How Does Tesla Power Steering Work

How Does Tesla Power Steering Work: Unveiling the Mechanics

Tesla cars have EPAS power steering (Electric Power-Assisted Steering) that works differently than the hydraulic type. I’ve been wondering about its working and finally got the answer.

Well, the car sends input to ECU when you use the steering yoke. After that, the ECU gives voltage inputs to the motor, and it gives signals to gears so that they start operating. Then, the car begins to run in the left or right direction. That’s how Tesla power steering works!

To understand the working of Tesla’s power steering along with other related information, I’ll dedicate this guide for you to know it all. Let me lift the veil for you!

How Does Tesla Power Steering Work

Tesla’s EPAS Power Steering Work Mechanism

As Tesla has EPAS or EPS (Electric Power Steering) power steering system, it works the same as other EVs. When you give input using the steering wheel inside the car, the electronic sensors on the steering column collect this signal and shift it to the ECU (Electrical Control Unit).

That way the car’s steering system processes. At this moment, the ECU gets several signals and analyzes them before sending the voltage signals to the electric motor. It is mostly placed at the end of the car’s steering column.

Tesla's EPAS Power Steering Work Mechanism
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Thanks to this, the motor can indicate the gears are in a nonstop mesh with a rack and pinion gear. Then, the car can react and move forward to a particular route.

One thing I want to point out is that the motor work if the battery is rightly powered and the torque seems decent.

In summary, the ECU sends voltage signals that cause the motor to respond and transmit signals to the gears, resulting in the car being set in motion. That’s how power steering works on a Tesla!

Tesla steering wheels can fall off which can sometimes block the EPS to transmit the signals causing losing control when driving the car. In that case, be sure to adjust the steering wheel before you drive.

What Kind Of Steering Does Tesla Use?

If talking about steering that Tesla offers, it can vary based on the series type. Here’s what I mean:

  • Model S and X: Variable rack and pinion gear with EPAS steering. Plus, it contains 2.33 turns (lock to lock) with 12.3 meters (40.4 feet) turning circle.
  • Model 3 and Y: Rack and pinion gear with EPAS steering. This has a 2.00 number of turns with 12.1 meters (39.8 feet) turning circle.

If the EPAS system fails to operate, the Tesla steering wheel may get stiffer which won’t solve until you replace the rack.

Does Tesla Have a Heated Steering Wheel?

Well, all cars (including MX, MS, M3, and MY) Tesla that are launched between 2020 – 2023 come with a heated steering wheel.

But, if looking at the previous Tesla, some Model 3 and Y cars don’t have a heated steering wheel option. Although it’s rare, there are some Model S cars that aren’t equipped based on the date of manufacture.

So, how to know if this option is available or not in your car? Well, it’s easy to find! Just click on the Climate Controls or fan icon on the car’s screen > and click on the steering wheel icon (red).

Can I Drive a Tesla Without Power Steering?

Yep, it’s possible but not suggested! To simplify it, you can drive the car without using the power steering system.

Then again, experts recommend not doing so as it can be tough to control the ride based on terrain. In fact, it can be dangerous to try in real life.

With no power steering, the wheels can show stiffness and act weird when you move the steering wheel. Plus, it will be hard to maneuver in small spaces.

If this occurs to you, most experts suggest replacing the Tesla steering wheel as well as the power steering system ASAP.

Wrapping Up

If you have a good idea about the EPAS or EPS system, it gets easier to understand how Tesla power steering work. 

In short, when you use the steering wheel, the signals go to ECU which sends voltage input to the motor, and it causes the gears to work. After that, the car moves to a specific route.

Home the working of Tesla power steering is clear to you and find this content useful. I’ll catch you in the next guide. Bye!

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