Can I Drive Tesla With Low Coolant? (Explained)

We all know what coolant does in a Tesla and how necessary it is. Recently, I saw an error message on the touchscreen indicating low coolant and got the answer from the Service Center (SC).

So, if you’re thinking “can I drive Tesla with low coolant”, the answer is both yes and no.

Let me explain it based on the message on the display: 

  • Vehicle Coolant Low – Do not drive and immediately take it to SC.
  • Coolant Low Warning OK to Drive – Able to drive but for a short period to reach SC.

If the above 2 lines seem confusing, keep on reading to know it in detail!

Can I Drive Tesla With Low Coolant? (Explained)

Driving Tesla With Low Coolant Is A Big No-no!

If you see the error message ” Vehicle Coolant Low” on the display and it doesn’t change, then stop right there and avoid driving the car.

It’s due to the Tesla coolant low warning Model X, Y, S, and 3 that suggests drivers not to drive anymore. However, if the message changes to “Coolant Low Warning OK to Drive” on the screen, then you can drive to the nearby SC (Service Center).

Still, I’ll suggest not driving even if the message changes. Instead, the best thing you can do is to call Roadside Assistance to tow the car to the nearby SC spot.

Keep In Mind:

Before going to the Tesla SC, be sure to call them to get support.

A Car May Run With Low Coolant But Not For Too Long

In the urgent case with the message “Coolant Low Warning OK to Drive”, you can drive for a short period.

But be sure to listen to the sound and check driving performance as sometimes the car might show okay to drive message while having serious coolant leakage or burst.

To put it simply, just locate a nearby Service Center using a phone or touchscreen and then drive to the spot.

Solving Low Coolant Issue On Tesla
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Consequence of Riding With Low Coolant Tesla

Tesla might not show some serious reaction as MY, MS, MX, and M3 use battery power that doesn’t get hot easily (unlike the engine).

That means you’ll only notice overheating and listen to some sort of weird noises coming from the frunk when the fluid level drop in the coolant.

Plus, if you get out of the Tesla and look below, the fluid leaking on the road will be visible. This can irritate your eyes or noise if leaking too much!

After seeing these symptoms, if you drive the car with low coolant, then the next thing that will happen is that the Tesla will automatically turn off as the battery gets hot.

Understanding Tesla Coolant Low Warning

The coolant low warning in the touchscreen means the fluid is leaking from the battery coolant due to some reason. 

It can happen if the hose connections seem loose. Sometimes it occurs when the radiator is torn apart or the water pump seems to fail. 

And, when these issues occur, that’s when Tesla battery coolant replacement is required.

Solving Low Coolant Issue On Tesla

Just like other series (MS, MX, and M3), Tesla Model Y coolant low fluid is a serious issue that can’t be solved using DIY techniques. However, there are a few steps that you should do before taking it to the SC. Here’s the detail:

  • Open the front trunk.
  • Take out the plastic shroud cover on the top-panel area using a pry bar.
  • Detach the reservoir cover by removing all the bolts with a 10 mm ratchet wrench. Be sure to take out the cargo storage cover to reach the interior coolant area.
  • Open the coolant cap from the tank.
  • Use a dipstick to test the level of coolant fluid. FYI, the color of coolant fluid is dark blue in most cases. Learn what type of fluids does a Tesla have in battery coolant if you are interested.
  • If the level of the fluid seems below the decent level, then it needs a refill.
  • Call the Tesla Service Center to schedule the meeting. Be sure to contact Tesla Roadside Assistance to tow on a flatbed and let you reach the nearby SC location.

Note: You will require to bring some items like a key fob and key card to the Service Center.

Overall Thoughts

The cooling system of the battery in Tesla plays a great role in keeping the car cool and working decently with no breakdown.

If the fluid lessens in the coolant, you must drain and refill it which takes around $200 with Roadside Assistance that’ll tow the car for up to 500 miles (free of cost) under warranty. But, if the destination extends above 500 miles, you will need to pay the transportation bill.

Hope you’re not asking if can I drive Tesla with low coolant anymore after reading this guide. Be sure to get an appointment from the Service Center.

On That Note, I’ll Leave For Today!

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