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Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Most Reliable Cars: No American Automaker Made The Cut

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, reliability remains a paramount factor influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. Year after year, Consumer Reports conducts its rigorous reliability survey, assessing the performance of vehicles and their manufacturers.

However, the 2023 rankings carry a notable absence: not a single American automaker made it into the coveted top 10 list. While the quest for dependable vehicles continues, the absence of US manufacturers from this elite group raises questions about the industry’s pursuit of reliability and consumer trust.

10. Kia: A New Player in Reliability

2023 Kia Niro Hybrid
Image Credit: Kia.

Score: 61

Kia, along with its sister brand Hyundai, has been making waves in the automotive industry, particularly for their forward-thinking electric vehicle offerings. Consumer Reports highlighted Kia’s Sportage plug-in hybrid for its exceptional performance in a segment often plagued by reliability issues. While Kia’s overall score places it in the tenth spot, its commitment to innovation and the success of its electric models suggest a bright future in the realm of reliable transportation.

9. BMW: Luxury Meets Reliability

2022 BMW i4 M50
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Score: 64

BMW’s X5 SUV, a long-standing member of the luxury midsize SUV category, proved its mettle by securing the top spot among 16 competitors in Consumer Reports’ survey. Since its debut in 1999, the X5 has been a cornerstone of BMW’s success. This achievement underlines BMW’s commitment to blending luxury with reliability, offering consumers a premium driving experience that withstands the test of time.

8. Porsche: Pursuing Excellence in Reliability

Porsche Taycan
Image Credit: Porsche Media Kit.

Score: 66

Porsche’s reputation for performance and luxury extends to reliability, with its Cayenne and Macan SUVs earning commendable scores in Consumer Reports’ reliability survey. Porsche has consistently demonstrated its dedication to crafting vehicles that not only deliver exhilarating driving experiences but also maintain dependable performance. This combination of luxury and reliability solidifies Porsche’s position as a top choice for discerning automotive enthusiasts.

7. Mazda: Affordable Excellence in Reliability

Mazda MX-30
Image Credit: Mazda.

Score: 67

Mazda has carved a niche for itself by offering affordable vehicles that excel in both reliability and driving experience. The compact Mazda 3 and CX-5 have captured the attention of consumers looking for dependable options without the premium price tag. Mazda’s commitment to affordability, paired with crisp steering, responsive acceleration, and a comfortable ride, positions it as a compelling choice in the market, attracting buyers away from pricier competitors.

6. Subaru: A Trustworthy Companion in Reliability

2023 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid
Image Credit: Subaru.

Score: 69

Subaru has established itself as a reliable choice, and its Forester stands out as a favorite among suburban dwellers. With a reliability score of 82, the Forester secured its position as Consumer Reports’ top-rated compact SUV. Subaru’s commitment to building dependable vehicles continues to resonate with consumers, making the brand a trusted companion for those seeking reliability on their journeys.

5. Honda: A Tale of Two Models

2023 Honda Accord Hybrid
Image Credit: Honda.

Score: 70

Honda showcased its reliability prowess with an impressive reliability rating of 85 for the HRV model. However, the story took a different turn for the Passport, as it faced challenges stemming from poor electronics quality, resulting in a lower reliability score. While Honda excelled in some areas, the contrasting performance of its models highlights the importance of consistency in delivering reliable vehicles.

4. Acura: Elevating Reliability in Luxury

2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid
Image Credit: Acura.

Score: 70

Honda’s luxury brand, Acura, demonstrated its commitment to reliability by tying with its parent company in overall reliability. Acura’s RDX, in particular, garnered praise for its performance, earning it the third spot among luxury compact SUVs. This achievement underscores Acura’s ability to elevate the reliability standards within the luxury segment, offering consumers a blend of performance and dependability.

3. Mini: Compact Reliability with a Classic Touch

Mini Cooper
Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Score: 71

Mini’s models earned high reliability ratings, with the classic Mini Cooper continuing to shine in terms of both reliability and owner satisfaction. Mini’s ability to maintain its reliability standards while infusing a touch of nostalgia into its designs underscores its success in delivering dependable and beloved compact vehicles.

These rankings serve as a reminder of the automotive industry’s relentless pursuit of reliability and customer satisfaction. Japanese and German automakers have led the way in this year’s Consumer Reports survey, reaffirming their commitment to building vehicles that customers can trust. American automakers, on the other hand, face the challenge of addressing quality and reliability concerns to regain consumer trust in their vehicles and compete on the global stage.

2. Toyota: A Legacy of Reliability

2023 Toyota Prius
Image Credit: Toyota.

Score: 76

Toyota has long been synonymous with reliability, and the 2023 Consumer Reports survey reinforces this reputation. Six Toyota models achieved impressive scores, with some soaring above 87. Leading the charge was the 4Runner SUV, closely followed by a lineup of hybrid vehicles.

However, Toyota’s debut in the all-electric vehicle segment with the bZ4X was met with mixed reviews. Business Insider’s assessment highlighted painfully slow charging times and a limited range as notable drawbacks, suggesting that Toyota’s journey into EVs may require further refinement to align with the brand’s legacy of dependability.

1. Lexus: Pinnacle of Luxury and Reliability

Lexus RZ
Image Credit: Lexus.

Score: 79

Lexus proudly claimed the top spot in Consumer Reports’ reliability rankings, setting a benchmark for the harmonious blend of cutting-edge luxury and steadfast dependability. The UX model led the charge, supported by three hybrid counterparts that also received high marks for reliability.

While the NX Hybrid registered a lower reliability rating of 49, it did not overshadow the brand’s overall excellence. In 2022, Business Insider hailed the small UX hybrid crossover, describing it as ideal for adults seeking a balance between enjoyment and practicality.

Lexus’s unwavering commitment to delivering advanced luxury vehicles that customers can rely on reaffirms its status as a leader in both innovation and dependability within the automotive industry.

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