Does Tesla Have Run Flat Tires? Understanding Technology

A lot of times tires of Tesla can puncture and taking it to the auto shop gets harder since it won’t drive properly. In this kind of situation, some folks try run-flat tires in other cars.

Does Tesla have run flat tires to use and solve the issue of reaching the care center for repair? No, they don’t have run-flats option. Instead, they have spare tires which are a little wider or longer than regular tires. For repair, you have to appoint a meeting.

To know the reason why Tesla doesn’t offer run-flat tires and other related topics, I’ll answer in a detailed way. Here I Go!

Does Tesla Have Run Flat Tires

Tesla Doesn’t Have Run Flat Tires but Michelin & Pirelli!

By reading the heading, you get the answer. Tesla won’t allow their models to have run flats which is a special kind of tire that let you drive even after tires flatten out so you can drive to an auto repair shop.

Instead, they use Michelin and Pirelli tires which are spare shape tires. While regular tires tend to have a standard size, they use spare types with a larger diameter.

That’s why when Tesla tire punctures or flattens out folks contact the Tesla or get it fixed through repair or replace the tread with a new tire at Tesla Service Center.

Another reason why Tesla doesn’t allow using the run-flat tires is due to the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). This is pretty sensitive to the pressure drop of the tires (PSI) which will happen if using the run flats.

Note: Tesla suggests replacing the flat tires in pairs unless the other tires are within 0.15 cm or 2/32 inch of tread depth of the new tire.

You Can Put Run Flats on A Tesla But

As long as the tires are fitting on the rim and wheel, it is permissible for you to mount the run flats on the Tesla. However, this might give a downside too.

Like, the run flats are normally bulkier than other tires which causes a lot less range during driving. Plus, they are hard to turn or twist to change lanes (on the sideway) as Tesla requires more energy to spend.

Other than this, adding more weight to the wheels will cause the tires to face more wear issues due to continuous rolling resistance from the ground.

FYI, the run flats are made to offer a short 50 miles max drive distance during the deflation at reduced speeds.

Moreover, you’ll find the Tesla hard to stop or slow the braking, slow accelerating, and so on since more weight is on the tires. Due to this, it’ll run harsher by making weird noises.

To sum it up, you can add run-flat tires for short-term purposes but will face more disadvantages in long run.

Does Tesla Pay for Flat Tires or Not?

Tesla can pay for flat tires if you are under warranty otherwise, they’ll refuse. Through the TRA (Tesla Roadside Assistance) under warranty backup, you won’t need to pay for a single charge.

Thanks to the assistant benefit, Tesla sends a driver with a spare wheel of the same size as the previous one. Sometimes they can tow you to the service center to do some basic replacement free of charge If backed with assurance.

They also let you take the flat tires with you, or they keep them by themselves. After that, you will need to sign a paper document that says to deal with a spare wheel within 3 days.

If you have more storage in the rear trunk, it’s best to take the wheels to repair and enjoy using the OEM type. Each time when the wheels have rim damage, you only take it to the Tesla Service Center, and they’ll offer the rim or tire at a price.

Now if your wheels are not backed with a warranty, then prepare for paying at least $300 – $400 for the flat tires.

OEM Tire Specifications of Tesla (Size & Location)

It’s time to know the Original Equipped Manufacturer specification of Tesla tire size and other things. Here’s the detail:

SizeLocationDiameterAspect Ratio
19 inchesFront or rear255 mm / 10.04 inches45%
20 inchesFront or rear255 mm / 10.04 inches40%
21 inchesFront255 mm / 10.04 inches35%
21 inchesRear275 mm / 10.83 inches35%

Wrapping Up

Whether does Tesla have run flat tires or not, it is clear that they have other tire types that are OEM standard. And one has to know the right tire type and specification before inserting new stuff by following the trend.

A lot of DIY occurs that inspires folks to use run-flat tires and solve the issue of reaching the destination for repair due to puncture. But this won’t cover the main purpose of tires in long run.

I hope this guide has answered the queries that you’ve been wondering and searching for. Be sure to schedule the meeting of Tesla Care Center to solve the flat-out issue. Best Of Luck!

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