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Disappointing Reality: Electric Car Batteries Fade Faster Than We Think

As electric vehicles (EVs) zoom into the automotive spotlight, a critical concern looms over the horizon: How long will their batteries last? The EV revolution may be in full swing, but we’re still in the infancy of gathering data on how long these electric steeds will gallop. With most EVs on the road for less than six years, and early models sporting outdated battery tech, predicting the longevity of these powerhouses remains a speculative venture.

Buckle Up: How Rapidly Do EV Batteries Degrade?

A key metric in deciphering the health of an EV battery is its degradation rate, hovering at an average of 2.3% of the maximum capacity per year. Despite this gradual decline, EV batteries outlast many components in traditional internal combustion engines

Replacing an EV battery isn’t a wallet-friendly affair. Costs can range from $5,000 to a hefty $20,000, marking one of the most expensive repairs any vehicle owner could face. However, as long as the battery falls under the manufacturer’s warranty (typically eight years and 100,000 miles), you might dodge the financial bullet.

As the manufacturer’s safety net fades after eight years, EV owners grapple with a challenging choice: live with range loss due to battery degradation or take the financial plunge for a replacement. Unpacking the dynamics of EV battery lifespan after the eight-year mark, we navigate the trade-offs and considerations involved.

Beyond the Grave: What Happens After an EV Battery Replacement?

Even in the afterlife of an EV battery, there’s a second act. While recycling and reusing programs for EV batteries are in their infancy, companies like Nissan and GM are already finding creative ways to repurpose these retired powerhouses. We delve into the intriguing second lives of EV batteries and the potential they hold beyond the road.

As the auto industry pivots toward an electric future, the pressing question remains: What lies ahead for EV batteries? With ongoing research and development, we anticipate a landscape where battery replacement costs decrease, and the life expectancy of EV batteries increases. While we may not have all the answers now, the road ahead promises new insights into the longevity of these electrifying power sources.

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