Best Tesla Charging Adapter

How to Choose the Right Tesla Charging Adapter for Your Charging Needs

It is pretty much impossible to get the most out of Tesla without the proper charging equipment. And having the right charger at home is not enough.

You also will need to get a charging adapter. But what does a Tesla charging adapter do?

With an adapter for charging Tesla, you can fill up the EV’s battery with a non-Tesla charging station. For example, it becomes possible to charge the Tesla with Level 1 and Level 2 J1772 charging stations.

However, you will not get the best charging performance with the best Tesla charging adapter. And if you really want to get one, you should keep reading.

Best Tesla Charging Adapter

Does Tesla Come With NEMA 14-50 Adapter?

Every Tesla Model will come with a mobile connector and a charging adapter. With the charging adapter, you can plug your Tesla into a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

And in case you didn’t know, that is a 240-volt outlet.

So, what is the need to get a Tesla charging adapter if your EV already comes with one?

Well, the NEMA 14-50 is a wall outlet. That is, it is a port on the wall. The plug on the wall and the charging port are not the same.

For example, the J1772 charging stations will have a J1772 plug, which will get into the EVs. You cannot use the NEMA 14-50 charging adapter to charge your Tesla with a J1772 charging station.

Types of Tesla Charging Adapters

There are several kinds of charging adapters available for Tesla. Each of them comes with unique features and benefits.

Let’s discuss all of them to give you a better idea about Tesla charging adapters.

1. Tesla UMC Charging Adapter

First, you have the Tesla UMC adapter, which abbreviates to Universal Mobile Connector. It is the standard charging adapter that comes with most Tesla models.

The main highlight of the UMC adapter is that it is compact and highly portable.

However, it will only enable you to charge the vehicle with a standard 110-volt outlet. And most of these outlets are found in the household.

2. Tesla HPWC Adapter

HPWC adapter, abbreviating to High Power Wall Charger, is basically a Tesla charger adapter 220v. Compared to UMC, the HPWC is much faster.

Wondering why? It operates at a higher voltage rating and can work with high amp levels.

This charging adapter comes with a NEMA 14-50 plug, allowing you to connect the Tesla with any 220v outlet.

3. Tesla Mobile Connector

The Tesla Mobile Connector is basically an upgraded version of the UMC. What does it upgrade?

Well, it is more compact and reasonably versatile. It can connect to various electric outlets and work with different voltage ranges.

What Adapter Do I Need to Use for a Tesla Charger?

Not all adapters will have the right Tesla charger plug type. Likewise, not every Tesla charging adapter kit can offer a safe and fast charging performance.

That’s why it is crucial to keep the following adapter factors in your mind –


First and foremost, you need to consider the type of adapter. If your primary goal is to use a household outlet, the UMC adapter is what you need.

On the other hand, the HPWC adapter is for those looking to charge the Tesla in a 220v outlet. In short, keep your needs in mind when you are choosing an adapter for charging your Tesla.


Looking for an adapter for Tesla charging at home? Or do you want an adapter to charge with all the Level 2 EV chargers?

Again, you must consider your choice and select the one compatible with your preferred charging station. For example, if you have a Level 2 charger at home, you will need an adapter that’s compatible with Level 2 charging.

On the other hand, you should check whether the adapter is compatible with Superchargers if you plan to use it for Level 3 charging.


Like an extension cord for tesla charging or a portable charger for Tesla, you might want to carry the adapter with you everywhere. And that is where you should factor in its portability.

Even if you do not want to carry the adapter everywhere, getting something portable would still be a good idea.

That is, storing and handling the adapter will become an easy task.

Safety Features

You should prioritize safety for anything related to charging. Anything can go wrong during the charging session.

For example, there can be a sudden variation in the supplied voltage or amperage.

If the adapter cannot handle these abnormalities, you can damage the charging station or your EV. So, do not take safety features lightly.

Cost and Value

Of course, you would not want to get something that is unreasonably priced, right?

For that reason, it is essential to factor in the overall value of the adapter before making a purchase. Don’t forget to compare one with the others!

Safety Tips While Using a Tesla Charging Adapter

As mentioned earlier, you should not take charging equipment lightly. Aside from just choosing the right one, you have to use these adapters in the correct manner.

And that’s where these safety tips come into the equation:

Do Not Use an Incompatible Charging Adapter

For the charging adapters, you have to consider two compatibilities. The first one is about the charging port of your Tesla, while the other is about the charging station.

That is, the adapter needs to be directly compatible with both.

Avoid Using Damaged Charging Adapters

If you happen to see that the charging adapter has become damaged, you should not use it. No matter if the damage’s minor, you should not use compromised charging equipment.

Never Overload the Adapter

Check the amperage and voltage rating of the adapter. And make sure that it matches or is not lower than what the charging station can offer.

Overloading the adapter can result in irreversible damage to your charging station and Tesla.

Keep the Charging Adapter Away Form Damp Places

You should not use the charger or the adapter in a wet and damp location. Water and electricity do not go well.

And that’s why it is necessary to keep the charging equipment away from moisture and water during operation.

Maintenance Tips for Tesla Charging Adapter

To make the Tesla charging adapter last long and offer optimal performance, you should consider these maintenance tips –

  • Clean the ports regularly, and do not let them get blocked
  • When not in use, store the adapter in a dry and cool place
  • Inspect the adapter regularly and make sure that it is in a good shape
  • Do not modify the adapter by any means; it will comprise the safety and performance

Final Words

So, that’s a wrap on Tesla charging adapters. And you can pick any of the options described above as long as they meet your requirements.

That is, all of them are a good pick as the best Tesla charging adapter.

Also, do not forget to keep the maintenance and safety tips in your mind. They will make you get optimal performance out of the adapter for a prolonged time.

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