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Honda Holds Out Hope For Their 2025 CR-V Hydrogen

Even though the Shell Corporation recently made headlines for permanently shutting down all of their hydrogen fueling stations in California, which puts a damper on the potential for passenger hydrogen vehicles as a viable option for consumers, Honda is not worried. The Japanese automaker is fully confident in their 2025 CR-V Hydrogen, according to a report from Motor1.

The 2025 Honda CR-V Hydrogen

While hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like the Toyota Mirai or Honda Clarity have struggled to catch on with consumers, Honda is optimistic that their 2025 CR-V, which combines a hydrogen fuel cell with a battery pack, will fare better in the marketplace.

They show off the 2025 Honda CR-V Hydrogen in this stylish promo they released the other day. It shows someone using the CR-V’s bidirectional charging feature to power their coffee maker to make and enjoy a cup of joe while out on the road. It’s worth noting that other vehicles currently on the market that include this feature are the hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander, Ford F-150 Lightning, Kia EV6, Nissan Leaf, Genesis GV60, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and specific models in Volkswagen’s ID lineup.

While adding a battery pack to the vehicle should reduce range anxiety for weary potential buyers, the news as mentioned above of Shell shutting down their Hydrogen fuel stations in the Golden State, which was the only state the Hydrogen fuel cell Clarity was available in before Honda retired it in 2021, makes rolling out new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles more challenging.

Unfortunately for Honda, the infrastructure for hydrogen fuel stations has yet to prove itself reliable, much like charging networks for electric vehicles (EVs). Shell’s recent move is just the latest example of this.

While Motor1 reports that Honda is on the fence about whether it will keep the CR-V namesake or select a different one, they are confident that this vehicle will be more cost-effective to produce. Honda has indicated that this new fuel cell system will be two-thirds less expensive to manufacture while being twice as strong. When it debuts later in the year, it will be the only fuel-cell passenger car made in the United States. Honda will produce it at their Ohio Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC).

Honda’s Other Hydrogen Venture

Honda also jointly owns a 70,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Brownstown, Michigan, with General Motors that will build and deliver several thousand hydrogen fuel cell models by the end of this year. However, this joint venture will focus on creating fuel cells for commercial vehicles such as dump trucks, mining trucks, haulers, cement rollers, terminal tractors, and heavy-duty machinery like forklifts. Around 500 of the several thousand hydrogen fuel cells that Honda and GM produce at their Brownstown, Michigan plant this year will go into the 2025 CR-V.

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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