Frunk Vs Trunk On Tesla

Frunk Vs Trunk On Tesla – Things That Sets These Apart!

The diversity of frunk and trunk is a trendy topic that a lot of folks look for. And that’s what I’ll cover in this guide!

So, which is better in the frunk vs trunk on Tesla debate? Tesla offers frunk that has more safety, durability, and design. Yet, the trunk is easy to use, stores a lot of stuff, and so on.

In this guide, I’ll show you the contrasting points of trunk and frunk in detail so you can understand them in a better way. Let’s Go!

Frunk Vs Trunk On Tesla

Comparing Frunk Vs Trunk On Tesla!

Tesla offers both front and rear trunks that contain a lot of differences (which are visible). To know who’s the winner in between frunk vs rear trunk on Tesla, check below:

Usage Facility Are Different

Both frunk (front hood) and trunk (rear hood) usage are easy but they differ in operation. In the diversity of their work, Tesla offers more options to open or close frunk. For further details, learn how to open the frunk on a Tesla here.

Conversely, you can open or close a trunk using fewer options which helps a lot to ensure a less intricate process.

Summary: One’ll get more options to open/close the front trunk than the rear trunk.

Storage Option Can Vary

If talking about the storage facility, it’s no doubt that the trunk will beat the frunk. The reason is simple, the frunk contains smaller width, length, and depth to store large loads.

On the other hand, the trunk offers a bigger platform for drivers to keep luggage, suitcase, and so on stuff without the need of storing them on the roof.

Plus, you’ll get the expansion benefit on the trunk by lifting down the rear seating to get more storage options, unlike the frunk.

Summary: Trunk storage is larger than frunk.

Distinctive Security And Durability Factors

About the longevity and safety of the trunk and frunk on a Tesla, you’ll notice a huge gap. To put it clearly, investigate the material and space in between deeply to know the difference.

The trunk contains a metal surface with glass material that gives a higher chance of theft activity. One can easily smash the glass and get all the stuff inside.

Or, if anyone gets into your car, they can reach the rear trunk by pressing the illuminated mechanical release button.

On the contrary, the frunk is positioned at the front side which will never open unless you have a Tesla app account, key fob, or do it via touchscreen.

The surface of the frunk is covered in all metal material which means one can’t reach the interior by smashing or breaking if thinking logically.

The next point is people will secure usual stuff like flashlights, bag packs, food, and so on stuff inside the frunk. So, even if one reaches into the frunk, the theft won’t steal these items (unlike the trunk where people store valuable stuff like luggage).

In opposition, the frunk ensures better safety against collision thanks to the added space and layout that help drivers to get less damage. You won’t get this facility on the rear trunk.

Summary: Frunk confirms fewer chances of stealing items and longevity while the trunk lack in this field.

What Is A Frunk On A Tesla

The Load Bearing Capacity Are Not Same

To hold the weight of stuff, the load-bearing capacity plays a great role in Tesla. And, both frunk and trunk seem to have diverse load-carrying abilities.

According to Tesla, putting over 110 lbs. or 50 kg load in the frunk is okay. But, you can’t have more than that limit. Otherwise, it’ll cause an imbalance in the car and cause damage to the performance.

Then again, adding below 88 lbs. or 40 kg load in the lower tub compartment of the trunk is good. Or, you can add 287 lbs. or 130 kg on the upper floor of the trunk.

However, Tesla suggests not putting more loads than that limit. Or else, it’ll face issues with the riding quality.

Summary: The load-bearing ability of the trunk is better than the frunk.

The Design Wise Dissimilarity

The design and style of the frunk and trunk vary which you can detect if looking at them closely. You see, the frunk tends to be oval while the trunk is rectangular.

Summary: The frunk design is cooler and more unique than the trunk.

Difference In Dimension

Considering the height, length, depth, breadth, and other factors, you’ll see the trunk and frunk differ in dimension. Let me show the exact cargo capacity of these below so you can understand their diversity based on series:

Tesla SeriesFrunk Cargo CapacityTrunk Cargo Capacity
Model 33.1 cubic feet (88 liters)19.8 cubic feet (561 liters)
Model Y4.1 cubic feet (117 liters)30.2 cubic feet (854 liters)
Model X6.5 cubic feet (183 liters)37.1 cubic feet (1,050 liters)
Model S3.1 cubic feet (88 liters)25 cubic feet (709 liters)

Summary: Trunk tends to be bigger in dimension compared to frunk.

Wrapping Up

That’s what I have for the frunk vs trunk on Tesla debate. Now what do you think about it? Well to me, it’s quite clear that both are winners in their individual ways.

Overall, quite frankly all should use the frunk and trunk for different usages to store more items safely along with enjoying the other advantages such as versatility, design, style, and so on.

Hope this guide helps You, I’ll See You In My Next Guide Soon!

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