How Long Does It Take to Charge a Tesla? All Details Are Here!

Whether you are a current owner of a Tesla or are considering purchasing one, it is crucial to understand the one important aspect of EVs.

That is, you should know the answer to how long does it take to charge a Tesla?

A Tesla will not take more than 1 hour to charge if you rely on a Supercharger. On the other hand, for public or home charging stations, expect the EV to take 8 to 12 hours.

However, that is not all you need to know about charging your Tesla. There are so many things you should delve into. And you can find them all below.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Tesla

How Fast Does a Tesla Charge?

The Tesla charging speed chart will give you an in-depth idea of how fast each model of Tesla can charge.

However, in general, the time for charging the Tesla will depend on some key factors, which are discussed in the following sections.

1. Total Battery Capacity

One of the most significant factors that affect the charging time is the battery capacity. A Tesla with a large battery capacity, such as the model S, will take a little longer than the other.

Furthermore, you also need to consider whether the battery is partially depleted or fully. For partially discharged batteries, the charging time will be significantly lower.

2. Charging Equipment Rating

The type of charging equipment you are using will determine the charging time for Tesla.

For example, when it comes to charging the Tesla at home, there will be differences in the speed depending on whether you have a Tesla level 1 charger or a Tesla level 2 charger.

So, how long does it take to charge a Tesla with each charging equipment?

Let’s take a look –

  • Level 1 Charger: 20 to 40 hours to fully charge
  • Level 2 Charger: 5 to 12 hours to fill up the entire battery
  • Level 3 Charger: 15 to 25 minutes to fully recharge

On that note, the cost of charging a Tesla with any charger equipment also varies.

So, when you are considering installing one, make sure to consider the charging costs.

Furthermore, you should note that it is impractical to install a Tesla level 3 charger at your home. Investing in a Level 2 or Level 1 charger makes more sense.

3. Weather Conditions

The condition of the weather will have an impact on the charging time. For example, the charging time will be longer in extreme conditions, such as too-hot or too-cold weather.

Basically, the battery performance gets affected by the surrounding temperature.

When it’s too hot, the cooling system needs to work harder to keep the cells at optimal temperatures. And that will lower the charging speed.

On the other hand, if the environmental temperature is too low, the heating system needs to work hard to ensure the correct operating temperature.

As a result, the charging time increases.

Tesla Charging Speed Chart

All the info above can be a little hard to digest. So, let’s sum all that up with this simplified chart:

Charging EquipmentVoltage SpecificationsAmperage SpecificationsCharging Time (Full Charge)Efficiency
Level 1 Charger120 VoltsAbout 15 amps20 to 40 hoursFrom 74% to 84%
Level 2 Charger240 Volts40 amps5 to 12 hoursAs high as 90%
Level 3 Charger400 to 900 volts300 amps15 to 25 minutesNear 100%

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Tesla Supercharger?

The time for charging your Tesla with a Supercharger will depend on the battery capacity. So, how long does it take to fully charge a Tesla with a Supercharger?

It will take around 25 minutes to fully charge a Tesla with a Supercharger.

Note that the weather will play a significant role in the charging speed. In extreme conditions, the charging rate will be lower.

Even so, the charging time should not be more than 35 minutes with the Supercharger. And if the battery is not fully depleted, you can expect it to be fully charged within 15 to 20 minutes.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Tesla at a Charging Station?

Public charging stations are known for offering a bit more juice than home chargers. And if it is a Supercharger, the charging speed will be significantly fast.

So, how long does it take a Tesla to charge at a public charging station?

Public Level 2 chargers will take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours to fully charge the Tesla. But if the battery is not entirely discharged, the charging time will be considerably low.

On the other hand, for Superchargers, expect to get a fully charged battery within 25 minutes.

And even if the stations are too busy, the Superchargers should not take longer than 1 hour to fully charge a Tesla.

Tesla Supercharger vs Destination Charger

How to Optimize the Charging Time of Tesla?

Knowing where the charging port on a tesla is and how to plug in the charging is not all. Optimizing the charging time is a crucial aspect of owning a Tesla.

Here are some tips that you should remember –

1. Schedule Charging Times During the Off-Peak Hours

It is always better to charge your Tesla in the off-peak hours. That’s why overnight charging is so popular among Tesla users.

How is it better?

During off-peak hours, the charging speed stays consistent. Also, there is less congestion in the public charging stations. And that will make it easier for you to find a suitable charging spot.

2. Use a Home Charging Station

One of the efficient ways to charge a Tesla is charging it at home. Yes, a home Tesla charging station is generally slower.

However, you can easily keep the vehicle plugged in overnight without worrying about parking fees.

3. Make the Most out of Tesla App

In case you didn’t know, the Tesla app can let you know where is the nearest charging station. You can even get real-time info about the availability of the station.

And that can definitely help you to plan your trips and lower waiting times.

4. Maintain the Battery Health

Tesla batteries that are at their optimal condition will charge faster. But it’s not all about getting a higher charging speed.

If you maintain the cells, you won’t need to replace the battery packs soon.

Now, when it comes to maintaining battery health, you must consider a few crucial things. Which are –

  • Do not let the battery fully discharge
  • Keep the battery charge at an appropriate level
  • Do not let the battery operate at extreme temperatures

You should also take full advantage of the built-in battery management system.

It will help you to ensure that the batteries are at their optimal state for an extended time.

Final Words

Are you still wondering how long does it take to charge a Tesla?

In short, the charge time will primarily rely on the type of charging station you use. For Type 1 and Type 2, the charging time will be longer.

On the other hand, if you are using a Type 3 or a Tesla Supercharger, the charging time will be significantly low.

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