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Car Door Painted By Banksy Could Sell For The Price Of A Supercar

Is anyone in the market for a car door that starts at $100,000 but could sell for as high as $200,000? (Yes, you read that right.) And it is just the door, no vehicle. But it was painted by world-renowned street artist Banksy.

For those in the market for such things, Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles, California, is where they need to be on February 15th when bidding for this one-of-a-kind piece of political artwork wraps up as part of the auctioneer’s Beverly Hills street art event, according to a report from Motor1.

Banksy’s “Crazy Horse”

Bids for the door, just one part of Banksy’s original exhibit, “Crazy Horse,” start at $25,000. While it’s unclear if anyone has placed any bids yet, it’s not uncommon for Banksy’s artwork to sell for millions of dollars, with one of his pandemic-era pieces selling for over $23 million in March of 2021. With that in mind, it’s a safe bet that this “Crazy Horse” door could sell for well over the $200,000 listed by Julien’s Auctions.

According to Motor1’s report, the door was once part of a late 1990s Mazda Protege. The elusive street artist depicted a helpless person looking towards the sky as they make a frantic gesture with their hands. However, the entire tableau of what Bansky created extended to the rest of the Protege and the box truck parked next to it. The painting on the box truck was the sky portion of a nightmarish scene in which aggressive-looking horses in night vision goggles came down on the scared individual depicted on the door.

According to a report from Autoevolution, the title “Crazy Horse” refers to an Apache helicopter called Crazy Horse 18 that was in a 2007 airstrike that killed civilians and children in Iraq. A 2010 Wikileaks post called “Collateral Murder” made audio from this airstrike available, which Bansky included in his “Crazy Horse” via a toll-free phone number that the artist posted on some barrels that were part of the installation. “Crazy Horse” was on display in New York City in 2013 during his residency there. It was the renowned street artist’s most political work at the time.

Street art blog Melrose and Fairfax has photos of “Crazy Horse” being taken down and carted off on a truck in October 2013; however, they do not specify who removed the installation or where they took it. There’s been no sight of the rest of the Mazda Protege or the box truck that made up the rest of the piece since. All we know is that on February 15th, this rear door will sell for far more than any intact Mazda Protege will ever be worth.

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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