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Stunning Garage Find Unearths A Porsche and Ferrari Collection For The Ages

According to a report from FOX News, twenty-two luxury vehicles were recently found in a warehouse in Brussels, Belgium, after their owner contacted Oldtimerfam, a car collection company, to estimate how much these high-end vehicles are worth. The collection, consisting of 22 cars, 16 Ferraris, and 6 Porsches, has turned out to be a remarkable collection of rare luxury cars.

A Rare Find

Xavier Molenaar, the classic car onsite at the warehouse, was impressed with the many high-end cars he found there, according to Oldtimerfam’s press release. Fox News reports that Molenaar told Jam Press, “It was a load of highly rare Ferraris and Porches,” while speaking of the find. He added that even though each car had been in storage for a long time, he believed them to be in good condition because someone wrapped them in car covers before putting them away in storage.

The Ferraris 

Of the 16 Ferraris that Molenaar counted, he noted that several were the highly rare Ferrari Testarossa. For those unfamiliar with the Ferrari Testarossa, they were iconic supercars from the 80s, powered by monstrous V12 engines, and appearing in hit TV shows of that era, like Miami Vice. The report from FOX News stipulates that Molenaar saw various Testarossa models with different colors in the warehouse.

Molenaar also cited seeing a yellow Ferrari 5F12 M. Fox’s report speculates that Ferrari only manufactured 10 of the 5F12 Ms. The V12-powered supercar made its debut in the fall of 1994. Of the 5F12 M, Molenaar said, “In this exceptional, unrestored condition, it is perhaps the only one in the world.”

Also among the Ferraris that Molenaar spotted was a 356 GT4 BB, which the Italian automotive icon produced from 1973 to 1976, making only 387. There was also a Ferrari 550 Maranello, which the automaker manufactured from 1996 to 2001. Ferrari built 3,083 550 Maranellos during that time.

The Porsches

Regarding the 6 Porsches, Molenaar identified them as Porsche 911s, of the Turbo and “S” model variety, which he noted are rare finds. According to FOX’s report, he told Jam Press, “Although these models have disappeared from the streets and have been the subject of intense searches by collectors, they are occasionally encountered at a fair.”

Porsche introduced the world to the first 911 Turbo in 1975, and the sports car has been catching car enthusiasts’ eyes and driving away with their hearts ever since.

According to FOX’s report, Oldtimerfam relocated the 16 Ferraris and 6 Porsches to their facility in Altar, Belgium, where they will work on refurbishing these vehicles before putting them up for sale.

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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