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Jason Momoa and Robert Downey Jr. Are Electrifying Their Classic Cars

While not everyone is a fan of resto-mods, some celebrities, such as Iron Man and Oppenheimer star Robert Downey Jr and Jason Momoa of Dune and Aquaman, give 20th-century classics a second shot at life with 21st-century technology. 

Momoa’s Rolls-Royce Phantom II

According to a report from Motor Trend, Momoa sought out British company Electrogenic to convert his 95-year-old Phantom II from running on a 7.7-liter straight-six engine to an electric motor. The nice thing about Electrogenic conversions is that they respect the car’s original structure, meaning that an internal combustion engine (ICE) car that they convert into an electric vehicle (EV) can be switched back to the former if need be.

In bringing his 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom II to Electrogenic, Momoa said, “I had to find the right partner. I needed a team that would appreciate the history of this car while updating its technology. Electrogenic is all about honoring vintage cars, making them electric without losing any of the vehicle’s character.” The British EV conversion firm had previously given a Jaguar E-Type, older Land Rovers, a Karmann Ghia, and a Porsche 356C the same ICE to EV treatment.

Despite the Phantom II’s massive engine, the car had less than 50 horsepower. However, its new 201-horsepower electric motor is much more powerful. With Electrogenic’s addition of a fixed reduction gear, Momoa’s Phantom II now generates 738 pound-feet of torque. They also developed and mounted a 95-kWh battery pack between the car’s original frame rails and hand-crafted cowl where the ICE used to be.

Further additions from the conversion are Electrogenic’s new custom electric architecture that controls the powertrain, which comes with three different drive modes: Sport, Drive, and Eco. They also fitted the Phantom II with regenerative braking for when the heavy vehicle needs help slowing down. Electrogenic estimates that the Phantom II’s driving range will be around 150 miles under usual driving conditions.

Of the final conversion, Steve Drummond, the director for Electrogenic, said, “It’s a Phantom that performs as Rolls-Royce’s engineers of a century ago would have wanted had they possessed the technology available to us today.” According to Top Gear, Rolls-Royce founders Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce pioneered the electric motor early on, so there’s something very appropriate about this Phantom II getting an EV conversion treatment nearly a century after its debut. It’s also worth noting that this conversion took a year and a half to complete. Unsurprisingly, this wildly ambitious EV conversion looks incredible.

Downey Jr’s Dream Cars

According to a report from Autoweek, Robert Downey Jr will be showing off a fleet of his “eco-modified” vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show that gets underway this week. The cars themselves are as eclectic and eye-catching as what you would expect to see from a movie star as unique and eccentric as Downey.

Among Downey’s eco-mods are a 1965 Chevy Corvette Convertible that he outfitted with an electric motor and a mushroom-based interior, a 1972 K-10 pickup truck converted to run on a wholly electric powertrain, a 1966 Buick Riviera converted to run on a modern hybrid powertrain. The fleet also includes a 1985 Chevy El Camino with a modern turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a solar-power bike rack on its roof, a biodiesel-powered 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, and a 1972 VW Bus that sports an EV West electric motor that comes with a solar-powered electric barbecue.

Downey had the vehicles painted with experiential coatings to reflect heat, giving each one a unique look, except for the Mercedes SE and the K-10 Pickup, which have wraps instead. The actor is selling this fleet to raise funds for the FootPrint Coalition, a non-profit he founded to develop cleaner technologies for the environment. People can enter to win one of the acclaimed actor’s eco-modified cars at rdjdreamcars.com

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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