Do Teslas Have Keys–Different Types, Going Keyless & More!

To lock, unlock, or start the car, all vehicle needs a traditional key. However, this thing is different for EVs like Tesla.

So, do Teslas have keys like usual cars? No, but they have KES (Keyless Entry System). You see, Tesla offers 3 types of keys. Such as key card, key fob, and phone key.

To know more about Tesla keys, keep on reading till the end and get an in-depth idea about this topic!

Key Takeaways:

  • Tesla offers KES (Keyless Entry System) instead of a physical key.
  • It provides a key card, key fob, and phone key.
  • No keyhole is present in the Tesla.
Do Teslas Have Keys–Different Types, Going Keyless

Teslas Do Have Keys, But Not Like Traditional Ones!

Tesla is the first car brand who ditch the physical keys. So, does Tesla cars have a key? Well, yes but not like the usual type. 

Instead, all models of Tesla have a special kind of key which is known as a KES (Keyless Entry System). Well, Tesla doesn’t have an option for the usual keys that folks use in the car’s keyhole.

It’s because cars with traditional keys require effort to ignite the car. To make life easier for users, Tesla offers a better option and gives all buyers a keyless entry system. That way they can start, lock, or unlock the car in a second.

To explain the Keyless Entry System, Tesla offers a passive path in the car for users to quickly get inside the car using a radio frequency identification system aka RFID. For that, they give a small, portable, and scannable gadget which is simple to use.

Types Of Tesla Keys!

Tesla gives 3 types of Keyless Entry Systems, specially designed for all buyers. These are Tesla key card, key fob, and phone key. Let me give some details of them below:

Types Of Tesla Keys

1. Key Card

The Tesla key card is waterproof, solid, and holds a small computer chip inside which is wired to communicate with the radio frequency. With all models, Tesla offers two key cards to use. If you buy it from Tesla shops, it costs around $35 for 2x cards. 

2. Key Fob

The Tesla key fob looks like a mini car with 3 pressing points or buttons. It is durable, compact, and black in shade. In the Tesla shop, you’ll find it at $175.It is an alternative key option to key card and phone key for users.

For Your Information: In Model X cars, Tesla offers 4 buttons as they contain falcon doors. Then, other series (Model Y, S, and X) cars have 3 buttons in the key fob.

3. Phone Key

The phone key works via Bluetooth connection so that you can use your phone as a key. To use it, Tesla allows users to add 3 phone keys to the phone at once. To use it, you’ll need to set up the phone key like this.

Can You Drive a Tesla Without a Key?

Without the physical key, you can drive the Tesla by using the Keyless Entry System (Excluding the phone key) or the Tesla app. Let me show you how to do it yourself:

Can You Drive a Tesla Without a Key

Via Key Card or Key Fob

Get into the car after unlocking it with the key card or key fob and then sit inside. Next, scan the key card or fob on the interior card reader. After that, hit the brake pedal and set it to a specific drive mode. Then, you can drive the car freely.

Via Phone Key

Turn on the Bluetooth and then open the Tesla app on your smartphone. After that, go to Phone Key > Start, and then a prompt will come on the screen to scan the key card.

Next, scan it on the center console or interior card reader and hit the Done button. Then, get into the car and hit the brake pedal. After that, choose a drive mode and start the journey.

Note: If it doesn’t work, learn the troubleshooting of the Tesla phone key here.

Via Tesla App

Open the app on the phone and go to Controls > Start. Then, hit the brake pedal and pick a drive mode. After that, go to the destination.

Does Tesla Have a Key Hole Or Not?

Well, Tesla doesn’t offer a keyhole that requires a key to place to ignite the car. Therefore, it uses a digital keyless entry system that doesn’t require a visible key presence.

If a user needs to lock, unlock, or start the car, they just hold the key card, key fob, or phone key and scan it on the card reader. Or do it via the Tesla app to give easy access, unlike the usual car.

Wrapping Up

Teslas have keys that work through radio frequency to scan them in the exterior or interior card reader. Thanks to these key options, you can get access to the car in less time and effort. 

Hope the given details make everything clear and help you in any way. I’ll catch you in the next guide with a new topic. See Ya!

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