AI Pranksters Exploit Dealership Chatbots for Bargain Car Deals

In a world where the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence fuels concerns about its power and influence, an unlikely hero has emerged – a musician and software engineer named Chris White. White ingeniously exploited an AI chatbot on a car dealership’s website, not to conquer the world, but to land a sweet deal on a car. This light-hearted escapade shed light on the boundaries of AI, revealing both its potential and limitations.

Conversing With Dealership Chatbot

The tale began when Chris White, residing in California, pondered the idea of acquiring a new car. While browsing the Watsonville Chevy website, he stumbled upon a chat window powered by ChatGPT. Rather than asking about Chevrolet vehicles, he threw the chatbot an unexpected curveball – he requested the bot to write a Python script. Surprisingly, the chatbot complied. White shared the conversation screenshots on Mastodon, generating thousands of likes and reposts. Soon, his exploits reached even broader audiences when reposted on X and Reddit.

Bargaining Power

However, White’s venture was just the beginning of a whimsical exploration of the AI chatbot’s capabilities. Others sought to push the boundaries further, coaxing the bot into actions against the dealership’s interests. One user managed to convince the chatbot to agree to a car sale for a mere $1, although it was evident that this agreement held no legal weight.

While these amusing interactions entertained many, it didn’t take long for the dealership’s chatbot to catch Fullpath’s attention – the company responsible for its creation. Upon recognizing their chatbot’s involvement in these shenanigans, Fullpath promptly intervened by deactivating the bot for the specific dealership’s website.

When Business Insider contacted the local dealership, they acknowledged the unusual online activity but had limited information, as their marketing team was tied up in meetings. General Motors, the parent company of Chevrolet, emphasized the potential of generative AI in revolutionizing various business processes.

Fullpath, based in Vermont and Israel, had introduced ChatGPT-powered chatbots approximately six months ago, and several hundred dealerships were utilizing these bots. While some humorous interactions garnered attention, Fullpath emphasized that the chatbot often rejected silly requests and maintained its focus on car-related topics. It became apparent that the chatbot’s behavior aligned with typical shopper inquiries, such as seeking advice on car issues or scheduling service appointments.

In this lighthearted episode, AI’s boundaries were tested and, to some extent, stretched. While AI’s potential is vast, it remains grounded within defined parameters. The pranksters may have had their fun, but the incident serves as a reminder that AI, even in the form of chatbots, is a tool designed to enhance experiences and streamline processes, rather than a magic genie granting outlandish wishes.

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