Do Teslas Have Non-Stick Paint? [Explained]

Tesla cars just feel different, don’t they? Unlike most cars, they are easier to maintain. It’s easy to make a Tesla look shiny and clean without frequent washing and waxing. Enthusiasts often question the reason behind this look. Do Tesla’s have non-stick paint?

No, Tesla’s don’t have non-stick paint. However, the paint used on them with a ceramic coating that keeps them safe from dust and UV rays. It’s this coating that gives Tesla paints the feeling of being non-sticky. 

Do Teslas Have Non-Stick Paint?

Why Do Tesla Paints Seem Non-Sticky?

No matter what type of paint is applied to your Tesla, there is a high chance that it comes with a layer of ceramic shield applied to it. The ceramic shield is what gives the vehicle a non-sticky feel and protection from multiple factors. 

Thanks to the coating, your Tesla will remain protected from water, dirt, stains, oils, and different types of corrosives. So, if your Tesla paint has an additional ceramic coating, you’ll be able to maintain it without frequent cleaning. Also, as the coating makes the surface non-sticky, it’s cheaper to clean. 

Why Do Tesla Cars Use Non-Sticky Coating?

As we all know, Tesla cars are electric vehicles that require frequent charging. Now, the charging process works a bit differently to mobile or any electronic device charging due to the sheer size of the battery. 

In the charging process, a lot of static electricity accumulates on the surface of the vehicle. Now, this electricity can be transferred to other conductive objects in contact, and this can cause a lot of issues and even fatal accidents. 

This is why tesla uses a non-stick coating that helps dissipate the electric charge properly. Also, it helps in keeping the car looking fresh, new, and shiny for a longer period. 

Is Tesla Paint Hard?

Is Tesla Paint Hard

No, in fact, Tesla Paint is soft. So, the paint will still get affected by any acidic material. 

There are records of people asking, why is Tesla paint so bad after having their Tesla destroyed by bird poop. Not only that but your Tesla paint can be damaged by regular stuff like tree sap, bug guts, etc. 

So, unless you apply a layer of ceramic coating on top of your Tesla paint, you won’t be able to keep it safe from environmental factors. 

How Does the Non-Sticky Ceramic Coating Help?

The protective ceramic layer can provide multiple benefits. Here are some of them. 

Keeps Resale Value Aloft

One of the main reasons behind the reduction in the resale value of any car is the degradation of aesthetics. The outlook is the first thing buyers of secondhand vehicles consider. Even if a car has an engine of lower efficiency, there are still chances of getting it sold.

Previously, vehicle owners used to wash and wax their cars frequently. This kept the paint fresh and prevented contamination. However, it still can’t prevent external damage from flying stones or corrosives. 

This is where a protective layer comes in. The layer will save the vehicle from environmental damage by enclosing it in a shell-like structure.

Prevents Scratches and Chips

The ceramic layer prevents scratches and paint chips. This prevents the necessity of a paint job while keeping the resale value aloft.   

Also, you won’t have to wash or wax your vehicle as frequently as before. This is because the protective coating can make washing grime and dirt off easy. This will also save you some cash. 

Retains the Luster

People opt for metallic paints because of their sheen. The ceramic coating is a thin layer, so it can let the metallic luster of the vehicle’s paint shine through. Not only that, but it’ll also preserve the sheen and make it last longer. 

Rolls Off Water Droplets

Thanks to the smoothness and non-sticky feel of the coating, water droplets won’t stay on your vehicle. Rather, they will roll off as soon as they fall on your car. This will prevent any water marks from appearing on your car.

How Long does the Ceramic Coating Last?

The ceramic coatings of a Tesla car aren’t made to last a lifetime. That being said, they don’t require a re-coating in three to five years. Depending on the weather, environment, and maintenance, you can make these last up to five years even. 

Likewise, there are factors that can reduce the lifespan of the ceramic coating. In the following, we’ll take a look at these.

  • Using dirty water with lots of impurities can damage the coating. The impurities tend to stick to the coating over time and reduce its shine of it. 
  • A machine polisher can damage the ceramic coating. So, you should opt for the two-bucket strategy instead.
  • Driving in a rain or snowstorm or even excessively high or low temperatures can affect the coating negatively. 

Will Spray Paint Stick to Tesla?

There are car enthusiasts who like to spray paint their vehicles as it offers a ton of flexibility and allows the painter to give a unique look. And yes, it’s possible to spray paint a Tesla. 

That being said, you can’t use just any spray paint. Spray paints can be classified into clear and metallic coats mainly. It’s wiser to paint a Tesla with clear coat spray paints as these are thinner and easier to apply. 

On the other hand, Metallic spray paints are hard, and they tend to crack easily. So, you wouldn’t want to paint your Tesla with these if you want lasting results. 


Tesla don’t have non-sticky paint, instead they have a protective coating that keeps dirt, grime, water marks, and corrosives away. 

Also, re-apply the coating when necessary, as it’ll keep your Tesla nice and shiny all year long. 

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