Can Tesla Ban You From Charging At Supercharger

Can Tesla Ban You From Charging At Supercharger: 4 Reasons!

Have you ever experienced the frustration of discovering that your Tesla is not charging at home? When this happens, your only option may be to charge at a nearby Supercharger.

But have you ever wondered can Tesla ban you from charging at Supercharger in such an emergency situation?

Yep! Tesla can ban you if you violate the basic rules. Like, extra use of the free Supercharger, misuse, charging beyond the suggested level, or adding an adapter on SC. These are some of the common reasons.

In this article, I’ll discuss the basic rules you must follow to avoid getting banned. I’ll also share some effective hacks to help you avoid getting blocked from using Tesla Superchargers. Are You Ready?

Can Tesla Ban You From Charging At Supercharger

Tesla Can Ban You From Charging At Supercharger!

If you are curious about whether can Tesla stop you from charging your car at Supercharger (SC) or not, the answer is yes. They have the ability to ban a user!

To ensure everyone has a great experience with Superchargers, Tesla has put in place some rules and policies for users to follow. Sadly, some folks don’t follow them, which can result in a ban from using the SC. It’s just one way Tesla keeps things running smoothly.

On occasion, if an EV tries to access an SC in an unsafe way, Tesla might have to restrict their use. This is to prevent any potential damage or electrical issues.

To ensure safety, Tesla offers the Tesla Open Charging Network for non-Tesla EVs to safely charge. Also, it’s vital to note that adding a gadget to your Tesla that voids the warranty or not paying Supercharging fees can result in your car being banned. Let’s not do that!

The blacklist is usually a warning from Tesla that resolves itself after a day (in most cases). To remove the ban, you only need to follow their simple policies.

Note: If your Tesla won’t charge at Supercharger, be sure to contact Tesla Service Center before assuming it’s a ban.

How Do You Get Blocked From Supercharging!

Using the Supercharger incorrectly will cause you to get blocked by Tesla. Let me explain some of the forbidden acts that can block your car from using SC:

1. Violating Free Supercharging Facility

All buyers get a free Supercharging facility for the new car. But it is only for trip use which occurs occasionally.

If you use the free Supercharging daily, Tesla gives a warning by blocking the account from this benefit. Even after the warning, if you try the free SC, the account will be cut off from using the Supercharger.

2. Abusing The Supercharger

Some use the SC slots only for leaving the car in the parking lot and simply acting that the car is charging. This kind of activity is known as abuse or misuse of Supercharging.

Due to this, Tesla often marked those cars through VIN numbers and block their account from SC. You can unblock this by paying their outstanding fees via the Tesla app.

3. Charging More Than Recommended Level

You need to set the Tesla charge limit setting before using the SC to get the fastest charging experience. But, if you avoid that and go beyond the recommended level, it can harm the Supercharger and cause fires. 

To prevent this sort of act, Tesla can block your account from using the Supercharger. If that happens, don’t worry just don’t go beyond the limit and they’ll unblock your account.

4. Non-Tesla EVs Using The Supercharger

Using the Supercharger pilot station, some folks try the 3rd party adapter or charger and get the car charging from SC using the wrong method. 

This is unsafe and cause issue for the SC pilot badly. In fact, it can result in fire or electrical shock. Tesla often blocks those non-Tesla accounts from doing so and causes them not to use the Supercharger pilot.

Note: Before, Tesla used to ban all salvaged cars which are changed in recent the Tesla salvage policy.

Avoid Getting Banned From Charging At Supercharger!

Let me share a couple of healthy tips that’ll help you never get blacklisted from charging at the Supercharger:

  1. Only use the Tesla Level 3 charger aka Supercharger when you need to go for trips (not for daily use).
  2. Do not let your car stay in the parking lot after charging your car fully. Instead, drive it to an actual parking spot and give others chance to charge their cars.
  3. Avoid using 3rd party chargers that Tesla doesn’t approve to use in Supercharger.
  4. Once you receive the warning or first ban from Tesla, never repeat the same mistake.

Wrap Up

You should know whether can Tesla ban you from charging at Supercharger or not. You now have all the information you need to avoid getting banned from using Tesla Superchargers!

Remember, Tesla is very strict when it comes to enforcing their rules, so make sure to follow them carefully to avoid any trouble. If you do happen to get blacklisted, don’t panic!

Simply wait for the specified time period and ensure that you don’t make the same mistake again. If your blacklist status persists beyond the expected timeframe, don’t hesitate to contact Tesla customer service, or use the SOS button to get it resolved.

See you in the next guide!

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