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15 Obvious Mistakes Making When Pumping Gas

Pumping gas seems like a straightforward task, but many drivers unknowingly make mistakes that can be costly or even dangerous. From simple errors to overlooked safety precautions, here are 15 wild mistakes you might be making when refueling your vehicle.

Using Your Cell Phone

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Pumping gas while using your cell phone poses a fire hazard due to static electricity. Even a small spark from your phone could ignite gasoline vapors, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Keep your phone in your pocket or car while refueling.

Topping Off the Tank

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Continuously pumping gas after the nozzle clicks off can lead to overfilling the tank and causing fuel to spill. Overfilling can damage the vehicle’s evaporative emissions system and increase the risk of environmental contamination.

Leaving the Engine Running

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Leaving your engine running while pumping gas is not only wasteful but also poses a fire hazard. Turn off the engine and remove the keys from the ignition to prevent accidental ignition of fuel vapors.


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Smoking while pumping gas is extremely dangerous and could result in a fire or explosion. Always extinguish cigarettes or any other smoking materials before approaching the gas pump.

Filling Up During a Thunderstorm

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Refueling your vehicle during a thunderstorm increases the risk of lightning strikes, which could ignite gasoline vapors. If possible, wait until the storm passes before pumping gas.

Using the Wrong Fuel Grade

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Using the wrong fuel grade for your vehicle can negatively impact performance and fuel efficiency. Consult your owner’s manual or the fuel door for the recommended fuel type.

Not Securing the Gas Cap

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Failing to properly tighten or replace the gas cap can lead to fuel evaporation and trigger the check engine light. Make sure the gas cap is securely fastened after refueling.

Ignoring Warning Signs

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If you notice unusual smells, sounds, or leaks while pumping gas, stop immediately and notify the gas station attendant. Ignoring warning signs could lead to serious safety hazards or vehicle damage.

Using Open Flames

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Using open flames, such as matches or lighters, near gas pumps is strictly prohibited due to the risk of fire. Keep all ignition sources away from the fueling area.

Overlooking Static Electricity

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Static electricity can build up when you exit your vehicle, potentially causing sparks that ignite gasoline vapors. To discharge static electricity, touch a metal part of your car before grabbing the gas pump nozzle.

Pumping While Sitting in the Car

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Remaining seated in your vehicle while pumping gas prevents you from properly monitoring the refueling process and responding quickly to any emergencies. Exit your vehicle and stand next to the pump while refueling.

Using Gasoline Additives Without Research

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Using gasoline additives without researching their compatibility with your vehicle can cause engine damage or void warranties. Consult your owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic before using any additives.

Pumping with Plastic Containers

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Pumping gas into unauthorized containers, such as plastic bottles or jerry cans, is unsafe and could result in spills or leaks. Only use approved fuel containers designed for transporting gasoline.

Ignoring No Smoking Signs

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Ignoring no smoking signs at gas stations is not only illegal but also puts yourself and others at risk. Always adhere to posted safety guidelines and regulations.

Pumping Gasoline into Diesel Vehicles (and Vice Versa)

emotional businessman counting money with gasoline refueling car
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Accidentally pumping gasoline into a diesel vehicle (or diesel into a gasoline vehicle) can cause severe engine damage and costly repairs. Pay close attention to fuel pump labels and nozzle sizes to avoid misfueling.

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