Can I Change The Rims On A Tesla – Exactly How

Can I Change The Rims On A Tesla – Exactly How?

As rims on Tesla tend to get damaged and need replacement, a lot of folks want to save bucks by trying DIY techniques.

If you are thinking “can I change the rims on a Tesla”, then the answer is yep. Here is a sneak peek of the procedure:

  1. Detach the aero cover.
  2. Lift the car with a jack.
  3. Pull out the tire and rim.
  4. Inspect the wheel assembly.
  5. Install new tire and rim.
  6. Reinstall the aero cover.
  7. Do likewise on the other sides.
  8. Perform the wheel configuration.

Continue reading to know the step-by-step instructions for changing the rims on Tesla!

Can I Change The Rims On A Tesla – Exactly How

Follow These 8 Steps To Change The Rims On A Tesla!

Replacing the rims or wheels of Tesla only require some tools and ideas about the procedure. Under this section, I’ll share the direction below:

Required Tools

  • Impact wrench
  • 21mm socket for impact wrench.
  • Long torque wrench.
  • 4 jackpots.
  • Jack puck.

Step #1: Remove The Aero Covers (If Attached)

  • Using your hands, hold the aero cover with a little force.
  • Drag the cover toward you so that the retaining clips unlock.
  • Pull out the aero cover.

Step #2: Lift The Car With Jack

  • Insert all the jackpots in the selected areas.
  • From the side of the front wheel areas, insert the jack puck. Be sure to let it sit on top of the jackpot.
  • Jack the Tesla up by moving the lever.

Step #3: Remove The Tire And Wheel

  • Use the impact wrench by inserting the 21mm socket.
  • Take out 5 lug nuts using the impact wrench. If the center contains a cap, then remove that first.
  • Detach the tire and wheel from the Tesla.
  • Be sure to mark the tire to know where it goes on the car.
Removing The Tire And Wheel on Tesla

Step #4: Check The Wheel Assembly

  • Inspect the wheel assembly to understand the pattern of the wheel.
  • Once you’re done inspecting the wheel assembly, go to the next step.

Step #5: Put On New Tire And Rim

  • Based on the lug nuts patterns, insert a new tire and rim on the wheel assembly.
  • Put on 5 lug nuts loosely using your hand.
  • Use the impact wrench and follow the right patterns so that lug nuts fit rightly. The right pattern for lug nuts tightening is 1 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 4 patterns.
  • Remove the jack puck after lifting it downward.
  • Use the long torque wrench in the same way (1 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 4 patterns) and tighten the lug nuts out.

Step #6: Put On The Aero Cover

  • Insert the aero cover by aligning it correctly over the tire and rim.
  • Use a little force to attach the cover. 

Step #7: Do The Same Thing On The Other Sides

  • Perform the procedure of steps 1 – 7.
  • Reinstall the aero cover.

Step #8: Set Up The Wheel Configuration

  • Go to the Controls on the touchscreen.
  • Click on Service > Wheel Configuration option.
  • A prompt about Wheel Configuration will pop open with Cancel and Confirm options. Hit on the Confirm bar.
  • Wait for Tesla to do the job well.
Note: Be sure to check the TPMS and reset it if needed using the usual technique.

Putting Custom Rims On Tesla

Putting aftermarket wheels on Tesla is okay as long as the rims are matching with the lug nuts patterns. To understand whether can you modify Tesla cars parts like the rim or not, just look at the lug nuts style.

The Model 3 and Y contain 4.5 inches (114.3 mm) lug nuts patterns. If you can match the pattern with other wheel designs, then it’s all okay for you to customize the rims without causing trouble.

On the other hand, the Model S and X come with 5 inches (120 mm) lug nuts patterns. By matching the pattern and shape of the nuts, you can choose any style of rims to fit.

Another thing is that the tire tread which needs to be well-matched to the OEM style otherwise it can affect the performance of Tesla. Before adding custom rims, learn more about what tires do Tesla Model 3, Y, X, and S.

Gross Cost To Replace Rims On Tesla

To replace or change the Tesla rims on all series (MS, MX, M3, and MY), you’ll need to spend up to $200 to $500 per rim. That means if you must replace all of them on Tesla, the cost will be around $800 to $2,000.

Exactly Why Tesla Rims Are Special

The Tesla rims are special if you check the design, quality, and style side by side. To understand whether the rims are unique or not, read below:

  • Design – Tesla rims are designed in a T-sport line shape. This thing helps the center and lug nuts to fit in the proper position compared to other rim designs.
  • Style – The style of Tesla rims is different than most car wheels. All wheels of Tesla pass the FVA certification that ensures perfection level.
  • Quality – To confirm the finest and most durable finishes, the quality of Tesla rims is OEM standard.
How To Change Wheels and Tires on a Tesla Model Y Performance

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Overall Thoughts

Still, asking if can I change the rims on a Tesla? Hope that’s not the case. Rims or wheels confirm the driving performance that people need to change after some years. If there’s a scratch on the rim or any issue that needs attention, don’t neglect it until the last moment. You must be cautious and practically maintain these issues to keep the beast going for as long as possible.

Hopefully, this guide helps you with the instructions and other related details. Be sure to try the above direction. Good Luck!

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