’ll share everything about the headrests in Model S & Y and show the correct way of reinstalling the rear head supports. Scroll Down to Discover More!

Are There Headrest in Model S and Y – Tesla Queries!

There Are 2 Kinds of Headrests in Model S & Y!

Tesla makes both Model S and Y with diverse body designs. However, both of them have front and rear headrests on top of the seat.

FYI, the front side headrests on the driver or passenger seat don’t come with an option to make any adjustments in both Model S and Y. 

Meaning, you aren’t able to lower or higher the headrests from the spot unless changing the whole seat. And, the Model S doesn’t have adjustment options for the center headrest on the second-row onboard seat, unlike the Model Y.

Then again, doing rear-side Tesla headrest adjustment (on the second row outboard) is possible with no issue. Meaning, you can simply lower or higher them from the location to make the environment comfortable.

Tesla Headrest Adjustment for Model Y & S!

As you know, the front seat head supports are not allowed for adjustment. But you can do it with rear ones on Model Y or S. Follow the given instructions to lower or higher the headrests based on your car type:

Tesla Model Y Headrest Adjustment

Adjust Left or Right-side Headrests:

  • If you are sitting in one seat either the left or right side (not the center seat), then align the center of the head support with the middle of the occupant’s head and just lock the position.
  • To raise the headrest on the left or right-side seat, pull the headrest upward in a specific direction and secure the position.
  • To decrease the headrest on the left or right-side seat, hold and keep on pressing the button on the base of the outer post (below the headrest on the left side) in a downward motion. Then, secure the position.

Adjust Center Headrest:

  • To raise the center headrest, just stow into the seat backrest where you can access the head by pulling it upward.
  • To decrease the center headrest, long press the button (over the base of the post) and simply push it downward.

Tesla Model S Headrest Adjustment

In the Model S, you can adjust the left and right sides of second-row onboard seat positions. They can be raised or lowered and locked into a specific position (so that the middle seat gets aligned with the center of the occupant’s head) when you aren’t sitting in a child safety seat.

  • To raise the left or right headrests, lift them upward to the desired position.
  • To decrease the left or right headrests, long press and hold the button on the base of the outer post while pushing the head support downward.

How To Remove & Install Tesla Model Y & S Headrests?

In case you have to replace the headrests on Model Y or S, then try the following directions which I’ve described below:

Reinstall Headrests on Model Y

  1. Lift one headrest in an upward motion by pulling it fully using hand force.
  2. Keep on pressing and holding the button which is located at the base of the post (you’ll find it on each headrest).
  3. Use a short and flat screwdriver in the base opening of the opposite post.
  4. While doing pushing the screwdriver, use your other hand to pull the headrest upward.
  5. Get a new headrest for individual seat use.
  6. Put the front of the headrest by facing it forward and insert the posts into the holes of the seat.
  7. Use pressure and press it downward so that the headrest sits in the right spot. You’ll hear a small click.
  8. Lift it upward to ensure the fitting is correct.
  9. Do the same thing on other headrests on the second-row onboard seats.

Reinstall Headrests on Model S

  1. Lift the headrest (left or right) to raise it fully.
  2. Keep on pressing and holding the button which is on the base of the right post.
  3. At the same time, insert the small flat screwdriver into the opening (inside the base of the opposite post) and lift it upward to remove the headrest.
  4. Grab a new one and align the headrest’s rods on the hole of the seat.
  5. Push it down so that the headrest sits properly.
  6. Test it out.
  7. Keep on doing steps 1 – 6 on the other side.

Warning: Install the headrests properly before taking the seat and driving as it can increase injury or death when a collision happens.

Ending Note

Now that you know whether are there headrest in Model S & Y or not, be sure to maintain them in the right way. And, if you need removing or adjusting the rear headrests, then don’t hesitate to do so by following the above techniques. Good Luck!

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