How to Charge Your MacBook in a Tesla

How to Charge Your MacBook in a Tesla: Tips and Tricks

As a MacBook user, you might want to stay up-to-date while driving to use the device and answer all the emails. But, what if it goes out of power in your Tesla?

Don’t panic! Using a 3rd party power inverter in the 12V outlet aka low voltage power socket on the center console area is how you can charge MacBook in Tesla. However, for old cars, you can charge it by connecting the cable to the USB C port and MacBook.

By the end of this guide, you’ll learn the right way to charge the MacBook in the Tesla car and other related topics. So, let’s dive in!

How to Charge Your MacBook in a Tesla

Exactly How To Charge MacBook In Tesla

As there’s no special adapter to charge MacBook, it requires an extra connector to make that happen. Ensure to get a reliable power inverter to fit into the 12A power port in the center console area. Here’s how to do it easily:

Step 1: Locate the 12A Power Port Spot

Find the right spot in the Tesla car near the center console area. Just get inside your Tesla car and look at the center console area. Take out all the stuff from the Coffee holder from the area to avoid mess.

Then, lift the main storage compartment pulley to find the storage compartment. Inside this, you’ll locate the power socket on the rear side.

  • In Model 3 and Y, the 12V outlet socket is round or circle-like. For further details, check the Tesla Model 3 12V outlet location here.
  • In Model S and X, it is rectangular.

Note: The power socket can draw 12A – 16A power at max. That means the charging speed would be slow.

Step 2: Insert The Power Inverter In Power Socket

Remove the cap using a pry bar or your fingernail with slight pressure. After it pops open, attach the power inverter which should support the Tesla and MacBook.

Step 3: Connect The MacBook Using The Cable

Now, bring the charging cable that you regularly use to charge the MacBook. Simply, detach the USB-type cable part only. Insert the cable to connect the MacBook. On the other side, attach it to the power inverter.

Step 4: Check If The MacBook Is Charging Or Not

Finally, you’ll need to open the MacBook and see the charging indicator. Be sure to check the percentage to know whether it’s adding the charge or not. If not. Insert the cable properly or properly attach the power inverter to the 12A port. Enjoy!

Note: Keep the car in an awake position otherwise the MacBook won’t charge through the power port. For that, drive the car or turn on accessories to make the car feel like it’s operating.

Simple Way To Charge MacBook In Old Tesla Car!

Old Tesla cars (before June 2020) have a special USB C-type fast charging port for all drivers to simply charge the MacBook with no issue. Let me share the procedure:

  1. Get inside the car.
  2. Open the front storage compartment in the center console.
  3. Locate the two USB C-type ports side by side.
  4. Then, insert the USB cable of the MacBook inside one of the ports.
  5. Attach the cable to your MacBook.
  6. Check the battery in the MacBook to know if it’s working or not. Be sure to plug the cable properly into the device and the USB C port if not working. Done!

Things To Consider When Charging MacBook In Your Tesla!

  • Turn on Tesla Sentry Mode, Climate On, Dog Mode, Camp Mode, or other options to keep the car in its driving position.
  • If you notice indicator lights, error alerts, and so on, then immediately plug out the power inverter from the 12V outlet in the center console area.
  • Know that the power socket and power inverter can get hot which is normal. However, if you find a burning scent from the 12V outlet area, then be sure to remove it.
  • Ensure to use the 12V to 16V power inverter.
  • Avoid jump start when using the low voltage power socket.

Can I Charge My Laptop In My Tesla?

Yeah, you can easily charge any kind of laptop (apart from MacBook) in the Tesla. If the cable supports the USB port in the car, then you can directly charge the laptop with no hassle.

However, if it doesn’t offer a suitable USB port for the laptop to charge, then you have to insert the power inverter that matches the 12V outlet inside the center console and laptop. 

By doing so, you can easily charge any sort of device including a laptop.

Wrapping Up

Charging the MacBook in Tesla car requires a lot of power from the battery. During this procedure, it’s possible that you find the charging speed slow.

To make it charge faster, it’s best to use external power like the Tesla Level 3 charger or others if outside. This will help your battery to stay calm and reduce the chances of degradation.

Also, I’d suggest not using this technique every time as it may harm the battery negatively. Hope this piece of information works for you. After reading this guide, be sure to check the Tesla Open Charging Network – a new facility for non-Tesla drivers to charge their cars in the fastest way!

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