Steps To Connect Tesla Wall Charger To Wi-Fi

Connect Tesla Wall Charger to Wi-Fi in 7 Easy Steps!

Did you know that in order to fully optimize your Tesla charging experience, your Tesla wall connector requires periodic firmware updates through your home Wi-Fi network? Don’t worry, it’s easy and quick to do!

To connect your Tesla wall charger to Wi-Fi network, simply energize the wall charger and wait around 5 minutes for it to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal. Then, find and connect to the wall charger’s Wi-Fi network on your phone, and follow a few simple steps to set it up and connect it to your home Wi-Fi.

By taking these simple steps, you can take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your charging experience – let’s discuss more on this today!

Steps To Connect Tesla Wall Charger To Wi-Fi

Connecting Tesla Wall Charger To Wi-Fi

It takes not more than 30 minutes to get it done by yourself. The process is simple and only requires a stable Wi-Fi connection. Here’s how to connect the Tesla wall charger to Wi-Fi:

Step #1: Generate Power To Wall Connector

Start by, locating the circuit breaker box. In the circuit breaker box, you’ll find a wall connector breaker at the top-left side. 

Turn it to the upstream position to energize the wall connector. If you don’t do it, the Tesla not charging at home issue arises.

After a few seconds, the wall connector’s LED will go yellow to solid green light signaling that it is working.

wall connector's LED will go yellow to solid green light

Note: Ensure to use the right circuit breaker. For details, check what size breaker is proper for Tesla wall charger.

Step #2: Prompt Wall Charger to Give Signal

Next, find the button on the wall charger’s cable handle. Then, press the cable handle’s button for a few seconds. After that, the Wi-Fi network of the wall connector will broadcast its signal to the phone.

Prompt Wall Charger to Give Signal

Pro Tip: Be sure to remove any cloth or towel from the wall charger as it can block the Wi-Fi signals.

Step #3: Let the Wall Charger Broadcast

After that, the green LED indicator will blink slowly (dark to dim) for a while. Within 5 minutes, it’ll broadcast the wall charger’s signal and give Wi-Fi access point.

Step #4: Scan the Wi-Fi Network on Your Smartphone

No matter if you are using iPhone or Android device, turn on the Wi-Fi network like you usually do. Just go to Settings > Wi-Fi > slide the slider to turn it

Scan The Wi-Fi Network On Your Smartphone

For some reason, if the wall charger network is not shown in the Networks option, then flip the circuit breaker from ‘On’ to ‘Off’ and then wait for some seconds to turn it ‘On’.

Pro Tip: Switch your phone to Airplane Mode or simply keep other networks in the Off position so that the phone can easily find the wall charger network.

Step #5: Connect The Wall Charger’s Wi-Fi Network

Once you find the wall charger’s network, click on it and a prompt will pop open called Enter Password.

Connect the Wall Charger's Wi-Fi Network

After that, you’ll need to write the 12 digits of the passcode that is located at the front of the Wall Connector Quick Start Guide.

12 digits of the passcode that is located at the front of the Wall Connector

Wait for a few seconds so that the phone can connect to the wall charger. If the phone gives an alert like ‘Wi-Fi is not connector to the internet’, it isn’t a problem. Just keep the device connected to the wall charger network!

Step #6: Set Up the Wall Connector to Your Wi-Fi Network

Now, you’ll need to scan the QR code or simply go to the IP address using your phone. Based on your preference, choose one method for the Tesla wall charger Wi-Fi setup.

If you want to scan the QR code, then open your phone camera. Then, scan the QR code in the wall charger to quickly get to the setting up process.

Set Up the Wall Connector to Your Wi-Fi Network

Or else, enter the IP address ( in a reliable web browser to continue setting up to wall charger to the local Wi-Fi network process.

A lot of time the front page of the wizard doesn’t load properly. In that case, be sure to amend the correct URL to and then click on the back button at the bottom.

After returning to the front page, again repeat the process to get to the wall charger’s Wi-Fi settings.

Step #7: Connect to Your Wi-Fi

Lastly, select the Set Circuit Breaker option after reaching the wall charger’s Wi-Fi settings via the IP address or QR code. Then, press Continue when the warning sign prompt pop on. Then, pick the correct circuit breaker size and click on the Back option.

Connect to Your Wi-Fi

Next, tap on the Configure Wi-Fi option and then select your home Wi-Fi. Then, enter the password of your home Wi-Fi.

Configure Wi-Fi option and then select your home Wi-Fi

In some devices, a confirmation message pops up that says the wall charger has been successfully set up and is ready to charge.

Note: If the device isn’t connected to the Wi-Fi of your phone, the Tesla wall charger won’t work. Be sure to fix it!

Why Does Tesla Wall Connector Use Wi-Fi?

Whether can Tesla ban you from charging on Supercharger or not, it’s clear that the wall connector needs a Wi-Fi connection to control via the mobile phone.

Well, the wall charger uses the Wi-Fi of your phone’s wireless network to configure the breaker size, Wi-Fi connectivity, and power-sharing features.

Using the local network on the wall charger, it can automatically update the latest firmware or diagnose any internal issue to fix the bug.

Apart from these reasons, it can use your Wi-Fi network to achieve data tracking capability and help charge the Tesla.

Wrap Up

Connecting Tesla wall charger to WiFi network is a crucial process to get the unit hooked up to the home Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that the wall charger supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth instead of 5.0 GHz, so make sure to check your network settings before attempting to connect.

If the above steps don’t work, then try to troubleshoot Tesla Wi-Fi and fix the error. And if you still encounter difficulties, you can always reach out to experts at the Tesla Service Center.

Go ahead, give it a try, and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a fully connected Tesla charging system!

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