Does Tesla Have a Check Engine Light?

We all know that EVs don’t have check engine lights or indicators. But when we see Tesla check engines, we get confused that if Tesla is an EV, how can there be a check engine! So, does Tesla have an engine?

Well, no! Tesla is an EV and is run by motors with batteries- there are no engines. But yes, there’s a term of check engine light when we talk about Tesla.

Does Tesla have a check engine light? How can it be possible for an EV to have it! We have noted the details on this- you can check it out!

Does Tesla Have a Check Engine Light?

Tesla and the Check Engine Light

Electric Vehicles don’t have an engine. And this is why they don’t have a check engine light. But the concern for the Tesla drivers is- if there is a check engine light in the Tesla or not!

Well, if you haven’t yet bought your Tesla, you don’t know about the check engine light flashing! Wait- if it flashes, then there is a check engine light, right? Yes, Tesla has a check engine light.

Tesla is an EV and according to EV details, Tesla will not have any check engine light. However, Tesla has a check engine light. If there’s no engine then what’s the point of adding the light? Let us explain it a bit!

This light is not a complete check engine light. Instead, the company uses its own equivalent to the check engine light that you get to see in regular gas-powered vehicles. When the engine has any issues, the regular engine-powered cars light up their check engine light.

In the same way, when Tesla vehicles face any electrical issues, they light up their equivalent light. This is to notify the driver that something is wrong with the engine and therefore, it required proper checking.

The specific light that Tesla shows is an amber or red symbol. In this symbol, you will see a car with an added exclamation in the center of the symbol. This will show you that the vehicles required an electrical check-up!

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Is it okay to drive with the Check Engine light on?

Well, the reason behind the check engine light-up can vary. No matter what- if the check engine light is on, don’t drive your car anymore. Pullover somewhere safe and turn off your car. It’s not common for the check engine to light up.

It indicates unsafe driving. Constantly flashing check engine lights can result in severe accidents. And the worst part is the motor and the batteries of your Tesla can go through costly damage if you still keep driving without solving the issue.

Why does the Tesla check engine light flashes?

When you see that the check engine light in a Tesla vehicle is flashing, you should stop and check the vehicle. The reason behind the light flashing might be an issue with the traction motor. Check the traction motor and also go through the inverter system and it can malfunction too!

After checking these, you need to go to the charge port and the charger. The lithium-ion battery of the vehicle can have issues. You need to check the cooling system and the shift control system as the problem can be anywhere!

In Tesla, you can also face the dashboard with a blown fuse. There can be electrical damage inside too. Learn how the fix the Tesla Check Engine flashing and you can drive your car safely once again! 

Why do EVs not have Check Engine Lights?

The vehicles that run with their batteries depend on their batteries. Unlike regular cars that depend on their engines to run, Electric Vehicles run by charging their batteries. The batteries these vehicles use usually generate electrical currents.

And it generates as much as it needs only and no more. In this manner, you can drive the EV and enjoy efficient driving. However, here, the power sources are not too good. These vehicles don’t run with an engine instead they have electric motors.

On the other hand, the check engine light is added to your car so that it can tell you if there is anything wrong with the engine or not. But when you have no engines on your vehicle, what’s the point of checking if the engine is in the right condition or not!

Yes, you will also see some EVs having the check engine light. But well, these do not check engine lights. Instead, these are just the equivalent to the ones in the regular vehicles. And the work of such indicators is to notify the driver regarding any serious issue with the motor, battery, or the whole car so that the journey is safe.

Wrap Up

While all the EVs depend on their motors, we cannot expect an engine to be there. And as there’s no engine, we cannot expect a check engine light. When it comes to the light or indicator in Tesla, it is not a check engine light.

Instead, this is an equivalent indicator. As people are mostly known for the term “check engine light” they kept on repeating it to be the check engine light and they still are!