Can You Use A Tesla Charger For Other Cars And How

Can You Use A Tesla Charger For Other Cars And How? [Explained]

There was this exciting news from late 2021 – Elon Musk announced the new Pilot stall for non-Tesla car charging! This got a lot of folks wondering, can you use a tesla charger for other cars for real?

Well, after some thorough research, I have found it to be true! And the best part is, I’ve got you covered with some simple methods to make it happen. 

  • Locate Supercharger Pilot and down the app to easily charge non-Tesla vehicles.
  • Get a J1772 adapter and insert it into the Tesla charger to charge other cars.

No need to stress if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Because I’ll guide you through each step and provide clear instructions. 

So, let’s get started and learn how you can easily charge non-Tesla vehicles using Tesla chargers!

Can You Use A Tesla Charger For Other Cars And How

You Can Use A Tesla Charger For Other Cars In 2 Ways

Using the Tesla charger on other EVs is possible in two specific ways. One way you’ll require to download the app and another needs a universal adapter. Look at the given methods and try them yourself:

Method #1: Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot

NEMA 14-50 is what plug is best for charging Tesla but not for non-Tesla cars. As they use a CCS connector to charge, Tesla offers a Supercharger Pilot option for them. Here’s how you can use the Tesla charger and simply charge your car with zero cost:

  • Download the Tesla app that is 4.18.0 or higher updated version.
  • Open the app and build Tesla Account.
  • Pick the “Charge Your Non-Tesla” option.
  • Locate a site that contains a Supercharger stall using the Tesla Supercharger map.
  • Click the “Charge Here” after picking a suitable spot.
  • You’ll now find the Start Charging pop-on prompt. It’ll mention the Charging Fees and Payment options that you’ll need to adjust.
  • Select the right post number of the CCS1 adapter on “Choose Post Number”.
  • Hit the “Unlock Adapter” option.
  • Pull the handle from the dock by using a little pressure on the handle part. Remove it gently.
  • Plug the adapter into the charge port.
  • Wait for 2 minutes so that the non-Tesla car can recognize the charger and start charging.
  • Check the charging status using the Tesla app and sit there until the car charges fully.
  • To finish the process, tap on “Stop Charging”.

Method #2: Using Charger With J1772 Adapter

Another method how you can use is by converting the Tesla charger to J1772 adapter. Can Tesla wall connector charge other cars? How about Destination Charger or Mobile Connector? 

Yes, it can. For that, you’ll need an SAE J1772 type of adapter to use on non-Tesla cars. Let me break it down:

  • From the map, locate the Destination Charger or simply near the wall connector or mobile connector area.
  • Attach one from the Tesla charging adapter kit. It would be better if use the NEMA 14-50 adapter. 
  • Insert the J1772 adapter directly into the Tesla wall connector’s handle area.
  • Wait for 30 seconds before you put it inside the charge port.
  • Then, connect the J1772 adapter directly to the charge port.
  • Keep on charging it and then pull it out by pressing the charge handle tab. If it doesn’t come out, here are some of the ways to remove a stuck Tesla charging adapter.

Will Tesla Chargers Work On Other Cars?

It’s clear that Tesla chargers will work on other cars that run via electrical charging. However, one needs to use the SAE J1772 adapter on the Tesla chargers and then insert it to get their cars recharged.

To charge a Tesla in public, you should choose the Supercharger Pilot, Destination Charger, or home charger (wall connector or mobile connector) stall since they offer a matchable adapter that fits in the charge port. 

Apart from these, you can’t charge the EV to most Tesla Superchargers. It’s because there’s no invention of a matchable adapter for non-Tesla cars to get the charging facility through the charger.

Overall Thought

So that means, you can absolutely use a Tesla charger to power up other cars! With the Supercharger Pilot or a trusty SAE J1772 adapter, any EV can easily be charged on a Tesla charger. 

Just remember to choose a well-fitting adapter before using it on a Destination Charger (Gen 1 – 3) or home charger (Mobile connector or wall connector). 

Now hesitate to give it a try. I hope you get a great experience and convenience of charging your non-Tesla vehicle on a Tesla charger and make the most of your EV options!

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