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10 Driver Types That Drive Us Up the Wall

Ah, the open road – a place where freedom and adventure await. But as any seasoned driver knows, it’s also a realm filled with its fair share of frustrations. From inconsiderate behaviors to downright dangerous actions, the world of driving is no stranger to infuriating habits that can leave even the most patient among us seething behind the wheel.

From the left-lane lingerers to the chronic tailgaters, we’ll shine a light on the habits that leave us shaking our heads and muttering, “Why, oh why, do they do that?”

Left-Lane Lingerers

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These drivers seem to believe that the left lane of the highway is their personal cruising lane. They ignore the “Keep Right Except to Pass” signs, causing traffic backups and forcing others to pass them on the right.

Chronic Tailgaters

Angry man driving a vehicle
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Tailgating is not only irritating but also dangerous. These drivers ride your bumper as if they’re drafting in a NASCAR race, leaving you with no room to react in case of an emergency.

Slow-Motion Mergers

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You know the type – those who approach a merge at a snail’s pace, causing a line of cars to back up behind them. Merging should be a seamless transition, not a reason for a traffic jam.

Parking Lot Predators

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These individuals treat the parking lot like a demolition derby, taking up multiple spaces, straddling lines, and leaving little room for other vehicles.

Incessant Lane Changers

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These drivers can’t seem to commit to a single lane. They dart in and out of traffic, causing confusion and increasing the risk of accidents. 

Phantom Brakers

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For no apparent reason, these drivers hit the brakes suddenly and frequently, causing a ripple effect of unnecessary braking behind them. 

Non-Use of Turn Signals

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It’s a simple flick of the wrist that can prevent accidents and signal your intentions to other drivers, yet many choose to ignore it.

Excessive Speeders

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While driving too slow can be infuriating, the opposite extreme – excessive speeding – is equally dangerous and frustrating. 

Cell Phone Obsessed

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Despite countless campaigns and laws against it, some drivers remain glued to their phones, texting, or chatting away while ignoring the road. 

Ignoring Right of Way

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These drivers either aggressively seize the right of way when it’s not theirs or hesitate excessively, causing confusion at intersections. 

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